Squirt.org Members Ask: What Happens When You Swallow Cum?


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Whether it’s at your favorite local glory hole, during a hot date or with your longtime boyfriend on a Sunday afternoon, spitting or swallowing is usually all about personal taste. But is it wrong to swallow, or are there actual health benefits?

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We take a nose dive into what happens when gay men guzzle jizz – will the facts be hard to swallow?

What is cum?

When we talk about a guy’s load, his cum, we’re talking about the semen that is ejaculated when you orgasm.

Semen is a bit of a cocktail of things – there’s the sperm and then there’s the fluid that helps protect and transport the sperm. The fluid consists of a range of enzymes and fructose.

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Can You Swallow Cum

While the evolutionary purpose of cum is primarily to enable the fertilisation of an ovum, there’s nothing stopping you from swallowing a guy’s load.

There’s nothing new about swallowing cum – and we’re not just talking about vintage porn, although vintage cum scenes are some of our favourites. Swallowing cum seems to have been something that’s been on our sexual menu since time began. In many cultures, swallowing cum is celebrated and is seen as having significant health benefits.

Why Do Gay Men Swallow Cum?

Man-on-man sex is a clear step away from the reproductive purposes of cum, so when a guy shoots his load then you’ve got plenty of options as to what you do with his cum.

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Wherever that load has ended up – whether it’s on your body, on your face, or in your ass – a bit of cum-play is a great way to extend the intimacy between you and really enjoy the sexual connection that you’ve created.

Cum doesn’t have a lot of flavour, so if you feel like scooping up his cum and slurping it off your fingers, lapping up any stray strands from his cock, or felching your cum out of his ass, you’re doing it because it feels right in the heat of the moment. It’s a way of extending your pleasure and making the most of your time together.

What Happens If You Swallow Cum?

If you’re giving a guy a blowjob, and he’s on a bit of a hair-trigger or maybe you’re working a glory hole, you might unexpectedly end up with a mouthful of cum.

At that point, you’ve probably got the option to either spit it out or swallow it down. Either option is perfectly valid – just do whatever feels right.

If you’re worried about STIs, there’s not really any difference in the risk of exposure between spitting or swallowing. If you think that coming into contact with a guy’s cum might have exposed you to an STI, head to your local sexual health clinic and get tested.

In porn, when cum-play is being featured, you’ll generally see guys holding the cum in their mouth, spitting it back onto the cock, and smearing it all over their face. This is all good for the camera, and good fun. If you’re not filming your encounter, you might just want to feel it sliding down your throat. It’s your call.

If you’re down for some cum-play, then it’s a good idea to communicate that to the guy that you’re with. Let him know where you want him to cum, let him know what you want to do with his cum. Ask if he’s got any tips for giving a blow job that you could take on board.

Is Swallowing Cum Good for You

Cum is an organic cocktail produced by the body. There’s nothing in semen that will give you any negative side-effects if you taste it or swallow it.

Like anything that you eat, your body will process semen – using what it can and discharging the rest.

Throughout history, the health claims linked to swallowing cum have generally been a bit exaggerated. While eating cum won’t do you any harm, you’re not going to get a lot of nutritional value from swallowing a guy’s load.

But, health practitioners who advocate cum eating suggest that cum is a natural antidepressant, that it could help enhance your memory, boost your energy, and improve your skin. There might not be a lot of proof to back these claims up, but it’s probably worth a try.

Some STIs can be transmitted through cum, so that’s really the only potential down-side that you need to think about. Obviously, regular testing is the way to detect and treat any STIs that you might come into contact with.

Bottom-line? Time for a little less conversation and a little more action. Let’s go, cum guzzlers!

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  1. I don’t really like to taste of cum, but eating it just seems so slutty and dirty! Great way to finish a hookup, luv facial porn, and passing cum back and forth.

