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HEY SQUIRTERS… Long Beach Pride on MAY 20th!!!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Wednesday May 16, 2012 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

Long Beach

May 20th

Hey Squirters,

Cum down to Long Beach Pride on May 20th
and meet the sexy Squirt SeaMen. Squirt will be showing our pride with a team
of hot sailor men handing out membership freebies and posing for pictures.

Got a twitter account? Use it at Long Beach
Pride to get even more free Squirt time.

Snap a pic with one of our SeaMen Models,
send it to us at @squirtorg <>
and hashtag it  #squirtlongbeach – I’ll
give you one week of Fan Club status for free.*

Don’t have a twitter account, but want that
free time? You can email your pics to
If Sgt. Coach uses your photo on Daily Squirt, I will hook you
up with one week of Fan Club status!

See you at Long Beach Pride.

Happy hookups,


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Was it not clear the first time? Stop raping Johnny Rapid. It might look like Johnny Rapid is half smiling in the above pic (he probably is, because he probably likes what is happening to him), but I don’t care. STOP. - READ THE REST & SEE MORE HOT PICS OF RAPID @ THE SWORD

“Is Fleshbot Crush Object Benjamin Godfre going to start releasing jack-off videos? Over the weekend, the popular and often full-frontal male model released a teaser clip called “Lifeguard.” It starts out with Benjamin posing around a beach as if he’s recreating “Baywatch,” and ends with him feverishly beating the cum out of his engorged cock. Please, sir, may we have some more?” – FLESHBOT

HOT & HORNY shots of Oliver James via FURBOI

Xtra talks with Jenna Talackova about the upcoming Miss Universe Canada competition, Donald Trump and her wanting to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.

Watch Cute NYC boy jerk-off… AFTER THE JUMP

Read More

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video platform video management video solutions video player

“I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly,” Obama told Robin Roberts, in an interview that will air in full on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday.

“I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married,” he said.


It’s an eight-inch, hand-crafted chocolate cock (The picture above shows the fresh mint fondant filling with smooth fluid texture), weighing 400 grams. That’s not all: this phallus for foodies comes full of a variety of delicious creamy, alcoholic fondants. For chocoholic girlfriends or gay friends, this could be a very special present. Or it could be an ‘apology gift’ for when you have to, er, stand someone up. It’s reassuringly expensive and beautifully packed in a climate-controlled box, so can be sent anywhere.

Created with the most indecent intentions, our first work invites you to sin exceedingly with the union of two ancestral pleasures: sex and chocolate. For starters, we offer you an exclusive creation, an orgasmic chocolate cock: A large truffle made with Ghanian cocoa filled with soft and perverse fluids that can ooze over anything you like.


World’s First “Gay Airline” Launches To Jet Athletes to 2012 Eurogames in Budapest


Milestones in gay aviation: First, Air New Zealand gave you its all-gay Pink Flight to Sydney’s Mardi Gras; then, SAS added coupling to the mix with its revolutionary Love Is in the Air same-sex marriage flights to and from Stockholm in 2010. Now Lufthansa has upped the ante, creating the world’s first-ever “gay airline” — FreshAir European Gaylines — in honor of the upcoming Eurogames in Budapest. READ THE FULL STORY HERE!

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Photo of SUPER SEXY Go-Go Man Ryan Kirk  via ACCIDENTAL BEAR

Ryan Kirk’s Gabriel Gastelum photoshoot HERE!

MANHATTAN — Crowds of fuzzy, cuddly bears will flock to Manhattan’s West Side this week, but not the kind that live in the woods.

Urban Bear NYC will celebrate the subculture of gay men who refer to themselves as “bears” from Thursday through Sunday in the Meatpacking District, Greenwich Village and Chelsea, with a full calendar that includes a street fair, a pub crawl and an all-bear comedy show.   THE HUFFPOST

PORN STAR CONNER HABIB has just written the first chapter in his ”Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School” short essay series about growing up  frustrated in small-town Pennsylvania. 

Here’s a sample:

“I could see their balls in the spaces between their underwear and their thighs. Their dickheads would push aside the front opening of their boxers. They’d daringly moon each other. One of them, Brian, pulled his waistband below his ass and strutted around. He was making a joke, but I missed it. It couldn’t have been more serious to me. Every week, twice a week, I was surrounded by half naked boys. Dave, Sean, Jamie, Brian, Marco, Ethan, Brad. Their dicks would sway in their underwear as they undressed. Our skin was smooth, although most of us had armpit hair and leg hair, and some with hair just below our belly buttons.”


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MORE LANDON (above) @ Gods & Men

How to measure a person’s power? It starts by having the ability to publish a list on the internet, which automatically makes you the arbiter of who is truly powerful. From there, it’s a mix of personal opinion, who you want to fuck, and who you want to be friends with. These exemplary  individuals have managed to influence the way others produce and consume gay porn — either through  their public personas, Twitter meltdowns, or wealth — and have affected the industry as a whole. THE SWORD PORN POWER LIST!

After Kelly Osbourne made RuPaul’s Drag Race disqualifee Willam lip sync for her life against Eden’s World star Eden Wood on Logo’s 2012 New Now Next Awards to Selena Gomez’s Love U Like a Love Song, Willam decided to write a version of the tune that he could really wrap his lips around. Ladies & those more phallically inclined- We present Love You Like a Big Schlong.


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A look into a polyamorous relationship in New York City. Franco, Mark and Vinny have been together in a closed polyamorous relationship for two years. That means they’re exclusive with each other.

Produced by Nilo Tabrizy and Suvro Banerji. VIA ACCIDENTAL BEAR

Andrew Jakk @ FURBOI

Cameron & Kyle

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The video was made by the Coalition for Equal Marriage who strongly believe that “Equal But Separate Is Not Equal“. – HOMORAZZI


Ewan MacGregor talks about -and demonstrates- exposing his asshole on stage!

MARIO (Ashley) and LUIGI (Her Cu Les) playing Nintendo from Alex Goddard on Vimeo.

Locker Room Payback (Andrew Christian & Matinee Las Vegas Festival) from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.

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Perfume Genius Interview @

Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Apr 23, 2012 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE, FAMOUS & BONERIFIC!

Xtra catches up with Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius) to talk about his upcoming album, Michael Stipe, and the YouTube controversy surrounding his music video ‘Hood’ featuring gay pornstar/actor Arpad Miklos.


Here’s Matthieu Charneau in editorials featuring in Blow Up Paper Vol.1 Spring 2012

Photographed by Aaron Cobbett, here’s Chase Hostler and another sexy model in Slick It Up Swimsuits and leather Chest Plate

NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE MONTH! THE COLBY KELLER! Experience the creamy, savory-sweet flavor of America’s favorite porn star, in the comfort of your own home! RECIPE HERE!!!


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NEW MAGIC Mike Trailer!



Brady Jensen & Brian Bonds getting naughty @ NakedSword

SEXY SHOTS of Vinnie Visco @ FURBOI

In Bed With Colby Keller: Advice For A New Bottom!

TRANSGENDER 101: 15 Things To Know via HUFFPOST

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