HOT or Hilarious?

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Jan 8, 2012 Under Mega Dirty Pics

27 Responses to “HOT or Hilarious?”

  1. johnnie10 Says:

    hot cock, hair not so much

  2. nogagbottomman Says:

    Totally hot all the way. The cock isn’t bad either……remember my name guys???…NO PROBLEM!!!! I bet the load is just as nice and big too.

  3. flamingkisser Says:

    cock is hot, hair is hilarious

  4. baybubba Says:

    Did I ever tell you guys about the guy I was fucking, balls deep, when my pace-maker went off?

  5. iSkunk Says:

    like the hair and the cock but the COCK more and was some 5 year old trying to draw the Sirius Satellite Radio dog on his chest ? LOL

  6. sucksbigones Says:

    you kidding lookat beautiful cock, he is totaly hot

  7. Trunzo Says:

    Neck up: Hilarious.
    Waist down: Hot.

  8. goodfellator Says:

    the hair is beyond hilarious … but clean it up and he’s a decent looking guy, the tattoo … well, I’m not much for ink anyways but it’s not a deal breaker … and the cock looks more than good enough to eat

  9. dezzz09 Says:

    Fucking hot. He’s in need of a haircut though.

  10. hustler69boi Says:

    i think its fucking halarious hot in my books!!!!!
    Keep the hair i take it all…

  11. michaelovescock Says:

    Fucking HOT!! After all It’s NOT his HAIR that’s Fucking U is it?? 😉

  12. Captain_Swallow Says:

    Not hilarious, but not exactly hot either. Rather mediocre.

  13. bi4bj Says:

    That’s quite a Lightning Rod he’s got there!!!

  14. SicilianMikey Says:

    All hair on top, none below. Flip it!

  15. badblkpuppy Says:

    HOT!! Big cock trumps all (grin)

  16. ctay Says:

    I’d recommend he stop shaving his cock hair and start shaving his head. Then?! HOT.

  17. basingbiguy Says:

    Come on guys be serious.

    Gorgeous cock, but what a stupid hairdo. He has obviously stuck his cock into a live plug socket.

  18. hak_uk Says:

    Nice cock, but the hair does nothing for me :(

  19. moose6969 Says:

    fucken hot all the way

  20. barney60 Says:

    I want his cock, the rest comes as a package but as I’d be bent down in front of him with my ass in the air. I wouldn’t be able to see his hairstyle anyway

  21. voo_oov Says:

    hair bad enough,photoshopped cock even worse. Squirt, u can do better!

  22. tradeycub Says:

    Hot spunk with a great cock.

  23. flipflopfan Says:

    The only one who should be turned on by this is Chaz Bono.

  24. topbham Says:

    Have to say not the most attractive guy, its not just his hair, his facial features not atractive and he has a very bad tattoo, his bod is nice but not that great, all rather detracts from the cock, if all you want is the cock then fine, but personally i like to have something attractive to play with.

  25. arnieco1959 Says:


  26. cumtomeallover Says:

    At first glance I thought is was Carol Pope from Ruff Trade with
    a boner…lol… I’d fuk him… .O)

  27. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says:

    nice cock