How to Take a Dick Pic in 2024


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As time moves forward, new art forms emerge. Drawing became painting, painting became photography, and now mobile phones have allowed for yet another great craft to appear: the dick pic.

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Now you may think that any bloke with a camera, a free hand, and a little privacy can whip out his dick and whip out a nice photo. But you, sir, would be wrong. The number of poorly lit, awkwardly angled penis pictures on the web is downright disappointing.

Worry not! We’re about to give you the gay guy’s guide to the perfect dick pic. So close your door, unzip your pants, and get to stroking, because it’s time to snap a photo that will get someone else taking your pants off for you. Just follow these simple rules:

What Are Some Reasons to Take a Dick Pic in 2024?

With the development of smartphones, the technology invites many to document their own body, so it’s no surprise if you plan or have taken a dick pic. Honestly, you don’t need a reason to embrace your body with personal photos, but there are some clear motivations for getting that iPhone out and working that shutter button:

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Express Your Sexuality and Help Develop Your Self-Love

We should all strive to love ourselves a little bit more where possible, and much like when we get a photo taken of ourselves, clothed, looking good at the right angle and in the proper lighting, we can feel more worthy of the skin we live in.

We feel the same at Squirt about an excellent gay male photo of us naked, with our cock looking rock hard and the angles looking right. Whether you share the image with a hottie on a gay hookup app or keep the photo for yourself, there’s no doubt a little narcissism by taking multiple naked selfies can’t help boost your self-esteem when one of the photos shows off your perfect assets.

Stay Connected with a Long Distance Flame

It can be tough keeping connected with a loved one from afar; one of the most significant issues of long distance can be trying to keep things spicy, as physical intimacy is not possible when they are in a different city, US state or across the world. To keep things sexy, try fun, frisky ideas such as phone sex, gay video sex chat (like with as your tool) or sending a cheeky naked photo during the day, knowing they may see it and get turned on in the middle of a board meeting or on a Hump Day when they need it most.

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Hook That Hookup

For gay males on the prowl and who are familiar with gay hookup websites and apps, you know that many hotties invest in who they may be traveling to see; they want to see what their date will provide physically, and that includes asking for dick pics, gay ass pics or face photos.

The whole concept may appear looks-based, and while you can form a great connection on a gay dating site without pictures, “the game” itself is still very much based on visuals.

NSA sex means playing with others and the rules, so you may have to snap a shot back to a user you’re chatting with and looking to fuck. Afraid of taking a bad picture? Don’t fret; read on to see the best ways to ensure your hard fat cock looks its best!

Enhance Your Profile

An excellent dick pic is a surefire way to ensure that the lads on the website who click your profile know what you’re all about. A complete profile on helps users see your turn-ons, how you like to cruise, and what you and your glorious dick look like. Updating your profile on is a great way to get those mailbox messages and IM chats from users looking to play.

What Are the Best Angles for Taking a Hot Cock Shot?

You shouldn’t be ashamed when taking a dick pic. It’s become a standard form of self-expression, allowing you to showcase your confidence and sexuality. 

As a gay male, it’s crucial to master this art of capturing the perfect shot. It’s worth learning whether for personal use or to impress a potential partner. With the proper guidance and techniques, taking a dick pic can be a fun and empowering experience. Here’s a few angles we love that are sure to get you fucking and sucking!

1. Take it from the Top

The first dick pic you send someone should probably be from your perspective — top down. Firstly, it gives a really good sense of what your penis actually looks like. Since most people see their own dicks from their POV, they can gauge how it compares when they see yours from the same view. Plus, it’s a pretty flattering angle. The top of your dick is a lot smoother and cleanly shaped than the underside, let’s be honest.

PRO TIP: If you’re taking this photo standing, make sure that your floor is in good shape. Nothing is more distracting than a cluttered floor creeping in behind a nice cock. Guys want to see your junk, not your junk.

2. Turn Him on by Turning on a Lamp

Is there anything more frustrating than having to raise the brightness on your phone to get a good look at someone’s dick? So when you’re about to take your shot, turn on a lamp — or better yet, turn on an overhead light. Turning on the flash may be a viable option, but be careful. If you have pale skin you might end up looking like you’re showing off a big glow stick instead of a penis.

PRO TIP: If you think you’ve mastered dick pic lighting, go for something a little more artsy. Create some nice shadows using a lamp or even be bold and go for a black and white photograph.

How To Make My Dick Look Bigger When Taking a Photo

While there’s no denying the importance of taking a good dick pic, many men also want to ensure that their dick looks big and impressive, so big that it could either choke a willing throat or stretch a tight hole, with your hookup drooling at the thought of taking it in either place.