  2. The best time of my life was swallowing a guy’s cum after sucking his gorgeous uncut cock through a gloryhole. Seriously. I remember sitting on the seat afterwards, smiling and soooo happy! Not wanting to wipe the remaining cum off my face, just completely in the moment and glad to be a sissy trap.

  3. The best part of giving a guy a blowjob is the reward of a fat load of cum in my face or my mouth. Of course I swallow!

  4. I love swallowing my mans cum and knowing some of my Love’s being is inside of me as well as becoming part of me. It’s almost a spiritual experience!

  5. My hottest memory happened recently after a long dry spell. I was at a adult store called Pleasure Zone in Brick NJ. They have booths with no doors. I stepped in a booth where a straight guy was watching a hetero vid and stroking. His body and cock were fucking beautiful. I fell to my knees and started blowing him. Mmmmm..he was so hot. I could feel his body beginning to contract and convulse as he was ready to cum. He asked me if i wanted to swallow. I said yes and he flooded my throat I for a second regretted taking all his DNA in. I started to pull back and he pulled my head to his crotch so I could not pull away. His forcefulness was so hot. I swallowed the entire load and to this day get hard thinking of that moment. I ish I could find that man again!!!

    • There is an older guy I have run into 3-4 times in egg harbour bookstores who kinda forces me to take his load like this, makes me cum in my pants every time

  6. I love the feel of a man finishing in my mouth as he tries to drive it deep into my throat. Love the feel of his throbbing cock trying to push his cum as deep as possible. When he goes deep and squirts chances are it’s past my tongue and I don’t even taste it. I think it’s hot for the man doing the squirting and the feel of a warm mouth is great.

    • Same here. I’m not a fan of the taste of most cum but when shot deep in my throat it passes most of the taste area and it’s just the feeling and knowing I’m getting a good load inside me. And feeling the throbs in my mouth, the cock head touching the roof of mouth almost brings me to cumming hands free!

  7. My former best friend, the loads I swallowed from him, some of the best play! He would leak precum like a faucet and he had so much control, he could hold off cumming for the longest time—I did shatter that myth once, doing my best vacuum imitation. The first reward was all the precum, I mean teaspoons, depending how long we played. I loved sucking him to total completion and feeling his load coursing through him. By that I could feel him tense up and then once the cum was on its way up and out, I loved feeling his cock tighten, I could swear I’d feel the load moving upward before he rewarded my mouth. I knew to take a deep breath right as he was about to explode.

    Downside, he smoked. Nastiest taste! They say pineapple makes cum sweet, I’ve tasted my own after eating fresh oranges, the sweetness is incredible! A few years ago I’d get a few bags full, got to the point smelling the oranges made my cock hard, knowing I’d want a taste later! If you can’t handle the taste, grape juice kills it. Or, even take a tiny drop of toothpaste on your finger prior and run it around the inside of your mouth. You should have about 15-30 minutes before the taste dissipates. If you trust the guy, swallow him! Brushing leaves tiny abrasions, just use your finger, rub it on your tongue and enjoy!

    There’s such a euphoria when you allow a man’s most intimate fluid inside you. You’ve established this awesome connection, even if it’s just for a moment. Sometimes it takes a lot to get a Bi or straight dude to go there and when they reward you with that heavenly nectar, don’t waste it. If there’s not much trust, I get it. But if you know the guy and know him well, it has to be tried to be believed.

    Best tips, avoid teeth and act like you’re sucking your own cock. You’d be surprised how many don’t understand this. I’ve talked to several guys who have no clue what to do. Once you get past that, if you can…go for the gold, err…white!

  8. Of course I love to swallow cum, I’m a homosexual! I love to feast on men’s bodies and I love the way it feels when a man shoots a load in my mouth. Anyway your man needs to feel like you wanted his cum more then he wanted to give his cum to you. Then you will be able to snap your fingers for dick anytime anywhere and anyhow you want it and maybe get fucked as a reward for being a good dick loving bitch. I’m such a cunt I should have been a girl. lol

  9. Being a married cocksucker for other married guys, the feeling of the load exploding all over my face or down my throat is amazing. To get the creamy delicious reward is why I worship cock.

