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POWERFUL ART: OUT OF THE CLOSET by Ernest Coppejan / via Yagazie Emezi

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Ernest Coppejan’s Dans Le Milieu:

“Out of the closet come” means without exception, rejection by family and friends, no work and the risk of imprisonment of up to ten years.

Ernst had 45 people willing to let portray themselves, thereby giving a face to the hidden and forbidden life of the gay scene in West Africa .


As a product designer Coppejans (1974) visited West Africa regularly for work. As much as he enjoyed the countries, each time he realized he could never really be himself. A situation that West African gay men and lesbians have to deal with every day.

Coppejans – now an accomplished photographer – wanted to tell this story by giving this anonymous group a face through a series of portraits. Easier said than done. But through the help of the COC and Human Rights Watch, last winter he managed to get in touch with two persons who fight for the rights of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). They put him into contact with several young people he then portrayed.




Now, six months later, there is a wonderful series of portraits of brave Africans. “I met beautiful, sweet, inspirational and talented young people who refuse to hide behind a heterosexual marriage and therefore have no future. Some stories brought me to tears. It was tremendously brave of them to cooperate with me on this project.


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MIKE by Drasko Bogdanovic

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Check out photographer Drasko Bogdanovic’s new picture series of lovely (and smoking hot) model Mike. Like? See all ten shots of Mike HERE.

Check out Drasko’s Website HERE & TUMBLR
Drasko’s FACEBOOK page HERE
And check out his stunning limited edition prints for purchase HERE (including one of Mike entitled “Portrait Of A Man With An Erection”)


“Portrait Of A Man With An Erection”


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“3 Eras of Gay Sex in 3 Mins” Film by Leo Herrera

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"3 Eras of Gay Sex in 3 Mins" Film by Leo Herrera from Herrera Images on Vimeo.

“3 ERAS of GAY SEX in 3 Minutes”– Viral Valentine Film Celebrates The History and Power of Gay Sex, Fetish & Cruising

An Original Three-minute Film by Leo Herrera Visually Spans The History of Homosensual Communication from Pre-Stonewall to Present Day

Leo Herrera, a NYC-based visual artist, filmmaker, writer and advocate with a focus on cataloging and presenting gay history, today announced his latest work “3 ERAS of GAY SEX in 3 Minutes” an original piece illustrating 3 generations of gay sex in three-minutes, featuring Pre-Stonewall cruising; 1970’s/80’s Leather BDS&M; and Present Day App usage, filmed in NYC and San Francisco.

Instead of presenting gay history as sexless or focusing solely on AIDS, the film celebrates Gay Communication in its most sensual form, through the glances, codes and technological breakthroughs that have allowed gay sex and gay communities to flourish through generations of oppression.

Taking us on a time machine into archetypes of Gay Sex and the unspoken communication methods of these communities, “3 ERAS of GAY SEX in 3 Minutes” informs us and a wider audience, of the rich sexual history of the modern gay male; the symbolism and power of our once ‘secret’ encounters; and a glimpse into the infrastructure of deviant gay communities that are the foundations for the modern gay civil rights movement.

There is a love for gay culture and iconography that vibrates in the film, from the setting of historic landmark Julius, the SF army barracks and a sex dungeon, to the soundtrack, which features poetry from Walt Whitman, Truman Capote and human pup play master, Pup Boss Jyan. The film stars Gay Hip-Hop artist, Rikki Crowley and HIV Activist Zachary Barnett. It touches upon the themes of technology, PrEP, the closet and gay S&M in a way that’s tasteful and romantic.

“This film is about sharing a facet of our history that is rarely represented in mainstream gay media,” said Herrera. “While I applaud the strides we’ve made in our mainstream visibility, it sometimes comes at the expense of our sexuality. Gay fetish is treated as a punchline, or punished with disease. The drag queens and gay characters I see on television do not represent what I see at Folsom Street Fair, or at a Brooklyn gay warehouse party on a Saturday night or any of the Eagles in the country. There is an inherent romance to cruising, a jolt of electricity to our secrets and codes, that’s what this clip is about.”

“The idea that as a culture we DO have a past, present and future is something that is very, very powerful. We didn’t come out of nowhere, and we haven’t been standing around waiting to be “accepted”, and we aren’t this monolithic culture that will just be part of any “mainstream”, there are too many facets and subcultures. Who better to tell these stories than ourselves.”

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Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 1.10.05 PM

“For me, working with the nude form in the video medium satisfies another, stronger need, which is to teach how to see and value the beauty of the male body when it appears completely naked in situations and contexts of daily life and especially when it is in motion. I believe it is important to create sequences in which the contemplation of a nude man moving can generate a strong visual attraction capable of seducing the spectator by the beauty of the images, and that from the aesthetic pleasure these provoke one can, if possible, caress one’s sensuality.”

- Eloi Biosca

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 1.11.26 PM

Córrer (Running) from Eloi Biosca on Vimeo.

A naked man appears running along a pathway. This video is a celebration of the beauty of the male nude body as it runs in absolute freedom, in a natural and wild environment. The body movements are a powerful stimulus for the spectator to experience aesthetic pleasure and sensuality.

