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BEHIND THE SCENES W/ Jacob Taylor and Jordan Boss…


HOT HOUSE: As Director Austin Wolf photographs Alexander Volkov in the studio, production assistants Jacob Taylor and Jordan Boss retreat to the gear room where they initiate some steamy action of their own. Jordan playfully shows Jacob his ass, and

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Cesar and Mario are sitting on their couch and Mario is giving Cesar his birthday present …


MEN OVER 30: When Cesar opens the present, he discovers a photo book of Costa Rica. He tells Mario it is very nice and that he has always wanted to go to Costa Rica. Mario then tells him that they

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FUCK YEAH! Rafael Lords gets a good pounding by Ryan Cruz…


RAGING STALLION: Lost in the desert Wasteland, Rafael Lords stumbles upon a mysterious compound. He thinks he’s gotten lucky to find shelter, but out of nowhere, Ryan Cruz grabs him and warns him of the danger he’s just stepped into.

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FUCK YEAH!!! ARMY PUPS Quentin Gainz, Chase & Craig Cameron GET IT ON!!!


ABOVE L-R  CHASE, QUENTIN, CRAIG ACTIVE DUTY: By now we’ve come to know and love each of these hot dudes very well. This time we have Craig Cameron, Chase, and honorary squad captain, Quentin Gainz. These guys have some pretty

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PENIS POETRY by Antonio Da Silva and Andre Medeiros Martins


PENIS PENIS PENIS… This is a poetic film about The Penis becoming a diary with a unique story to tell. PENIS POETRY is made in collaboration with Andre Medeiros Martins who wrote on his lovers’ penises his personal thoughts. Andre’s words

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Trey Turner & Max Cameron DON’T KNOW IF THEY CAN HANDLE IT…


MEN OVER 30: Max and Trey have finished their workout and are about to enjoy a nice hot shower, when Trey notices that Max has a very nice scent coming from his arm pits. He buries his nose and tongue

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Myles Landon & Talon Reed are post-apocalypdick…


TALON MYLES RAGING STALLION: Talon Reed is out on patrol in the post-apocalyptic ‘Wasteland’. He stumbles across supplies – food rations and water – that must have been abandoned in a surprise attack. Talon brings the loot back to base

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CHAOS MEN: Remy was eager to come back, but lives off the grid. He only wanted to receive head, so was worried about the long travel and him not pushing his limits. He assured me he would make his plane

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LOOK AT THIS GUY… What a beauty! It’s like Chris Evans and Al Parker had a total dreamboat love child. Check out Zyos on TWITTER LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT Q&A @ HOT HUMANS PHILIP ZYOS FANS

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FUCK YEAH! Luke Adams & Dallas Steele and David Anthony @ TitanMen


TITAN MEN: Stopover in Bonds Corner: Dallas Steele & David Anthony tag team Luke Adams sweet ass. Lounging at his bud David’s house, Dallas takes out his dick-but is interrupted by a knock at the door, a surprised Luke coming

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