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Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Nov 24, 2015 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE was at Steamworks Toronto‘s Fleshjack Friday featuring hot porn star and model Jon Shield. Jon jacked off in front of a group of men and turned the night into one big orgy party – guys were sucking and fucking each other in the TV area. Here are some photos from the party for you to enjoy.

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Nov 19, 2015 Under DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE model, porn star and go go dancer Jon Shield will perform at Steamworks Toronto on Friday, November 20, for Fleshjack Friday and Fleshjack Friday is one of Steamworks Toronto’s premiere event and we’re glad to be part of it. team will be there to give away prizes and souvenir items. You can follow us on Twitter to get live update on what’s happening on Friday, we’ll be using hashtag #squirtEVENT.

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If you’re in London on Saturday, don’t forget to watch three hot porn stars who will be performing live at Hard On: JP Dubois, Bruno Fox and Nick North.

We interviewed Nick North ahead of his performance, click here to read the story.







Planning to attend? Join us on Twitter using hashtag #squirtUK.

Category: DAILY SQUIRT is EVERYWHERE | 4 comments invades the Netherlands and we’re seeing an increase in cruise listings in the Netherlands. Help us reach out to horny Dutch men and invite them to join – the more the merrier. Let’s get more Dutch dicks on board.

It’s just appropriate to show you, the hottest Dutch actors today. We’ll admit, we’ve jacked off to their photos. Would you? Who is hottest among them?

Oscar Aerts 


Gijs Blom

Photo by



Roland Fernhout 

Photo by Henneman Agency


Michiel Huisman


Rom Smoorenburg

Photo by


Walderma Torenstra

Photo by


Egbert Jan Weeber

Photo by


Who do you think is the sexiest among the Dutch actors above? Don’t forget to reach out to your Dutch friends and ask them to join Are you on Twitter? Join the conversation using hashtag #squirtNL and follow us: @squirtorg.

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Nick North is relatively new to porn, but he has already done shows and made movies with porn companies around the world. Nick will perform along with JP Dubois and Buno Fox at HARD ON’S anniversary party; is a sponsor.

This is Part 1 of our interview, Nick promised to answer more questions from members, so feel free to leave your question in the survey below.

When did you start doing porn?

I started porn only 2 years ago almost. 

What made you decide to do porn?

I had been asked on the gay scene in London a few times and approached by directors to shoot, but the timing and studios at that time didn’t appeal to me. A few years later, a director advised that I should apply to some companies in America because they’ll be interested. So I sent my pictures and the rest is history.

(We are thankful to that director, he deserves a blow job).

Were your friends surprised?

My friends were surprised that I didn’t tell anyone that I had applied. Not even my partner Bruno Fox knew. Even when I shot my first few scenes, I didn’t announce it and waited till I got the “oh by the way I just came across one of your movies” messages. I think most people know now for sure. 

Let’s talk about your upcoming show at HARD ON’s 12th birthday party with JP Dubois and Bruno Fox, have you performed with any of them on camera?

Yes! Me and Bruno are a couple; we live together in SOHO. We also have shot around five scenes together. Me and JP have shot a scene for which hasn’t been released and I work for him shooting for his studio UK HOTJOCKS. So you can say that the we are familiar with each other very well. 


You’re very lucky to be partnered with some of the hottest men in the industry, but who would you like to be paired with next?

There are sooo many scene partners to choose from: Billy Santoro, Hugh Hunter and Adam Champ. Maybe all of them at once. 


Tell us about your upcoming shows.

I am so excited to be working with Suzie Kruger, I have been a fan of the events for a long time and I love a good excuse to get some rubber or leather on and go out! I will be on stage in some hot gear that has been made for me in Madrid for the event.

On Saturday (October 24), I will do a live show for HARD ON’s 12th anniversary – I have Bruno’s cock to play with and JP’s ass…. Argh…. It’s gonna be a hot show. What a birthday treat. Happy birthday HARD ON!

We encourage you to attend this show if you’re in London and tweet photos to us at using hashtag #SquirtUK.

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Horny men, listen up.’s IM Chat has been redesigned with new features for both Squirt Mobile and Desktop. You can now send photos on your mobile device, keep your chat history up to 180 days and so much more!

Click on the image below to learn more.


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Brent Corrigan was here at the headquarter to answer questions from our members. In this video, Brent talked about ‘hot sex’ and his relationship status. Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the CDC have recently identified a small outbreak of Invasive Meningococcal Disease (IMD), a rare but severe infection, among men having sex with men in Chicago. Men who have anonymous sex partners are encouraged to get an IMD vaccine to protect them from infection. The vaccine is safe and effective.

Steamworks Chicago is one of the many CDPH partners where you can get vaccinated – they do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. What’s IMD? Click here to find out more.

In Canada, after a successful year of distributing city-branded condom, Toronto Public Health launches new wrapper (pardon the pun) designs ahead of two events that will draw huge crowd and tourists, Toronto Pride and Toronto PanAm/ParapanAm games. Hands down, this is our favorite design:

New York City continues to distribute NYC Condom for free since 2007 – the first municipality-branded condom in the United States. They even have a condom for king sizes:

Here at Squirt headquarters, we love dicks. Cruising is a big part of our daily lives and safety is our number one priority. Whether you’re on a beach, at a gym, at a bath house, in a bathroom or an answering a booty call; always play safe by checking your surroundings, or by logging on to to check the comments about a specific cruising spot. Adam Russo said it best in our recent interview with him, “just know what you are getting into and the risks of having sex. And, have FUN!!!”

To know more about IMD vaccine, log on to Chicago City Public Health website.

You can also read Dick Hunter’s cruising tips available on our website.


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We recently ran a billboard campaign in Dallas depicting an interracial relationship; the responses from some media outlets were ridiculous. Instead of celebrating our effort of promoting diversity and sexual expression, conservative editorial writer Tod Robberson (The Dallas Morning News) called  it “an advertisement for blatant, unbridled promiscuity of the most dangerous kind.” Dangerous, really? Fox 4 news picked up the story airing the same sentiment.

But what’s wrong with it? The billboard didn’t show anyone getting fucked nor any dick pics. We interviewed people on the street to ask if the ad is offensive… watch their reactions below:

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