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Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Sep 24, 2012 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

QUEERPIG: If you are in San Francisco make sure you don’t miss the Folsom Street Fair 2012! Put on some leather or stay naked… it’s your choice, but you must see this!  Porn stars post a lot of pictures on Twitter. Porn newcomer Liam Magnuson took many pictures with his porn buddies Tom Wolfe, Cal Skye, Jeremy Stevens and Hunter Marx. There are many porn stars in San Francisco and they are having tons of fun! You can meet these guys: Dean Monroe, Conner Habib, Dirk Caber, Race Cooper, Adam Russo, Cal Skye, Charlie Harding, Casey Williams, Tristan Jaxx, Cavin Knight, Colby Jansen, Alessio Romero, Fabio Stallone and many more! CHECK OUT QUEERPIG for more FOLSOM PICS!!

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Squirt Seamen in Every Port!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Aug 13, 2012 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

The Squirt Seamen disembark at Pride Parades around North America! Clips from Seattle, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, and New York.

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Ben Cohen for Bluebuck Underwear via HOMOTROPHY & Here too!

HOT pics of hunky model Ryan Bertroche in Charlie Z bathing suits via ARCH NOBLE

“We took seven of our models, most are personal trainers, and had them show you their top tips for building a body like theirs! Part six of eight and today’s lesson is with popular model Zack Elliot. Training your abs and building a strong core, you dont see “windscreen wipers” this mesmorising that often!” – ENGLISH LADS on YOU TUBE

Models in the fitness video — Drew Daniels, Tyler Hirst, Zack Elliot, Paddy O’Brian, Dan Broughton, Rich Wills, Callum Stuart


Check out Part Six of “Ripped and Stripped,” the new porn-alternative that proves porn stars in gym shorts can be just as hot as pantless porn stars. It’s a good five minutes of abs and accents, and you don’t have to be following along in order to get a good workout—the amount of sweating you’ll be doing when these boys jump up into one of these machines will suffice. Fast-forward to 2:23, when the boys start doing the “window wipers,” which is basically an excuse to put their asses in the air and wiggle around like hungry bottoms. Welcome to the gun show, boys!

Englishlads – Ripped and Stripped Part Six – Core with Zack Elliot

Some “STRAIGHT” action for ya!

VERY HOT ROMANIAN DUDE! Sometimes you just can’t get hard… but you can still have some fun & turn on your cyber bud.

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This is Felipe Alencar

Will Wikle, star of “BIg Brother” just can’t keep his clothes on when it comes to the weekend, so he decided to just strip down early before going to Daniel Nardicio’s Fire Island Underwear Party!

“I was invited to a big ol’ bbq and needed some meat for the grill, so I brought myself to the St. Lawrence Market to check out the goods. There were soooo many goods! And then a really good song came on and I couldn’t help myself. The song I lose it to is “Move in the right direction” by The Gossip. The song clip at the beginning of the video is “Horns” by The Gossip. And the amazing choon during the credits is “Get Lost” by, yes, The Gossip. I LOVE THE GOSSIP.”



Mandatory Condom Use in Porn Up For Vote in Los Angeles County!

Several months after a nearly unanimous decision by the LA City Council to make condom use mandatory for all LA-based porn shoots, a similar measure is headed to the ballots in Los Angeles County in November. If passed, the ordinance would expand the city’s regulations, which doesn’t cover shoots inside of movie studios; the county’s initiative would include all shoots showing sex and/or explicit nudity. Some 370,000 people signed the petition to qualify the initiative for the ballot, almost 140,000 more than the 232,000 required. READ more @ THE GAWKER

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Wednesday Jul 4, 2012 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE, FUCK YEAH!

Last weekend we sent a fleet of Squirt SEaMEN out to join the Toronto Pride Parade. There was a whole mix of fellows… big muscle men, sly little twinks, delicious dudes and sexy studs. They ran around the streets, rode the subway and let people touch their fine tight bods. They even shot loads (of water) with their giant super soaker guns at the adoring crowds. The dude above was Sgt. Coach’s fave. He was a very friendly young fellow… very funny and hot as hell. Really wanted to get in those tight black shorts of his. He had a perfect little bubble butt that drove me fucking crazy (sadly no good shots of it here). Now, I demand you to check out these sweet pics of the SEaMEN spilling out into the streets of the T- DOT! Tell me what you think of them. Which SEaMAN would you want to kiss, rim, suck or fuck? ;)


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Adam Rexx @ Arch Noble

WHERE THE BEARS ARE follows three gay bear roommates living together in LA, as they attempt to solve the murder of a party guest that turned up dead in their bathtub. Part “Golden Girls” and part “Murder, She Wrote,” the series consists of 26 four-minute episodes, and is a romp through L.A.’s trendy neighborhood of Silver Lake, and whose mystery eventually reaches it’s climax in the desert outside of Palm Springs.

“Where the Bears Are” comedy, mystery web series to premiere online on August 1, 2012. For now, check out the trailer below.

Quinn Christopher Jaxon engaged to a woman! via THE SWORD

Go-go boy, dancer, gay underwear model, gay indie film actor, gay tickling video performer, and owner of one of the world’s greatest asses (and cocks) Quinn Christopher Jaxon (a.k.a. Randy Blue solo jerk-off hunk “Kurt Madison“) is getting married. To a woman.

