GUYBONE: Toned and towering, this svelte stud makes a great impression with everyone he meets. Piercing puppy dog eyes hang over his juicy, pouting lips and when he flashes that easy smile, you have no choice but to melt. His furry body begs to be cuddled with while he rubs his heavy, stiff cock all over you. And those feet. Fuck me. Big, beautiful feet with handsome arches and cute toes. This guy is a dream come true and an absolute blast to work with! Get your bib handy because you’re gonna be drooling all over yourself! pics via GUYBONE & POWERS’ TWITTER

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  1. tahs says:

    Nice cock that’s about it.

  2. DAVEWESLEY says:

    not for me

  3. horny_48 says:

    He’s just my type. Bearded, hairy. Nice body and cock. Lovely eyes! He’s got me 😉
    He’s welcome over to mine anytime.

  4. horny_48 says:

    and forgot to say gorgeous ass, very lickable and fuckable. 🙂

  5. bimale1954 says:

    I’d suck his cock!

  6. rooster8 says:

    Yeah, I think he’s really sexy and cute.
    Really surprised that some don’t…
    Well good, more for me!

  7. jerry11 says:

    Just wish Ryan had more tats. May be then I would be turned on to look for the door.

  8. BearStar4U2 says:

    PASS ! Too much body hair (facial beard ) and those Tats, not my cup of tea !
    There , MY opinion and those that don’t like it , TS !!

  9. bobfox says:

    Nice looking Lad but…. Why smear that fine body with ink??? A subtle tattoo or two maybe but why so much? It really is a distraction and a turn off…To me anyways… Give me the au naturel look anytime.

  10. goodbuddynola says:

    a real beauty and i’m sure he gets a lot of dick – in both holes

  11. sicilianmikey says:


  12. derekpig says:

    MealTime .

  13. scot_bottom says:

    Beautiful eyes. Nice cock and a lovely hairy bod, though I’m not a fan of the hodgepodge of tattoos.

  14. BiMilGuy says:

    i think this young man’s hole needs my attention.

  15. Meissen says:

    Overused hole for his age and also are all these tatoos necessary ? Very off putting.

  16. down_to_earth_man says:

    Works for me

  17. pmaul says:

    Ink nightmare redeemed by the close-ups

  18. sweguy69 says:

    He could fk me anytime 😛

  19. blacktshirt says:

    attractive fellow, bright blue eyes, white even teeth, hair where it should be … but he needs to see a skin specialist and have that growth on his face (could be cancerous) and the growth on his groin removed … amazing that he hasn’t bothered to do that … and please, mate, cut those nails right back …

  20. spiritman says:

    same tired old bland comments from porn-fatigued ageing queens…. whats the point of the mindless dead words ??? a perfectly imperfect gorgeous young dude showcased…. and a pack of fatigued queens chuck non-empowering words at him….. life is about giving… open your hearts n minds

  21. daddy69u says:

    A true 4H guy. HUNG HUNK HAIRY AND HORNY. LUV THE FUR COVERED TAINT beautiful edible hole. Perfection in manhood. Would luv to see a cum shoot of this guy mmmmmmmmmmm

  22. biman96 says:

    Hot man

  23. macman0123 says:

    Good looking man and it’s a Yes from me.
    Great cock and hot hairy arse.would love to lick and fuck his hot hole.
    Ryan made my cock hard.

  24. macman0123 says:

    Good looking man and it’s a Yes from me.
    Great cock and hot hairy arse.would love to lick and fuck his hot hole.

  25. needmen says:

    Get the feeling he is more of a bottom but other than that HELLZ YEA!