  10. I love to swallow and be have my loads swallowed, or take your as a facial and have you lick, suck and kiss it off ov my face!!!! Woof Woof!!!1

  11. Since my first lover in 1969 told me I suck and swallow! The only reason to suck is to swallow a big load of the delicious cum, no matter how big and how georgeous a cock may be!!

  12. Not sure how to describe it either but I absolutely love taking loads. Whether it be on the face, in the mouth, or elsewhere. All bring back good memories. Yes, I do feel a little slutty sometimes when I do this (I took 3 loads recently at my favorite Department store men’s room) but it always leads me back for more. Also should add that I want to savor the taste so I do lot want it shot down the back of my throat. Prefer a chance to taste his load

  13. I have wondered about the taste of cum after eating certain things, how long after eating them does it change the taste of your cum? Is it just a few hours? I am not fond of the taste (although some say it doesn’t taste) so anything that make it taste better is good. If anyone has tips or wants to share their experience in this matter, please contact me

  14. The rewards of cum following a blow job of fucking session. Cum should never go to waste you work for it enjoy fruits of fun.

  15. Love the sweet taste of cum trickling down my throat, precum is always the starter of a sex meal whilst the main course is the ejaculation of his love juice… Check please lover 😊😜

  16. The first time a guy came in my mouth, I was surprised by it. I spit it out. It was a texture thing at first. Now I love cum and prefer to feel and taste it in my mouth. I love feeling the cock spasm. I swallow and get every drop and keep sucking until he gets soft. After he cums I want him to get hard and cum again. It is such a turn on.

  17. One of the hottest experiences was with a guy I really like who was visiting his parents and could only see me quickly in my car. There was so much tension and build up as we both wanted it and was so difficult to arrange. When I finally got his cock in my mouth he practically exploded but something about it was quite amazing. I had to jack off with his cum in my mouth which was hot.

  18. The feeling of a throbbing cock as it shoots sperm in my mouth is the greatest feeling I can think of. I love cum and it’s taste and the knowledge that I’ve satisfied this man in the most intimate way.

  19. My best mate has the tastiest cum ever, not sure what he eats but it has a slightly sweet taste to it.
    The other week he was using a Fleshlight and when he said he was about to cum, I quickly removed the Fleshlight and I took his cock just as blew.

  20. Oh wow I love the taste of chubby guys that have sweet delicious thick creamy buttery taste. Don’t drink coffee beforehand stick as soda. My fantasy is to find a chubby bearish guy young or old heavy cummer. Need to coat my throat

  21. My girlfriend always loved to make me cum in my sexy little briefs and thongs then have me lick it all out. She kept telling me that I would love to eat another guys cum. One time in the locker room, I secretly, I think, watched a hot guy with the biggest most beautiful cock I had ever seen jack off and shoot a massive load of cum into his little white thong which he wrapped around his cock. He left them on the counter. I was so worked up, I went in and picked them up and ended up licking is entire load out of them and swallowing it. I shot my cum all over the floor without even touching myself. I was hooked. I told my girlfriend what I did, and she ended up bringing sexy cum filled underwear form her hometown boyfriend for me to lick clean and bringing mine to him. That led to he and I sucking each other off and eating each other’s cum in front of her ever since.

  22. I love giving blow jobs and swallowing a load for me is the reward for doing an excellent job.
    Not all cum taste the same. Age, diet and physical condition are factors into the taste. If you do a lot of drugs, then your cum will taste metically. If you are over the age of 65-70, usually your cum is sweet.
    Something that I find wrong is the way a lot of guys are giving blow jobs. I noticed a lack of knowledge and a sense that nobody knows what they’re doing. To me, sucking and giving a hand job isn’t a blow job, especially if you are using your hand more than your mouth.