Gay porn star Devon Hunter Gets Self-Gay Married, To Himself! via THE SWORD

“I have placed a diamond band on my finger…  I plan to court myself; I will take solemn vows before a spiritual  mentor (as well as family and friends) to love, honor, and cherish  myself; and I will take myself on a honeymoon. I do all this for a very practical reason: I have chosen my  boyfriends very poorly. I had no ability to be successful in a  relationship. I gave until my integrated wellness was bankrupt. [...] By  going through this structured ritual of falling in love with myself,  testifying before witnesses to honor myself, and beginning a new life as  a person empowered to command respect, I am forcing myself to abide by  the vows I will make.” – Devon Hunter

HOT Pics of Derek Parker & Shay Michaels @ FURBOI

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Jul 3, 2012 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

Squirt SEaMEN photos by Andrew Tran

Coverage of Toronto Pride with Trevor Boris. Hot weather, sexy men and hot women.


Toronto can lay claim to another successful Pride parade. The dykes were on bikes, the boys took off their shirts and the sequins stayed on the drag queens’ outfits. Despite competition from Canada Day, the crowd numbered more than one million strong, and the party is expected to go late into the night. Below are our video highlights of this year’s Pride parade, at which Trevor Boris played host.

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One of my fave XTUBE bodies. I’m sure he has a lovely face but who cares when he has a ripped torso, big guns, a tasty looking dick & pucker… and there’s fur! LOVE this guy!

Pics of Porn Crushes of the Day: Dean Flynn and Trenton Ducati (above) in “Malpractice”@ THE MAN CRUSH BLOG

Richmond Ham advert features cute fuzz face with a nice tight little tush.

The Flatulence Deodorizer is Here to Back Up Your Claim that Your Farts Don’t Stink!

Sold under the brand name “Flat-D,” the Flatulence Deoderizer is a disposable charcoal underpad that’s placed against the wearer’s buttocks to help eliminate “fear and embarrassment when in public.”

In other words, if you aren’t afraid of embarrassing yourself by ripping a wet one in public, these odor eaters are not for you.

According to the product description, the Flatulence Deodorizer works as a “flatulence filter” that “absorbs the gas odor normally associated with the gassy discharge or flatus.” They are meant to be discarded after use, but no word on how many SBDs and LBHs this sucker can take before it needs to changed.


No “Who Would You Choose?” for this shot… Quinn wins! ;)

Andrew Christian makes more short films than any other undie company out there. Here is a special preview of the boys showing off their exposed asses in the hot hot sun. I’m very happy to report that Daily Squirt favorite Quinn is back! Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan grown up) joins in this time… and is it just me, or has Corrigan had a nose job and a few nips & tucks… hmmmm…

“Get Stranded on the Ranch with the Andrew Christian Jockstrap Cowboys In the latest super hot video campaign, the viewer is able to be a part of the Andrew Christian’s fantasy farm land. Just imagine that it is your car that breaks down and Sean Paul Lockhart (aka Brent Corrigan grown up) comes trotting up on a horse in a jock strap! When he asks, “Do you need a hand?” Of course you say yes and are lead into the ranch.” AC Blog

more Quinn & the boys after the jump!

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For more stories, visit:

Follow Pride Toronto on Google+:

Pride Toronto and Google+ present “Together,” a series of films by award-winning director Jeff Feuerzeig.



Here’s a real case for Hot or Not? Chris and Charlie Compton are brothers, who have sex with each other, but they aren’t twins. We got all hot and hard for the Peters Twins, but twincest somehow became the norm. Now, what about these two relations?

In a video over at Drake Rock called Compton’s First Gay Experience, , the brothers explore their gay side with site owner Drake. Chris, whichever one he is, is straight. Charlie is bi-curious. According to the scene description, they work as a massage therapist team. Does that mean two of them on one client? It seems they wouldn’t be adverse to giving happy endings, and seem perfectly content doing so here. One brother sucks the other, rims the other, and cums in the other’s mouth.



According to TMZ, a guy named Benjamine Bowers (above) who worked at an Abercrombie & Fitch store last  year is claiming that the store referred him to a modelling agent who asked him  to strip down and masturbate so that he could take more “relaxed” photos.

“Hilburn convinced Benjamine that he needed to display a relaxed look for his  modeling portfolio, and the best way of achieving that look was to masturbate in  front of the camera, so the photog could capture his expression immediately  after orgasm,” TMZ explains about the lawsuit. “And for good measure, Hilburn  allegedly told him the drill was to do the whole thing in the buff.”

The sexy model is now suing Abercrombie and Fitch and the photographer, Brian Hilburn for $1 million.

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The Squirt SeaMen are CUMMING!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Jun 19, 2012 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

The Squirt SeaMen are heading to Houston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and  New York Prides in June. They’re also going to be at Toronto Pride in July. If you’re going to be at any of these Prides, come find our sexy sailors and snap some pics!

As some of you already know, to get warmed up we sent out a team of Squirt SeaMen to Long Beach Pride in May. Here is a little taste of our Long Beach SeaMen in action:

Happy Pride season Squirters!

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