Squirt.org Readers Ask: How Do I Self Suck as a Gay Male in 2023?


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Whatever your sexuality, it seems that pretty much every guy has tried at one time or another to suck their own cock.

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If you’re past your teenage years and not an Olympic-level gymnast, you may think your self-suck days are behind you. But let’s look at why it might be worth giving it another go.

What is Autofellatio?

The clue is in the name – autofellatio is a blowjob where the person with the cock is also providing the mouth.

gay twink lying on the bathroom floor self sucking his cock in tube socks while getting rimmed by another gay hot twink

The Benefits of a Gay Self Suck

Enhance Your Gay Blowjob Game

In the same way that you need to have bottomed to know how to top, being able to practice your gay blowjob technique on yourself is going to stand you in good stead when you get the opportunity to demonstrate your skills on another guy.

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gay male naked and lying on a chair self sucking his fat erect dick while his nsa sex partner helps position his back
tannor reed cumming all over his face while self sucking his hot fat cock
tannor reed getting jizz in his eyes and face while self sucking his cut erect penis

Have Some Solo Male Masturbation Fun

Figuring out how to suck yourself off is also an excellent way to add some extra dynamics to your solo play – jacking off feels good, working yourself over with a dildo feels good, and being able to suck your own cock feels great.

Gain a New Party Trick

Whether to impress the crowd at your next gay sex party or just a single partner during some foreplay, this rarity will draw some attention during casual one-on-one sex or even draw a crowd at your local bathhouse.

gay latino male putting his leg over his head to self suck his own cock and demonstrating Autofellatio

How to Self Suck as a Gay Male

Flexibility is Key

If you’re struggling to touch your toes, you’ll quickly realize that making your mouth connect with cock is next-level flexibility.

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Unless you’ve been practising your stretches since you were a teenager, you’re probably going to need to hit a few yoga classes before you can wrap your lips around your own cock-head.

gay male porn actor looking at the camera with his tongue out while having his legs in the air and licking the tip of his dick for renogold.com

Stay In Shape

Not to deter even the hottest of bears from some self-sucking pleasure, body shape can play a factor here, and while Squirt members know you can be sexy to many, no matter your size, a slim profile can help to make self-sucking a more straightforward mission to accomplish. It’s not body-shaming; it’s just logistics – you effectively need to fold your body in half – if you’re not a slim twink with a lot of enthusiasm, you’re starting at a disadvantage.

gay naked male lying on his back on the rug sucking his own cock in demonstration og Autofellatio
 for Belamionline.com

Mobility (Try At Your Own Risk)

While your body might fulfill anyone’s gay jock fantasy, some folks are wrestling with old sports injuries, mobility issues, or even a bad back. If you see a chiropractor for a long-standing problem, are dealing with a slipped disc, or know that contorting your body will wreak havoc on your health, definitely don’t try this at home. It might sound like the plot from a vintage porn movie, but it’s undeniably embarrassing to have to explain to a triage nurse that you’ve damaged your back by trying to suck your own cock.

gay flexible naked male lying on his back naked wearing a hustler hat sucking his own cock on a white couch

What Are the Best Positions to Suck Yourself Off?

Against the Wall

Lie down with your head towards the wall. Kick your legs up so that they make contact with the wall. You then use the wall as leverage to walk your feet down, piking your body so that your cock is being brought closer to your mouth.

Take a Seat

Sitting on the bed or a chair, take hold of the back of your knees to anchor yourself. Lower your mouth down towards your cock.

Give Me a P!

This is a standing position. Bend forward and take hold of the back of your knees to anchor yourself. Curl your neck and upper back to bring your mouth towards your cock.

Get a helping hand

If you’re hooking up with a guy, he can help manoeuvre your body into a self-suck position. For this, it’s generally easiest if you’re on your back and he’s got hold of your ankles. While he’s rimming you, he will be pushing your ankles towards your head – bringing your cock towards your mouth. This can also work while he’s fucking you – he’s right over, pushing your ankles down until they’re either side of your ears and your cock is within reach of your lips and tongue.

If You Can’t Bend That Way, That’s Okay

In the end, no matter how hard you try and how hard you might get, you might not be able to get your body to bend that way.

If you’re not a contortionist, don’t neglect the feeling of a good old fashioned solo masturbation. Or, get off with a classic hook-up, using Squirt.org as your guide to finding a hot gay male near you that will still have you bending in all the ways that count.

gay male with legs in the air deep throating his own cock in self suck while fingering his tight asshole

Written by Gareth Johnson

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  1. In my teens and early 20’s I could self-suck like the guy in the last picture. It was a big turn-on for a friend to watch me then join in like some of these pics. My fav was getting fucked while sucking my cock.

  2. I’ve tried so many times to self suck but never been able to. Never had a BJ either. What are some good stretches to get me that flexible?

  3. Ive been sucking my dick since i was 10, my a few yrs older cousin showed my how and ive been addicted ever since of course it got better after ouberty. I always swallow and theres days i can’t keep my mouth off it. I love showing others what i can do and it turns me on like fk to be caught sucking my dick so i do it public often.

  4. It’s been awhile, but I used to have guys jerk themselves next to me as they would watch me suck my own cock. Their cocks would be right next to my face so when they came from watching me I would shift to sucking their cock as they squirted in my mouth, then go back to sucking my own cock until I came myself. It was hot. The good ole days.

  5. Well, I was 15 when I discovered that I could throw my legs over and by pressing on the headboard get the tip (about half the head) in my mouth. The first time my lips touched my cock I came almost immediately! What a delight but also frustrating as it made me wonder what it would be like to have a dick fully in my mouth. It took me until I was 19 to find that out, the first time not so good the second time was a mind blowing three way with me and another guy in a 69 while his roommate was enjoying fucking my ass. That was really hot and hooked me on having a dick in my mouth!!!

  6. I used to self suck a lot! It actually turns me on more than getting my sick sucked by another. I would usually hesitate when I was about to cum, not knowing if I really wanted my own load in my mouth. But, I later just buried my face as far into my lap, deep throating as far as I could, to feel the pumping warm thick cords down my throat.

    I type this as I continue licking precut from my fingers. I can get close to licking it, but now I think more about swallowing someone else.

    Thank you for the article! 🙂

  7. Nothing better than sucking your own cock while being topped him blowing his load in your ass as you suck down your own sweet seed

  8. I used to suck myself off in my teens and 20’s. Was a really enjoyable experience being able to go down on myself. One of my first boyfriends used to lick my cock at the same time I sucked on my knob. Then we’d share my load. Great times. Just wish I still had the flexibility to self suck now.

  9. I had been taking a yoga class for about six months when the instructor guided us through a shoulder stand, leading us to then extend our legs back over our heads and back onto the floor. Once in the position, I realized that my crotch was just over my face and that if I were nude, I could possibly suck my own cock! As soon as the session ended, I went home to try it out. And sure enough. I was able to get the head between my lips and into my mouth! It was mind blowing! Self-sucking became a regular part of my weekly yoga routine. I was in my early 40’s too! Time to get back into yoga!

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