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The erotic art of Nik Santi

“Peludo” (2016). Graphite on paper. I caught up with artist Nik Santi to talk about his hobby of creating erotic drawings of naked men. You’ve written that it was your grandmother who first got you interested in art and being

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The ecstasy of letting go

If you’ve ever been interested in exploring what tantra could potentially add to your sex life, then the Tantra Love Festival in the UK is something that you might want to consider adding to your travel wish-list. Led by Tantra

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Censorship sucks!

Here at, we love sex. We think that sex is a good thing, and that our bodies – whatever the shape, size, colour, or age – are beautiful and should be celebrated. We believe that there’s nothing wrong with

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Member spotlight: BangMe70

We love hearing about the adventures and exploits of our members, and we love sharing these stories with the world. This month, we caught up with BangMe70 who lives in New Orleans. When did you join  About five

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How to take control of your sex life and your health

If you’ve updated your profile recently, you might have noticed that there have been some changes. One of the changes that we’ve made is to better reflect the changing landscape of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections – STIs

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Are you celebrating Year of the Pig?

Pig Week, Fort Lauderdale (image supplied)

According to the Chinese horoscope, this is the Year of the Pig. For some gay men, a pig embodies an aspect of their sexuality. So, we asked users to share with us their thoughts on being celebrated during the

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Vacation wish-list – naked sailing

If you’re thinking about how you could spice up your travel plans, why not embrace your inner-exhibitionist and embark on a naked sailing cruise? I spoke with Jan-Willem van der Klooster, managing director of Saltyboys, to see whether I could

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Joel Someone wants to initiate you

Joel Someone was in London with his boyfriend, Marco Napoli. Marco had been booked to perform at the Hard On party that weekend. I took the opportunity to catch up with Joel for a coffee. If they gave out porn

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Meet a proud cum-dump from NYC

We always love hearing about the encounters, adventures, and escapades of our members, so it was great to catch up with NYCBoys_cumhole – one of the winners in our recent 12 Days of Cockmas giveaway. What is it about

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Dillon Diaz reflects on his first year of porn

Based in New York City, performer Dillon Diaz has been catching our attention and fuelling our fantasies in his scenes with Noir Male and This past weekend, Diaz has been in Las Vegas to perform at Hustlaball. I caught

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