  23. For me it’s about a lot of things why I love swallowing, but above all it’s just the knowing that you have turned the guy on that much not only has he cum but you’re actually tasting and feeling a direct by-product of that orgasm, it is incredibly intimate. Like to kiss with it too and be shot over my face and chest.

    When I first hooked up with guys for years I wasn’t interested in anal but enjoyed oral. A guy I saw very regularly I’d meet and have sex in a secluded area in the back of his big car with the seats down (classy!). It would mostly be long sessions of me sucking him – first guy who introduced me to poppers too – sometimes a well timed hit of them while sucking on the rush and shooting in my mouth was a euphoric combination. Loved it. I was living in denial a lot then too, felt guilty after, but always went back. Another great sensation I remember with him was feeling the shaft of his cock expand and get so hard in my mouth just before he shot

  24. Cum eating is natural for Gay men, if guys don’t swallow cum then they shouldn’t be living the Homosexual lifestyle.

  25. Research on the composition of cum has shown that there are certain chemicals that can create an addiction. The thought behind these chemicals is that it helps encourage reproduction. With gay anal sex it is thought that the chemicals have the same effect when they are absorbed into the colon. This does explain why men who experience raw or bareback anal sex get a taste or it or an addiction. As the saying goes, once you’re bred there’s no going back and maybe why it’s called breeding.

  26. There’s only one correct answer. I do as I’m told. I find it’s the best way to let a man know that he is in charge and can count on me to take very, very good care of his beautiful cock. Damn, I love sucking dick!

  27. Man cum is the best stuff on earth. The very essence of a man, There’s never enough. Love worshipping a man’s dick and hear him tell me how good it feels and that he’s about to cum. Only makes me suck harder. That feeling of euphoria I get after swallowing his gift is unlike any other.

  28. I’m a swallower, turns me on to swallow. My favorite is when a guy shoots on my face and what ever didn’t go in my mouth he wipes with his cock and sticks it in my throat……yummy

  29. I always thought it was an antidepressant. It’s my favorite part to feel it shooting into my mouth. After that, I am euphoric. The only problem with that is, every 5 minutes I’d need another shot of the drug, which really wouldn’t be a problem I guess. Locals, please check out my profile to make a guy that’s a little blue, happy, even for a few seconds!

  30. I’m Michael Crooks , Gloryhole Faggot,I consider it a honor when a man unloads in my mouth and on my face…I can’t waste such a generous gift from perfect strangers…

  31. personal experience: eating fruits and some vegetables, can change the taste to make it sweeter. being hydrated can produce a larger volume, as does being continually aroused for a longer period. same for supplements. as for the act, I agree that it is a ‘bonding’ experience between two guys.

    for shits & giggles, a survey question I’ve asked: which is worse: a) a guy who spits, or b) a guy who doesn’t feed (pulls his dik away and shoots on the floor)

    • In that case, inquire where he wants to place his load, and he says he will NOT shoot in your mouth – then suggest he just cum on your face or on his chest where you can have the opportunity for enjoying licking up the cum he would not put in your mouth.

