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Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Aug 1, 2015 Under FUCK YEAH!

MEN AT PLAY: Take The Bait: Dallas Steele is back on Menatplay and this time the silver haired daddy is completely stark-bollock-naked. Yes he’s swapped his business suit for his birthday suit and, while letting it all hang out in the morning sun on his private terrace, his exhibitionism is interrupted by a knock at the door. His neighbour Logan Moore (why cant my neighbour be Logan Moore?!) coyly points out that you can see everything, and he means EVERYTHING, from the opposite building, which is apparently upsetting for his girlfriend.

To Dallas this seems like a lame excuse to come round and take a closer look so Dallas gives Logan an eyeful, which turns in to a mouthful, which turns in to a butt-full, of his thick American cock. Seeing straight laced, suited businessman Logan, down on his knees, his piercing blue eager eyes staring up at Dallas who towers over him completely naked in the brilliant sun , pushing his dick to the back of Logan’s throat, is so hot and horny you’ll be wet with precum before they even get to the good hard pounding, that Logan was so looking for when he arrived at his neighbour’s door.

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FUCK YEAH!!! ARIC gets serviced by NOAH RILEY…

Posted by SGT. COACH on Wednesday Jul 29, 2015 Under FUCK YEAH!

CHAOSMEN: Aric & Noah Riley: Serviced: Aric had mentioned he had tried messing around with dudes when he was in his early 20′s. I didn’t think he would be that nervous to get a happy ending massage video, but he still wanted to keep things simple. He was not keen on anyone playing with his ass, but we got in some rimming to show-off his hot pink hole. As we suspected, it didn’t help wake his cock up, and Noah’s beard was tickling him. After this shoot, we scaled his beard way back. Noah didn’t realize just how ticklish he was being.

Once he gets Aric on his back, he tries jerking his cock to life, but it turns out it needed a warm mouth to perk up. Aric is hot listening to him whisper under his breath and watching him writhe around on the table in ecstasy. Noah works like a dog to pull the load out him. Aric said he could cum from a blow job. Once again, I pretty much left the full 2 minutes of Noah working on his cock to completion. Noah thinks he is going to cum and switches his angle of attach to get ready to eat his load. But it was premature, but he gets right back on it and about 20 seconds later he gets the full load out of his cock. Again, Aric’s orgasms are so intense! Love making guys cum!

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… and then there’s MARLON SEGURA @ COLT STUDIOS!!!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Jul 28, 2015 Under FUCK YEAH!, HORNY MEN, HOT DUDE

: A Man’s View Scene 1: Camera equipment, lights and a window overlooking the bustling city is all it takes to trigger an exhibitionist streak in COLT Man Marlon Segura. With a few dumbbells to help inspire him, Marlon’s muscle-bound naked body and his thick uncut cock are on full display. Inhaling the man-scent from his jockstrap, Marlon slowly strokes his meaty pole, enjoying the sensation as he pulls the foreskin back and forth across the head of his throbbing cock. Making intimate eye contact through the camera lens, Marlon makes a deep connection and aims to please. His aching balls swell as he strokes his shaft with urgency, until a white-hot stream of cum flows like a river from his gushing cock.

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Jul 24, 2015 Under FUCK YEAH!, HORNY MEN

MAVERICK MEN: You guys seem to really love those big hairy muscle beasts we shot for the video, When Muscle Bears Attack – its one of the most popular MaverickMen Directs videos yet! You’ll remember in that video our hot muscle bear couple gang-banged our muscle buddy, Benny G. Poor Benny couldn’t walk straight for a week after that dynamic duo dick down. After I discovered that these guys are a real-life couple, I wanted to see the chemistry and connection they obviously had for each other. So, we filmed them working out and they worked up a nice sweat for us. I turned the heat up by adding a few other muscle jocks in the back ground to get the bears all worked up.

Benny G and Carter volunteer to squat over their faces and let them lick their sweaty muscle asses. It was so hot that Hunter and I had to pull out our cocks during filming a few times, lol. The big hairy Lain bull whipped out a 12” long and impossibly-thick dildo to fuck his tall handsome tattoo-covered lover in the ass. The stud took every inch up his hairy muscle hole.