While you don’t want to lie about your dick size for fear of creating mistrust (plus photos are hard to trick without a skill level in Photoshop), an attractive image at the right angle can help make your member look bigger than it appears; this includes:

  1. Use the proper lighting: Lighting can make or break a photo; the same applies to dick pics. Use natural or bright, indirect lighting to ensure your member is well-illuminated and free of unflattering shadows. While shadows can hide how big your dick is, some form of shadow can give the illusion of a little girth.
  2. Manscape: This feels like an old rule, but still a good one; again, less pubic hair can’t create five inches of new cock, but a trimmed bush can help to provide a little more visibility to the shaft of your dick; especially when you’re taking a photo from directly above, versus a side angle or lying down.
  3. Don’t incorporate non-sexy props: As mentioned above, a Snapple bottle or a PlayStation controller takes the sexy out of the mindset of the viewer. While perspective helps show what your trick may be working with, sometimes, less is more. If you have a giant cock, a ruler isn’t out of the question to provide a size comparison. However, plopping your cock on a desk or showing it slapping against your abdomen is always preferred if you want to give an idea of just how big it looks.
  4. Be confident: Remember that confidence is critical when taking a good dick pic, and it’s likely to show in the photo if you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. Embrace your body and sexuality, and let that shine through in your photos. Remember, size doesn’t matter as much as a hot-looking cock. If you’re a seasoned pro, you know a big cock isn’t always as impressive in a photo as an attractive one, such as with the right thick veins, dripping pre-cum, or the foreskin pulled down to reveal that big red dick head that begs for deep throating!

Ask for Consent with Dick Pics

While taking a dick pic can be a fun and empowering experience, it’s essential to acknowledge and consider its cultural implications. In recent years, unsolicited dick pics have become a widespread problem, causing discomfort and even harassment for many individuals. 

It’s crucial to always ask for consent before sending a dick pic and to respect someone’s boundaries if they decline. Additionally, it’s essential to recognize that not everyone feels comfortable receiving or sending sexually explicit photos without being asked first, and that’s okay. 

If you want to show off when chatting with a Squirt member, and the conversation is going well, but it could go even better with cock, quickly ask if you can send your dick over. The manners will impress your chat partner and ensure you make a good impression.

What are your tips for taking a good dick pic? Leave a comment down below.

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  1. This is my absolute favorite porn genre. I spend about two hours a day looking at dic pics, and that’s not enough. There is nothing like the beauty of a magnificent cock to awaken all my urges to suck.

    Great advice. Capturing the personality and unique beauty of each coc is a challenge.

    Thank you.

    • Good article but felt cheated: love taking pics, love great cock pics .. got a theory you can’t really take a good cock pic yourself cause the right angle is so important… Didn’t learn much here tho… Gonna have to keep learning by looking at cock pics I suppose 😂

  2. One thing I did many years ago was I took a pic of my cock lubed. It made it shine and gave a great look. I also like cum dripping down the shaft or from the piss slit. I love white and Latino cocks. Especially uncut. If you have an uncut cock and going to take a pic of it with the skin pulled back plz make sure that head is clean. Any dirt or cheese is not appealing. Love pierced and tattooed cocks. Again if your cock is tattooed or pierced make sure the tattoo is visible and your cock didn’t becum infected. If you have herpes make sure not to photo your cock during this period.
    Anyone agree with my comments or want to add to mine? Go for it.

  3. So long as I know he has one and it’s clean I’m never all that fussed about seeing dick pics, I’d rather chat with the chap to make sure he’s not some kind of weirdo.

  4. A few suggestions, and ones that so many guys fail to consider:

    1. You dick isn’t going to look bigger if you shove the camera up close to it. It just distorts it. Don’t try to take a “super-close-up” shot. Just frame it in the image, and focus on getting a good pic.

    2. Harsh lighting doesn’t do it any justice. Too often the dick pics are taken in a dark or dimly lit room, with one bright light, usually a lamp or such, off to the side. While it can be effective when done properly, in most cases, it just comes off as a really badly lit photo. Consider opening a windowshade, or adding another light source so your entire cock is illuminated, preferably with soft light, not harsh or glaring.

    3. Soft cocks are beautiful too! Photos of erections are good, but so are photos of your dick when it’s softly nestled against your balls and your thighs. One of my favorites is seeing pics of dicks that are just beginning to swell up… when they’re still very soft, but fat and thick, when the owner is about to get hard, but hasn’t yet started. Those dicks look succulent and thoroughly suckable!

    4. Balls are beautiful too! Don’t forget that it’s not just about the dick. The essence of the male sex, the thing that literally makes him a male, is his testicles. And a dick pic that includes balls is really the “whole package”. Don’t be afraid to shoot from several angles that include the balls. (Tip: Properly lit balls, with soft shadows that show off the roundness of each one, is tantalizing and very erotic, as opposed to a bright light with no shadows.)