  32. Some guys made mention that lots of guys simply don’t know how to suck a cock. If you watch porn, it is often basically only the “head bobbing” route. I love sucking cock so I take a lot of time pleasuring myself and my oral bottom. I spend a lot of time sucking a cock – I love it after all – but I am using all kinds of technique so that nothing gets old. Sucking the head, tongue in the pee hole, sometime suck with very light touch, especially on the head, tonguing the Frenulum (the are on the bottom side of the cock just behind the glans (head) – very sensitive. Switching from sucking to just tonguing the frenulum is a great way to get him off, lick and SUCKING his balls (the long, droopy balls are wonderful to suck), suck up and down the side of penis working it with your tongue, then as you switch to the other side, slide the head of his cock into your mouth. The crease in your crotch on either side of the balls/cock is highly erotic and licking and sucking here is wonder, as is the Perineum (the taint). Also you can run your thumb laterally across the Perineum with some force is a nice feel. After all the Perineum is an extension of your penis. Rimming of course is really nice – just requires a squeaky clean hole – and again, like the cock that gets nothing but head bobbing and gets numb, mix up what you do while rimming.
    Now for the CUM. This is the best part for both the top and and bottom. Feeling your mouth fill with cum is spectacular. Hold it and swish it around in your mouth, savoring the mouth feel of creamy cum, and its wonderful flavor (unless he is a smoker or has eaten asparagus). Keep you mouth ajar, so the scent can augment the taste. Coat your partner’s cock with the cum in your mouth and suck his cock some more and repeatedly re-cleaning the cum of his cock. I he has to jack to cum, then lick all the cum up off his belly/chest and then continue to suck his cock. Some guy’s cock get so sensitive that he won’t be able to bare repeated sucking. Fortunately, some guys don’t have the sensitivity issue – so you can continue to enjoy sucking his cock, and maybe get a second load.
    Yes, Pineapple or other sweet fruit can make the cum to get a bit sweet. I rarely get a mouth full of nasty tasting cum. If he cums with his cock in your throat, you are going to miss a lot of the thrill of tasting and smelling the cum – but you can hawk the cum in your throat back up into your mouth. Yummy. Enjoy sucking and eating CUM

    • I have found that if I put a 5mg Cialis tablet under my tongue and let it dissolve there, I can get a very nicely augmented hardon, and it acts within half an hour or so.

  33. I have found that if I put a 5mg Cialis tablet under my tongue and let it dissolve there, I can get a very nicely augmented hardon, and it acts within half an hour or so.

  34. I’ve honestly never spat out cum….I’ve never let anyone penetrate so I’ve always swallowed after giving a bj and I love it!! I am obsessed with the idea of having my throat used for a stud’s pleasure!! It’s been a couple of years, I can’t wait to suck and swallow again!!

  35. I love cum. I love sucking a guy until he cums in my mouth or all over my face. I have been told that I am a cum slut. I look at them as say, “Yes, I am.” with a big smile on my face. I get such a good feeling sucking a guys cock especially if he is soft when I start and then he gets nice and hard and is moaning as I am sucking his cock. I absolutely love it if the guy is a huge cummer. I have been with a couple of guys who were huge cummers. I had them cum all over my face and then took some pictures of it before scooping it up with my fingers and eating it. I just wish I could get a few guys in my area who would like to have me drain they balls a few times a week. That would be the ultimate.

  36. Well this 73 yr old sub was underage when my scoutmaster took me to abs in Newport mid morning in my scout uniform and I was told I had to serve the clerk who was his friend which I willingly did.
    We must have spent a good 8 hour’s there either while I was serving older cocks through gh’s or on the couch they had a line to breed my pusdy
    Now 60 years later the memories make my older clitty semi

    • OMG that is so hot…I love the underage aspect NOT because I have any desire to do anything with an underage kid but I wish to hell I had been groomed by a neighbor, etc. when underage because I was horny as fuck and a twink, though I didn’t know it! I thought I was this scrawny kid and never knew there was a world of men who would want me! I wish I had a next door neighbor to…I don’t know..clean out his basement, I find a stack of gay porn magazines, start thumbing through them, my cock gets hard, I hear my neighbor behind me and….the rest plays out! I was fair-skinned, hairless, skinny with a big cock and HUNGER.