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: Barebacks: Ivan Jizera eagerly awaits for Stan Simons in a tree house. As soon as Stan appears, Ivan gets down the ladder. They both kiss, take their shirts off and play with each others nipples. Ivan leans on the base of the tree house and pulls his jeans down to his thighs. Stan follows by getting on his knees and wrapping his mouth around Ivan’s thick prick. Ivan happily returns the favor. Stan lays on the blanket while Ivan continues sucking Stan’s uncut cock.


Stan sits on Ivan’s cock, riding Ivan’s raw cock bareback, while his own prick bounces off his abs. After a long bareback fuck they mix it up and fuck spooning. Stan loves every thrust and he jacks his pole. Ivan pumps his raw cock deeper and faster before they bareback doggy-style. Ivan rams his raw cock raw into Stan’s wet hole. Stan moans with pleasure. Ivan pulls out and blasts his load all over Stan’s lower back. Stan Simons shoots his load on Ivan Jizera’s chest. Exhausted, they kiss one last time.


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Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Jul 14, 2015 Under FUCK YEAH!

ICON MALE: JD is pleasantly surprised when out of the blue, his old babysitter Brendan Patrick drops in to visit. It’s been years since they’d seen each other, but Brendan was in town for his cousin’s wedding. Although Brendan moved back to Europe when he was young, JD has always looked back fondly on the memories he’s kept of him. After hours of reminiscing, the conversation eventually turns to girls and relationships, and how neither of them have have found love. Happy to have seen his old friend, JD giddily gives him a hug, and without much thought pecks Brendan on the mouth, much to the surprise of his old babysitter.

After confirming that it’s OK, the boys stare at each other knowingly, gauging reactions, slowly going in for a kiss. They quickly move upstairs to make out and explore each other’s bodies, the men they’d become. JD’s the first to initiate, and takes Brendan’s hard cock into his mouth, stopping for but a few moments to make out. Brendan tongues JD’s ass, stopping for a moment to kiss, before JD begins to rim Brendan’s ass in return, causing Brendan to sit on his face for more. After flipping around again and again, Brendan and JD fuck doggy-style, and JD rides Brendan’s cock ’til he nearly comes while inside him. Making sure he’d get his, JD then flips Brendan around, to start fucking him, eventually spraying his load onto Brendan’s stomach, soon followed by Brendan’s own thick white cum.

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: Latin muscle daddy Alessio Romero takes Brett Bradley’s huge cock down his throat and up his furry muscle butt. The two fuck their brains out and Alessio ends up with Brett’s hot load shot deep in his hole.




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TIM TALES: Tim and Dale wanted to meet since years but never had the chance. On that sunny afternoon on our terrace they finally made it. Dale is that nice and unpretentious kind of guy-next-door that we reallylike, especially since that guy next door is so extremely attractive. So Tim and Dale had great sensual fun and some laughs as well. Just like good sex should be. And i (Grobes) was happy too. I have always been a Dale Cooper fan. You can become one too.

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BARE ADVENTURES: Seducing his boyish lover, toned and nicely defined Mark, with some damn hot tattoos accentuating his definition, brings him a red rose and wine to wake him up… nothing like a drink in the morning to get you frisky as hell! Massaging Julian’s slim body with the petals, he goes further and further south until he reaches his dick shaped destination. Both young horny boys enjoy a great extended suck session, tasting each others bodies and shafts as Mark gets himself ready to slam into Julian’s ready and waiting butt hole. Giving us great views as mark lifts his fuck buddy’s leg sky high; the sight of masculine Mark giving it hard to twinky Julian will blow your mind, and your load when you catch both boys squirting their loads, Mark shooting like a star and nearly hitting the camera!!

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Jul 4, 2015 Under FUCK YEAH!

PaddyOBrian (1)_07-04-2015
photos via BUTCH DIXON

PaddyOBrian (2)_07-04-2015

PaddyOBrian (3)_07-04-2015

PaddyOBrian (5)_07-04-2015

PaddyOBrian (6)_07-04-2015

PaddyOBrian (8)_07-04-2015

PaddyOBrian (11)_07-04-2015

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