    5. Points for creativity! A plump soft cock, just visible in shadow, inside a robe that has fallen open slightly, is very erotic. Or a “spy cam” shot of that same robe fallen open while seated at a table, with the camera shooting the image under the tabletop, can also be sexy. An open fly in blue jeans that reveals a thick curved shaft, while the head is hidden, but clearly outlined as it’s pressed agains the denim… or an entire package, dick and balls, flopping out of the zipper of a business suit… all of these are ways to shoot a dick pic that stands out from the millions of other dick pics. Try shooting it poking through a gloryhole, from your perspective of peering over the wall and looking down. Or have a friend “catch” you undressing as he shoots a pics of your dick through the bedroom door that you left ajar. (Just be sure the room is clean and tidy!)

    My point is this. There are millions of dick pics all over the place, and they all start to look alike in a lot of ways. The ones that catch my attention are the ones that stand out, that are nicely lit, that show off the cock’s attributes (i.e., the flare of the head, or the veins, or the urethral ridge along the underside, etc.) as part of the overal picture, and without diminishing the entire picture of the whole package. So get creative, have fun, and try to think outside the box. Create images that will make your dick stand out, pubes and balls above the crowd!

  5. Uncut guys can really have fun with their foreskin in a dick pic especially if it is stretchy. And let’s not forget a guy’s bush whose natural beauty can also tease the senses.

  6. The comments by ‘built’ could have been written by me as I agree with everything he has written, especially section 5, I love looking at pics the way he has described them. Some good cock pics above in the article, and my username says what I love to do with cocks and balls.

  7. I love seeing all of these rock hard cocks that it makes me horny and so hard that I am ready and willing to bend over and spread my cheeks open as you’re thrusting your thick hard cock slowly balls deep bareback in my tight creamy hole and fuck me hard and long making you shoot your thick load in my hole deep and fuck me pushing it down and slowly pull out as I turn around and grab it and look at you while I’m opening wide so you can slide it down my throat and throat fuck me while I holding my throat and feeling your cock making it bulge…. you continue fucking my throat and shoot the next thick load of cum down my throat and slowly pull out as im wrapping my lips tight around it and suck and lick off every drop of cum and start stroking your cock again as it’s getting rock hard again so I can get on top facing away as you’re watching and recording it disappear deep bareback in me and love watching it get bounced on and covered in cum and my creamy juice then get off and start sucking it as im looking at you and you’re holding my head down and thrusting hard down my throat

  8. Definitely have a hanging soft dick pic. But best pics I think need to be from underneath view looking up. Shows the balls and are a little different than most other pic angles. Lighting is key though which was said in earlier comments. But different angles look different with different dicks. I say personalize it. Also a little pre cum dripping down shaft is number one “get me hard” pic.

  9. Having an unfortunately small cock, dick pics have always been an issue for me. It works well but generally only gets mega turned on if I’m being fucked. Don’t know why… any tips for small shy members?

  10. Well I’m not hung like a horse 🐴🐎 I mean my dog is bigger than what I am and he’s a little Chihuahua okay but I have taken a few pictures of my little dick and I have sent it to a few different people because they have asked me to do it. But I’m not sure if I can make it look like it’s a big dick so just try and do it okay. thanks for asking me a very small dicked person

  11. I love it when guys send me dick pics! As for me, I’m a grower not a shower so I appreciate these tips. I’ll be trying them out soon!.

  12. I LOVE them dick pics! Anyone close to me want help taking your pics, I will be glad to help you any way I can! MMMM!

  13. I know I love to see the p-hole in cock photos, and I never see enough of them. Even in this article, all those amazing hot dick pics only shows one decent p-hole shot. I love looking at a cock eye-to-eye. It just goes right to my brain. I feel as if It is looking back at me. It knows, Its going to be down my throat. It will pound my throat and It spits It’s Seed of the Man deep down there, it will emerge looking helpless and innocent from it’s ordeal. Just wanting a tongue bath before it goes back into it’s Man cave, and makes that bulge we all love. That’s what i see when I see Your cock from p-hole angel, and you don’t find a lot because straight on dic pics might detract from the viewpoint of your length. Surprise me. Let me see your p-hole. 😛

  14. I could look at dick pics all day every day. I’m just turned on by the male form and a good look at a dick just tops it off. I especially love the look of semi hard uncut dicks. Or dicks that have just cum and are starting to soften again from being completely rock hard. Yum! My first BF was cut and I was jealous being uncut myself. But a large number of my partners since have been uncut and I have really grown to appreciate how versatile and beautiful the uncut cock is.

Comments are closed.

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