Merry Gay Amsterdam is Your Park Cruising Sex Destination

Most of us have some level of gay public sex kink, and cruising is the ideal way to connect with some local guys in an anonymous, no-strings-attached kind of way, right?
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The Beginner’s Guide to Gay Sex Toys for 2024

Whether it’s just nerves, routine or uncertainty on where to start, adding sex toys to your solo and partnered sex experience can make for a fun twist to the usual tried and true sex escapades. We break down some types of toys to get started, what each toy does and briefly suggest ways you can include the said toy in your solo, partnered or group sex adventures.

How to Give the Ultimate Gay Footjob

Whether it’s a mild kink or a fully-fledged fetish, lots of guys report that feet are a major erogenous zone.
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Our 2024 Best Gay Men Bathhouses and Saunas in the USA

If you love a hot and horny hookup in a local gay bathhouse near you, you'll find your gay cruising experience heightened by our...

The Laird: Melbourne, Australia’s Hottest Gay Bar & Guesthouse

I spotted a naked man in the lounge area as I went to get a morning coffee.  He was a big, furry guy with a...
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