FUCK YEAH SQUARED!!! SUPER HOT THREESOME WITH Austin Wolf, Zander Cole & Devin Franco…

FALCON STUDIOS: Devin Franco is alone and horny when he goes into Austin Wolf’s dirty laundry for a sniff of his used jockstrap. He’s abruptly interrupted when Austin comes in with a new guy, Zander Cole. Devin hides in the bathroom and becomes the voyeur when Zander gets down between Austin’s legs to start servicing the hung stud. It doesn’t take long for Devin to get discovered and Austin invites him to join the fun. Austin wants to sample each of the studs’ insatiable bubble butts and stacks the guys up with their holes exposed. He samples Devin first before he takes a turn with Zander, giving each of them equal time with his swollen cock. Zander is hungry for dick and opens his mouth to take Devin down his throat as Austin keeps pounding him from behind. Austin’s appetite for ass takes over once again as the guys line up to take turns getting plowed from the horny muscle-hunk. Devin is the first to give into his urges and lets loose with a giant load as he rides Austin’s cock. Austin doesn’t want to leave anyone out and gives Zander the same favor by sliding his dick inside the ripped hunk one last time. With Austin pounding his hole, Zander unleashes on his own hard body. The sight of the two muscle studs blowing their loads is all it takes for Austin to finish up the threesome when he lets loose in both Devin and Zander’s open mouths that the guys share with one final cum-soaked kiss.

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14 comments on “FUCK YEAH SQUARED!!! SUPER HOT THREESOME WITH Austin Wolf, Zander Cole & Devin Franco…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Austin and Devin, please!!!!!

  2. bimale1954 says:

    all three please!

  3. irakeven says:

    room for 1 more, yeah? ok, i’m your man!!

  4. Jerry11 says:

    Why does such a gorgeous man accentuate their belly button with a stupid tat is beyond me. I am into men that have some common sense. You are “out of bed” more then you are “in bed.”

  5. gary47 says:

    I agree with the above, forget the ink it actually detracts from a beautiful masculine body period, end of discussion. Nevertheless I will take all three woof woof!!!!

  6. Big4slim says:

    Devin is absolutely adorable.

  7. joeynmtgy8 says:

    One thing I’m curious about with this set. Does Austin use the same condom while fucking both Zander and Devin? It would seem to me that if you’re wearing condoms for safe sex purposes that using the same condom to penetrate two different people wouldn’t be a smart idea.

  8. assman101 says:

    That’s so hot!

  9. down_to_earth_man says:

    no thank you

  10. pmaul says:

    Beautiful men. Hot action.

  11. Bjwbjw says:

    Austin is such a powerful sexy man. Would love to be his bottom.

  12. bike69 says:

    Love the sniffing of the jockstrap.

  13. Skizmo218 says:

    Wow, so hot. That’s my biggest fantasy. Id love to see in person maybe joining the fun. Did i say wow. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. Biman96 says:

    All hot