CHAOS MEN: ANSEL did a photoshoot with a local photographer, and he got pretty turned-on showing off his cock and body. So, when he was referred to me, we both felt confident he would have fun doing a solo.

Ansel is 23, and likes Latinas, and fucking them in the ass when he can. Has nice 7-inch cock, that he says girls have no problems taking. He told me he hasn’t done anything with guys, but is a natural exhibitionist, and I think gets turned-on by anyone looking, and possibly touching him. Maybe a little curious about guys.

For today though, he has no problems getting hard and working that long cock of his. He was slowly stroking his cock, with very little effort, but he was sweating up a storm. I swear the studio was its normal temperature!

In order to cum, he wanted to be standing, so I got everything setup for a nice undershot. I got settled and said to fire anytime, and seconds later he was nutting. I love it when they are that turned-on, but thank goodness I was in position!

At the time of writing, he is not scheduled to do a Serviced video, but I think he will be down to get his dick sucked. Will have to wait on this sexy bearded dude!

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15 comments on “MODEL OF THE DAY: ANSEL @ CHAOS MEN…
  1. bigpa says:

    There’s something about this guy that’s delicious. Big dick, hairy hole, gorgeous beard… sure, but he’s got great eyes and looks like he’d make butter melt just by smiling at it. Sexy and sweet at the same time!

  2. macman0123 says:

    Fucking tasty cock and hairy arse,love this set.
    10 out of 10.
    Yes would let him fuck me if he wanted to.

  3. crilly says:

    Great smile great body fantastic cock and arse

  4. rooster8 says:

    Great looking man, but I really don’t need to know that he’s into girls, yunno?
    Better if you just didn’t mention it and let me have my illusions instead…

  5. pmaul says:

    Friendly chap. Nice close-cropped beard.

  6. discretion says:

    ….would love to suck that cock!

  7. eatmequick says:

    Very happy to see the short vid again. Bring them back full time

  8. greggy says:

    very nice

  9. sicilianmikey says:

    I tried to get into him, couldn’t. Again, IDGAF if a guy bangs chicks, don’t need to know. Once I do, that kills it.

  10. BearStar4U2 says:

    He would be OK if he shaved off that Ugly Beard and
    get his Ass crack Waxed !!!

  11. cutcock1961 says:

    very impressive cock, would love to take it anytime.

  12. joeynmtgy8 says:

    @rooster8 and sicilianmikey: I don’t mean to come off as attacking either of you but are you both really trying to tell us that your IMAGINATION won’t work if you know a guy likes fucking women? So, neither of you have EVER had fantasies about fucking straight men? Neither of you have ever watched straight porn and thought about fucking those guys? (When I say “fucking,” I mean either fucking or getting fucked–whichever floats your boat.) When you guys were growing up (presumably before you came out), you never thought about fucking a buddy or classmate who was most likely straight?
    Granted, it’s always disappointing to see a hot guy and find out he’s straight but I don’t see how you can’t ignore sexual orientation when it comes to fantasy.

    • rooster8 says:

      The men I can fantasize about LOVE DICK. That means they could potentially LOVE MINE.
      Even if the guy is so drop-dead gorgeous that he wouldn’t even notice me, as long as he
      loves dick, he’s fantasy material for me. At least there’s a shred of a possibility there!

      In order to fantasize about a man who LOVES VAGINA, I’d have to be willing and able to fantasize that I HAVE ONE,
      which would be a total BONER KILLER for me !!
      I fantasize about MEN WHO LOVE MEN. That’s a basic requirement for me, that’s all.

    • sicilianmikey says:

      The guy I used to do some hot and very, very wild stuff with, he’s extremely bi, at the very least. All he could do is play the religion card, had ton of excuses, loved what we did, struggled accepting it. Once told me, he was falling in love with me, he feared what everyone would say, despite my telling him we could always keep it on the down low. He worried what his son would think….by the way, his son’s now happily married to his husband.

      Bi guys I’ve messed with while cruising always have boundaries, limits, hesitations, excuses, etc. One guy one time was all in to it, wouldn’t let me touch his cock because he was saving it for his girlfriend. He didn’t like it when I came too fast, my out of the situation. I get your point, but bi guys and even straight or allegedly straight guys aren’t really a turn on. I’m sure there are exceptions to this, none I’ve yet to meet.

  13. biman96 says:

    Hot. Man