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Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Jun 20, 2011 Under piss

32 Responses to “PISS.”

  1. coachrobo Says:

    damn sarge, i’m digging your kinky side…

  2. Sportsdog Says:

    Fucking horny!

  3. aaaguess Says:

    I knew I liked piss, but after gettting off on these pics , I want more. Anyone want to tell me more? Contact me piss please.

  4. sometime Says:

    So horny!!!! More of the piss stuff please

  5. slim18 Says:

    Love it!

  6. melbbukkakeboi Says:

    fucking hot as!!!!

  7. arthur12 Says:

    this is something i been trying for a long. but i never found the right man to do it with

  8. ruaridh Says:

    Fucking hot…. love piss shots

  9. usemyholes69 Says:

    take a walk on the wild side! Yeah!

  10. bjbuddy622 Says:

    Didn’t think I like but why hot more please

  11. hungrynm Says:


  12. ts_alyssa Says:


  13. olleja Says:

    damn that is hot.

  14. gay4married2 Says:

    SGT COACH – I love the piss pics sir… Grrr ‘please can we have more’. Lol lol

  15. sdtony56 Says:

    Is there a line to stand in, I wanna be First, oh well!!!!

  16. uncutrobbie Says:

    I absolutely love getting pissed on by multiple guys while i am tied to a urinal

  17. mikepat Says:

    Would love to give it a real try..Which one ? Numder one would do just fine

  18. willjca Says:

    Awesum – wish I could find a buddy into this
    Luv the guy with the foreskin!!!!

  19. jack1947 Says:

    Not sure I am into that sort of thing but the pics makes me wonder. Sure gets the old meat hard.

  20. GhseSlut Says:

    Like the one with the guy with the yellow trackies. A small man and a big one together is very horny. Love small men as I am 5ft 4in. The best one is the one with his back to the camera in the pic. by the title at the top of the page.

  21. wtjak Says:

    Fantastically fuckin awesome shots!!!

  22. bm89115 Says:

    We all need a taste

  23. bruster2 Says:

    Thanks for the fantastic voyage into the urinal. I have always beden facinated by watching men piss. Thes shots are great, please keep then flowing.

  24. mikepat Says:

    Love it, after my partner fucks my hot ass, he pisses inside me … Haven’t triet it yet ? then by all means, give it a good try…

  25. bruster2 Says:

    Thanks for the hot piss. Have always been fascinated by watching guys pee and have tried taking piss a couple of times and it is great. Love to know that there are a lot more horny guys out there who share my piss lust. Please keep this kind of stuff cuming.

  26. tmtbghbcit Says:

    Actually this is really hot. I did this with a guy and never thought i would like it. The hot stream hitting the back of my throat was so intense.

  27. TCC2072 Says:

    As good as it gets!! That leather clad guy really caught my attention….whoa!!

  28. senior60 Says:

    Mmm love to piss on all of them and swallow right from the taps, especialy guy who’s shooting out from his ass

  29. arthur12 Says:

    hot pissers. Why is it hard to find pissers in toronto

  30. deafblind46 Says:

    It was very good to piss on the men at the shower area.

  31. bob318 Says: