Take A Picture! (50 pics)

This kid is just so DAMN CUTE! I like the way he shows himself off… looks like he’d be lots of fun… GREAT smile too.
Join me in a VERY obsessive photo upload.

FYI: His Tumblr blog is HERE.


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10 comments on “Take A Picture! (50 pics)
  1. BigDave1955 says:

    He’s hot, but the nose ring creeps me out a little.

  2. azswaggaboi69 says:

    cuttie, would loved to have seen his cock though

  3. AYA says:

    Stretched out ears are just odd to me. I respect it as far as being part of tribal tradtion, but its aesthetic appeal as a fashion statement is lost on me. As for the noce ring…ugh. Nostril piercings can sometimes be cute, but I’ve never seen anyone look good with this style. It either looks like they have shiny boogers, or gives me the urge to tie a rope around it and lead them places like a bull.

    Cute smile, nice body, promising bulge. A shame, in a way.

  4. Trunzo says:

    Fifty pics and they’re all the same guy? Man, the Coach must REALLY have a crush this time. And imagine the plastic surgery bill when this guy realizes he’s not a Masai warrior and decides he wants his earlobes back. “Reinventez Vous” indeed — this guy should keep reinventez-ing until he gets it right.

  5. hartsone says:

    Its all about the smile and the sincerity.

  6. latino1974 says:

    what a way to fuck up a sexy face… the nose ring and the ear stretching…? NOT HOT AND NO SEXY… Sorry

  7. InteriorHunterBC says:

    Yeah, this guy is a real catch. If he doesn’t lose parts of his face and head “catching” it on protruding objects, or “catching” some STD through the exposed holes, maybe he’ll “catch” on when he’s 50 plus, that nobody finds him attractive or Hot AT ALL! I agree, what a Waste of potential.

  8. 18_m_uk says:

    this guy is fit as fuck…. nuff said.

  9. foro says:

    whats with all the fucking hating? im in love with this guy. the smile, the piercings, the cameras… man. i just wanna be this guy’s friend.. then fuck buddy.. then marry the bloke! lol

  10. Skippy22 says:

    I didnt even notice the awful piercings that I normally hate on people because they look incredible on him, so fuck the haters. He’s fun and sexy and they’re honestly jealous that they arent that comfortable with themselves.