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How to Build Your Own Gay Glory hole

With a bit of enthusiasm and access to a hardware store, this is a project well within your capabilities.
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Diving Into the Psychology of Caught Masturbating in Public Porn

Have you ever wanted to just pull your cock out and start jacking off - in public, not caring who sees you? Readers Ask: What’s the Deal with Gay AI Porn?

The use of AI is already shaping every aspect of our lives.
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If you’re a guy who usually has sex with women, but you’re a bit bi-curious - at some stage, you’re probably going to want to explore that side of your sexuality and get a taste of a bit of man-on-man action. Members Ask: What Can a Silicone Ball Stretcher Do for Me?

In porn and in the way that we talk about sex and our sexual fantasies, we tend to fetishise big balls.
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