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Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Mar 12, 2015 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

We want to add more horny guys on Squirt! That’s why we’re sponsoring two hot North American parties this weekThe Texas Bear Round Up in Dallas and Fly 2.0′s HOMME Sex Party. will be highly represented in these events to recruit new Squirtmen … because we know that more members mean more hook ups.

Texas Bear Round Up hosts over 2,000 bear-lovers around the world who will all be receiving time-limited Fan Club membership. We got your back bear lovers!


Fly 2.0′s HOMME  is a monthly event for MEN only. Adult film stars Christian Power & Félix Brazeau will be making appearances and Dj Stéfane Lippé will providing the beats! This is a well-attended event! Horny tourists and Canadians will be partying. Inside, Steamwork’s Dark Room is in full effect. A team will be deployed to cover the event and encourage party goers to log on to Squirt.


Are you attending any of these events? Share your experience with us on Twitter or send us a private message on Facebook!

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Feb 23, 2015 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

Toronto Squirtmen, it’s time again for another SINFUL party at The Black Eagle. This is the horniest party on Friday with live performances and a no holds barred flirting. Remember, everything is permitted on the dance floor. Click on the image for more details. We’d love to see you there, NAKED.

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Wednesday Jan 7, 2015 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE, FUNNY HA HA

When an anti-gay pastor from Indiana named Gaylard  (you can’t make this stuff up) Williams was recently arrested and charged for groping an unsuspecting young male in a public park, we were not surprised! The 59-year-old pastor, who preached his hypocritical homophobic nonsense at Praise Cathedral Church of God in Seymour, allegedly approached the 27-year-old man in his car, “grabbed and squeezed” his cock and asked for a blow job. It gets better… According to the police report, local authorities followed up with Williams and found GAY PORN in his car. Gasp!

The entire HO erupted in laughter. Oh, Gaylard.

Had he been a member, he would have known that Cypress Lake is NOT a designated cruising spot! Gaylard, let us help you… sign up on and we’ll give you three days of Fan Club membership (tip: anyone can use it too). Use promo code: GAYLARD.


Seriously Gaylard, why not join Imagine the possibilities….


Hey Gaylard, find a bath house near your church… hallelujah!


Into public sex? We’ve got you covered! Find cruisy parks, beaches and washrooms all over the WORLD!


Check the community board to learn cruising signals in various truck stops – never get caught again!


Or send messages to members to arrange a hook up.


Gaylard, whether you’re into vanilla sex …


Or bondage… is your best resource to discreetly find men to grope.


What are you waiting for? Use promo code “GAYLARD” to get a free Fan Club membership… do it now because this offer will not last.


And go ahead, you can share the coupon code with your followers too.


Feel free to share this post. Our readers are also entitled to free three days Fan Club membership. Use coupon code: GAYLARD

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Local10 News reported Nov 18 that’s “Non-Stop Hookups” bus advertisement campaign had stirred up the local community in Miami, Florida. The ad, a promotion for the Squirt gay dating site, shows two shirtless men embracing along with the site’s tagline, “Hot ’n horny hookups,” and the campaign slogan, “Non-Stop Hookups.” The ads were placed near popular gay clubs and establishments in Miami, including Eros Lounge, Magnum Lounge, The Dugout, Club Azucar and Club Aqua Miami. The ad’s creative content went through the usual rigorous approval process.

The report says a mother complained to the City of Miami about the ad. Soon after the ad went live, Pink Triangle Press (PTP), the operator of, was informed about the complaint and asked to provide updated creative without the tagline “Hot ’n Horny Hookups” and the words “Non-Stop Hookups.” PTP provided an updated version and the new creative was approved. Meanwhile, the ad was vandalized, stolen and never replaced by the City of Miami.

When asked when the updated creative would go live, its ad distributor replied that the case had become “too political” for the City of Miami to touch.’s creative was approved and we just want to have the same treatment as any straight sexy ad would have. Lots of straight-themed ads are as sexy as ours: look at Step up revolution, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Guess, Viktor & Rolf and Calvin Klein ads. If these ads can be on streets across America, we don’t understand why two men embracing cannot.

Click here to sign our petition for ad equality and join the conversation on social media using #adequality.


Look at these straight ads that are as sexy as ours but how come they are taken down? Help us fight for #adequality equality by signing our petition! 






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Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Oct 30, 2014 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

How did this power bottom rise to the top? Gay pornstar Brandon Jones may be bottoming in NakedSword’s new film Hotel Hook-Up, but his career puts him at the top of the industry. In an interview with Daily Xtra, Jones fills us in on everything from his first shoot to his big break. And find out how he deals with his boyfriend, Samuel Stone, who also has a career in porn.

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Wednesday Oct 29, 2014 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE


MEN.COM: Leading up to his insane gang-bang in part 4 of the Halloween series “Howl”, Paddy O’Brian gets fucked tag team style by Gabriel Clark & Jessy Ares. Plenty of rimming gets Paddy’s straight ass ready for one hell of a good ass pounding!






Read More

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Posted by tropicalurge on Friday Oct 24, 2014 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE

The non-stop hookups are about to get hotter. Join at the Black Eagle on Saturday, October 25, for a night of SIN. It’s a no-holds-barred party — everything, and everyone, is on the table. EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED.

Watch go-go boys shake their junk, rub elbows with our hot models, then get it on in the dark room upstairs.





Check this Facebook page to learn more about SIN party.

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Famous film-fuckers Adam Russo, Cutler X, Draven Torres and more get down and dirty for the internet’s horniest men’s cruising and hook-up service.

We brought the internet’s hottest porn stars together this summer for our latest ad campaign. Models for the shoot included Adam Russo, Cutler X, Draven Torres, Zack Acland, Jon Shield, Rogue Status and Dayon. In the theme of the unapologetically sexual brand, the shoot focused on cruising and public sex.

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the comment section!

Category: DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE, NEWS IS HOT | 4,723 comments celebrated its 15th anniversary serving the gay cruising and hook-up community with an outrageous, unabashedly sexual party at Fly Nightclub in Toronto on June 19th, 2014. The event was very much in line with the Squirt experience: man-on-man sex, served up in the form of a dark cruising maze and three live sex shows performed by porn stars Adam Russo, Cutler X, Marc Angelo, Jon Shield and Rogue Status.

Check the video and photos below:


Squirt members know how to have a good time. The night was packed with horny men dancing, cruising in one of the dark rooms, sucking and fucking! The sex show turned Fly Nightclub into a sex mecca! The night was packed with cock-sucking action, hot fucking and a steamy orgy performed by Cutler X, Adam Russo, Marc Angelo, Rogue Status and Jon Shield.




Squirt party isn’t complete without our very own ‘Squirt Men’! Charles Dubuc, Shazad Hai and Marc Angelo danced and posed on stage!

Sexy Squirt model Shazad Hai entertains members!


Our party continues online! Do you have any sexy photos or cruising tips that you want to share? Tweet them to us so we can share them with our followers., with its nearly one million active members, is the internet’s premiere cruising and hookup site., which is available on mobile and desktop, has been serving the men-for-men cruising community since 1999.


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For more, visit
Join us as we look at the best asses Toronto has to offer.

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