Córrer 2 (Running 2) from Eloi Biosca on Vimeo.

Entrenament (Training) from Eloi Biosca on Vimeo.

Two boys training for a fight completely nude on a deserted beach. In slow motion.

Check out NUS.CAT

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 1.06.10 PM

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SOLOS by Antonio Da Silva

SOLOS portraits a diversity of characters expressing themselves sexually. They speak about their fetishes, connection and fantasies. Underwear, leather, rubber, jeans, socks, boots, big penises, tattoos, hairy, extended ejaculations, ropes, childhood memories and more. Some take this opportunity to express their exhibitionism on camera going all the way from unzipping to cumming.




Filming the participants and looking at the footage on screen is one of Antonio’s fetishes. SOLOS is a series of videos of people who are touched by Antonio’s work and voluntarily want to be involved in his films.

(Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Click the CC button on the video player)
A film by Antonio Da Silva






With: Andrew, Ce, David, Ed, Ido, Jorge, Rafael, Raoni, Rowland, Rubi, Scott, Simon.

Camera, Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Year: 2014
Length: 13:00 RENT THE FILM HERE!



more pics & gifs after the jump!

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Wiki: The life-size marble statue known as the Barberini Faun or Drunken Satyr is located in the Glyptothek in Munich, Germany. A Faun is the Roman equivalent of a Greek Satyr. In Greek mythology, satyrs were human-like male woodland spirits with several animal features, often a goat-like tail, hooves, ears, or horns. Satyrs attended Dionysus.


Various restorations of the Barberini Faun may have enhanced the sexual aspect of the statue. Because of this, the statue has acquired a reputation as an example of erotic art. Nudity in Greek art was nothing new; however, the blatant sexuality of this piece makes it most interesting to twentieth-century eyes. His wantonly spread legs focus attention on his genitals. Not all viewers have found the Faun so indecorous: the Barberini Faun was reproduced on a Nymphenburg porcelain service in the 1830s.


A marble copy was sculpted by Edmé Bouchardon at the French Academy in Rome in 1726. Cardinal Barberini desired a plaster cast of it to keep with the antique original. Bouchardon’s Barberini Faun arrived in France in 1732, greatly admired. In 1775 the duc de Chartres bought it for his elaborate garden plan at Parc Monceau. It is now in the Louvre Museum. A copy by sculptor Eugène-Louis Lequesne was given to France in 1846. It is now located in the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA). A gilded copy is included among many other replicas of classical sculptures that adorn the grand cascade that descends from the back of Peter the Great’s summer palace, Peterhof, outside of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.37.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.38.05 PM

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LIMANAKIA is a wild rocky area located on Leoforos Poseidonos South of Athens. At those three distinct steep coves, gay Greeks and tourists of all ages and body types find escape away from the commercial beaches of Attiki. It is considered one of the most beautiful place to swim and not only…


Antonio takes this opportunity to create a fantasy world. LIMANAKIA is a surrealistic, sexual, romantic, visual collage transporting us back to stories about Greek homoerotic orgies. Male tanned bodies are freely exposed on the white sharp rocks. Standing like ancient sculptures under the heat of the sun, men come together tasting each others salty skin. The camera follows them into the sea capturing their playfulness surrounded by the magic of the Mediterranean waters.


Antonio Da Silva is an award-winning Portuguese filmmaker based in London. His work crosses the borders between cinema, pornography and art while he is not afraid to break taboos and stereotypes.



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Damien Moreau’s short film “KANGOUROU”

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KANGOUROU from Queer Shorts on Vimeo.


K A N G O U R O U //
par Damien Moreau
en collaboration avec Ouroborix
avec Ryan Patrix

Damien Moreau waits to catch a train in the cold when he spots fellow traveller Ryan Patrix across the platform. While exiting the train Ryan drops his hanky, provoking Damien to act out his voyeuristic perversions. The hanky becomes the conduit for Damien’s imagined desires, as he slips in and out of fantasy induced by the mysterious passenger.

“Pornography is the black sheep of entertainment. We all enjoy keeping tabs on the antics of our odd cousin porn, but no one really wants to be seen hanging out with porn. Intellect and adult entertainer Conner Habib’s recent essay “What I Want to Know Is Why You Hate Porn Stars” begins to explore the complex sentiments of desire and disgust our culture has in regards to pornography and the individuals who star in it.”

“Habib’s essay also challenges the idea that porn stars are victims. He writes that they should instead be regarded as artists who actively and consciously use their bodies to create work that they truly enjoy. I know, what a revolutionary and feminist idea. Enter conceptual queer performer and self proclaimed “ginger fantasy” Damien Moreau. Moreau is an artist and budding porn star who has performed in several BDSM films for In Moreau, one finds the perfect example of Habib’s porn star, one who uses sex as his artistic medium of choice.”

“Moreau and I chatted via La Internet about his journey into pornography, sex as art and his newest erotic short Kangourou. In it, Moreau blurs the lines between fantasy and reality manifesting a scene we’ve all played out in our mind’s eye. The short stars Ryan Patrix, Moreau, and one lucky hanky.”

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