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We all admire a nice dick, a sweet ass and big balls! So everyday, our horny friends from Cam4 will be looking for these ASSets. We’ll tweet and post on Facebook whether we’ll be looking for big balls, butt, chest, bulge … whatever. This weekend, we will be out on the street to take photos of hot men with the qualities we’re looking for – based on the daily challenge.

Any suggestion? Bulge? Biceps? Bear?

Let’s make this Squirt-Cam4 challenge a hit!

You too can participate! Everyday, we’ll be giving away 1-month membership to three followers who joined us in the challenge. It’s one month of unlimited messaging, video views and more … it means more opportunity to find the hottest cruise listings and arrange for the hottest hook up!

Tweet us or send us a Facebook private message with the photo to enter.

Join us on Twitter or Facebook Page! Don’t forget to also follow Cam4’s Twitter and Facebook Page.

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Six ‘sea men’ and horny porn stars will perform LIVE on stage for Squirt’s 15th year anniversary fucking, rimming and sucking on stage! The Squirtin’ begins at 10 pm at the Fly Nightclub in Toronto with go go dancers to kick off! This is the biggest party yet to be hosted by Squirt.

Prepare to be hard for four hours because there will be porn performances all over the club. Squirt members get in for free AND get a bypass line privilege – just show your profile at the door. Once you’re horned up, invite fellow Squirt members to get off with you in one of our two dark rooms! What happens in the dark room, stays in the dark room!

Stay alert and awake because there’ll be prizes to be given away throughout the night! Boys, here are our confirmed ‘sea men’.

Rogue Status




Jon Shield



Adam Russo



Cutler X




Marc Angelo







Let other people know you’re coming and RSVP on our Facebook Page.

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SQUIRT 15th Anniversary – Porn Star Studded Party

Posted by tropicalurge on Friday Jun 13, 2014 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE


We are celebrating our 15th anniversary the way we know best – with a Squirtin’ Party on June 19th at Fly Nightclub in Toronto. Squirt ‘sea men’ will be performing live on stage to horn you up. The fun starts at midnight. In between performances and sexy dance beats by DJ Chez, relax and arrange a hook up in one of the two sexy darkrooms inside!

Join us on June 19th!

If you’re a Squirt member, you get in for free – just show your profile on your mobile phone at the door! There will be tons of horny men inside the club so log on to to check for horny men near you.

Not yet a member? Sign up on now so you can watch these men perform live on stage for free! And while you’re watching, feel free to take photos and tweet it to us @squirtorg!

Boys, meet our Squirt ‘sea men’!


Adam Russo  




Cutler X



Rogue Status



Check Daily Squirt blog often to get insider news about upcoming Squirt parties and contests! You can also follow us on Twitter  or like our Facebook Page.

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As a gay hook up site, Squirt members and readers are undeniably horny. Yes, we are raunchy. Yes, we are horny. We comb the internet for the best sexy photos and porn stars to interview. When we discussed who should we interview next, hot porn star Armond Rizzo’s name came up.

Armond Rizzo is a horny man’s dream. His raunchy scenes are oozing with talent – sexually and acting-wise. Powerful bottom for sure but the dude can top too. When reviewing his profile, we could feel the sexual tension in the room here at Squirt headquarters. We all had a raging hard-ons.

Armond, a former military, started acting in porn in 2013. He has worked in various porn films along side with hot porn stars including Landon Conrad, Tony Buff and Draven Tores. This year, he landed a coveted spot at Dominic Ford’s contest, So You Think You Can Fuck, which can be viewed on

SQUIRT: Armond, some of our members what to know what’s your sexual orientation – gay, straight or bisexual?

ARMOND RIZZO: I am as gay is it comes, you will never see me come close to a vagina even if you paid me!

S: In a previous interview, you mentioned that you like being naked in front of the camera. That was a hot answer! We are excited to know that you are getting satisfaction when we watch you have sex. What is exciting or thrilling about being in front of the camera?

AR: I don’t know if it’s just the adrenaline of knowing that you’re doing something you should not be doing – being naughty. It’s about the excitement and the thrill of the moment.

S: You have an amazing body, ass and legs. Which part of your body you are most proud of?

AR: I don’t really have one specifically but according to my fans it’s my face (laughs).

S: Top or bottom? We have seen some outtakes of So You Think You Can Fuck. You handled the scenes very very well. Very very hot. How can you take a dick without being hurt? How big is too big?

AR: Well my answer simply to that is to know your body and know your capabilities and your limits. I do. The biggest (cock) that I took when I lost my virginity was a 12-inch dick and let me tell you that’s when I knew I love big dicks and I knew how to take it. So to all you bottoms out there… be careful it can get dangerous but always make sure you trust your partner. That definitely helps!

Photos of Armond Rizzo will also be posted on Facebook (no nudity and work safe) and on Twitter.

Daily Squirt’s Feb 23rd ARMOND RIZZO POST (pics & vids) HERE!

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Pornstars outplay, outwit and out sex themselves on new season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK

Billed as “Survivor meets hardcore gay porn,” Dominic Ford’s X-rated web series So You Think You Can Fuck premieres Thursday, Feb 27 on Now in its fourth season, the series features an all-star cast of A-list gay porn stars, including Landon Conrad, Trenton Ducati, Tommy Defendi, Bryce Evans, Armond Rizzo and Vance Crawford.

Daily Xtra will be covering the series with weekly updates and behind-the-scenes interviews.

Watch the video above for a preview, and tune in to the show every Thursday on SYTYCF.COM

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What really happened in the Olympics?