  37. I must have been 16 yrs old and I used to live in Kings Point by the Merchant Marine Academy and every morning I would stand outside and stare at the hot young Merchant Marines jogging all around the streets some were bundled up in there Jock staps and some were Freeballing! I would sit there for an hour hard as a rock dripping with precum thinking about what I would do it I could taste one of them. There was one guy who used to jog past my house almost every day at 3:00 by himself and I would be there every day to greet him and say hi ! One day he stopped and we started to chat and I offered him a glass of water as bottle water was not really a thing back then ! He was gorgeous and HUNG I couldn’t stop staring at his cock that kept staring back at me through his shorts ! He said how hot he was and I invited him to jump into our swimming pool to cool off! He said yes and I nearly died ! He asked if I minded if he took off his shorts and swam naked and I said if course not ! He stripped down and jumped in ! He then asked me to join in I was Rock hard so I was a bit intimidated to take off my shorts , but I did it anyway and as soon as I did it he said WOW nice cock! I was like sorry I don’t know what got into me ! And he laughed and said maybe me !! The next thing you know i was under water sucking on his rock hard cock then he was on the coping and I was face first mouth full of cock sucking away until he blasted his thick white hot load into my mouth ! It was so tasty I kept on sucking on it to get every drop! He made it a habit to pass my house at least once a week to jump into my pool to cool off ever since! And that is how I became to love to swallow cum !!

  38. Answering to the comment about eating cum is that you do not want to brush your teeth before you suck a dick due to you can scratch your gums and a sti can enter your body from that scratch. Also cum is the best protein that a body can receive. I’m a cock sucker and not king on swallowing a load from someone else’s but I have had some in my mouth and spit it out! I do eat my own and I love getting cummed in while being anal fucked . It feels so good when it oozes back out . The only cum that I ever eaten it my own and I like the taste, last I was told that the stomach acid kills any sti that semen carries. Most of anything I once had tested positive for her

  39. Swallowing hot cum is about my favorite thing to do with another man…or men! Everything about it is amazing…feeling the cock in my mouth swell, knowing what’s about to happen, feeling the shot of hot jizz into my mouth….god, it’s so fucking hot just thinking about it makes my cock hard and leaking! I love sucking cock…well, I don’t so much give “blowjobs” as I give long, loving, oral cock-worship sessions…so for anyone who wants such a thing with a smooth CD (note I do not have to dress if you don’t like that) just look me up! I’m in the S Colo area and can host or travel…and I’m sub and LOVE LOVE LOVE to please!

  40. Why wouldn’t you swallow a guys load after blowing him and earning that wonderful spunk 🤤The feeling of his cock pulsating as he releases into my mouth and down my throat

  41. Have been swallowing cum since the first time I sucked cock. Something about the feeling of how a cock swells and pulses as it shoots into my mouth. Enjoy it when a guy pulls my head into his crotch to make sure he pumps every drop deep into my throat. Many times if he does not, I will grab his ass cheeks to make sure he does not pull out.

  42. I hooked up with a guy who I met on Squirt. He has a GF and I was his first gay encounter. It didn’t take long for him to cum. He was mainly interested in sucking my cock. When I sucked him, he came quickly and I took his load in my mouth. I don’t normally do this, even when in a long term relationship with somebody. I don’t know why I like doing this with this particular guy. Maybe because his cum tastes nice. I hooked up with him again and took his cum yesterday. I swallowed it and it felt natural. Can’t wait for the next time.

  43. I have a good friend that we have been having oral sex with for many years. We always suck and swallow. Once you have the taste of cum you always want to savor and swallow. After we cum in our mouths we savor the taste with long and slow cum kissing and tasting and swallowing.

  44. there is something special about swallowing a nice load. I have sucked a couple of loads down my throat when at the gloryholes. It feels kinda powerful knowing I worked his cock until he exploded. and both times the cock was far enough in my mouth that it went right down my throat. Well one guy was still pulsing a little as he pulled out so I licked him clean and he tasted decent. Can’t wait to take another load down my throat soon!!

  45. i hooked up with this guy. sucked him off and swallowed his cum. I’m went home and with the taste still in my mouth i kissed my wife good night. i felt so dirty.

  46. I love to sallow cum; the excitement that I experience as it squirts into my mouth is unbelievable; please send me some!

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