Posted by SGT. COACH on Wednesday Feb 26, 2014 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

They say the most homophobic tend to be gays themselves. So squirters, we’ve been divided on this topic – does Putin have gay tendencies? Our imaginations have been running wild. Very wild.

So what really happens in Putin’s bedroom? Or in the Olympics? We let our horny team visualize different scenarios.

Admit it, some of you find Putin sexy. Some of you despise him. With high records of human rights violation, Putin is not popular. Whether you like or hate Putin, these images are worth sharing. Images are borderline erotic, borderline political and borderline plain crazy! What are the possibilities that some of them are true? After all, even Madonna had doubts about Putin’s sexuality on a tweet she sent last year.

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One on One with Porn Star Christian Mitchell

Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Feb 8, 2014 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

Christian Mitchell, who is also an office executive, has been active in the porn industry for years. Talented on and off the screen, Christian defines sexiness and brains. Here at Squirt, our dicks go up whenever we watch him on screen. Our members have spoken about him on Twitter and social media, so we asked him for an interview. He was game, very game. Christian Mitchell answers questions fielded from Squirt Twitter and Facebook Page.

If you have more questions for Christian, follow us on Squirt Twitter @squirtorg or leave your comment in the comment section.

DS: How did you start with porn?

CM: I’d wanted to do it for a long time. One day I finally decided it was time. So I took some selfies and submitted them to HotHouse. I was contacted a few days later to book my first scene.

DS: Beyond being on camera, do you like being watched while having sex?

CM: I’m an exhibitionist. So yes!

DS: How do you bottom without hurting?

CM: Never underestimate the power of a dildo! They really do help get me all stretched out and ready for a scene!

DS: How many porn films have you done? Do you have any “favorites”?

CM: So far I’ve been in about five movies and a bunch of online scenes. I think my last two movies I am most proud of. My Titan movie and my scene with gay porn icon Titpig.

DS: What scene turns you on (outside, fisting, threeway, flip flopping)?

CM: The piggy ones are always the best. I like getting really nasty and being very verbal.

DS: Are you friends with your co actors, have you had sex with them off screen? Can you tell us who?

CM: I’m friends with a lot if porn buddies but I’ve not had sex with them off screen.

DS: Why dude? They’re all very hot like you?

CM: I see Porn as a business. It’s a job and I am being paid to perform and fulfill fantasies. And while I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the hottest men in the world, my husband Ed is my ultimate scene partner. He is my porn star!

DS: Do you watch porn to get you hard?

CM: Absolutely. I love porn

DS: You’re very hot and sexy, how do you keep yourself fit?

CM: I hit the gym 4-5 times a week. I try to eat very healthy too

DS: Do you get hit on the at the gym?

CM: Yes. I do get hit on at the gym which is always very flattering. But since I am married to a wonderful man I don’t hook up with other guys. The only time we ever do that is when we attend play parties and it’s always done with both of us together.

DS: Outside porn, what do you do and how do you spend your day?

CM: I have a day job. I work in a real life office as an executive.

DS: What are your current and future projects?

CM: I just shot a really hot scene for Pantheon Men. I’ve got some other projects in the works also. So stay tuned!

Christian blogs at christianmitchellxxx.

a few more pics after the jump…

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Putin, leave gays alone!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Feb 7, 2014 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

Pink Triangle Press, operator of gay adult dating site, announced its new social media campaign to protest against Russia’s anti-gay law.

Toronto, February 7, 2014 is launching its social media campaign just in time for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The campaign portrays images of Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in explicit gay sexual act with quotes from Putin himself. The goal of the campaign to protest against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law.
“We are excited to launch this campaign”, says Pink Triangle Press’ digital business director, “Pink Triangle Press has been fighting for LGBT rights for over 40 years, we feel that it is our duty to draw attention to what’s happening in Russia. We are doing it the Squirt way: sexy, explicit and controversial.”
The images will be released through’s twitter feed @SquirtOrg #leavegaysalone and through Squirt’s blog

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DAILY XTRA!: Now in it’s fourth season, So You Think You Can Fuck is the world’s only professional gay porn reality game show competition. Created by Dominic Ford, the show runs over 10 episodes and features a series of physical and mental challenges, putting the hot bodies and brains of six porn stars divided into two teams to the test. Wondering if having sex all day in sunny tropical locations and films sets is easy? Think again.

DailyXtra is the first to reveal the names of this year’s contestants, and there’s a little something for everyone. It’s veterans versus rookies this time around with sexperts like Trenton Ducati, Landon Conrad and Tommy Defendi up against newcomers Bryce Evans, Armand Rizzo and Vance Crawford.




Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Jan 28, 2014 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE, Friends of Squirt

So You Think You Can Fuck, the gay porn industry’s only reality game show competition, starts filming at a secret location on January 28th. The show, the brainchild of industry pioneer Dominic Ford, is described as “Survivor meets Hardcore Gay Porn.”

The show will run for 10 episodes beginning February 27th. In each episode, two teams of contestants will compete in a physical and mental challenges. The challenge winners will be awarded points. Each team will then offer up a team member for a hardcore sex scene. Expert judges critique the sex scene and award the “winner” of the scene points. The viewing public can also weigh in and vote for their favorite contestant once a day at, the show’s website.

The winner will be chosen based on who has the most number of combined points from challenge wins, sex scene wins and user voting. Previous winners include Topher DiMaggio, Mitch Vaughn and Duncan Black.

This year, the show is presented by This is in line with our effort to add new members and give our members a chance for a better hook up.

As the show’s main sponsor, and sister company will be revealing who the contestants are this year, giving its members special sneak peeks of episodes during the show’s run, and will also play host to the judging panel.

Guess who will be the contestants in this year’s SYTYCF, tell us in the comments.

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