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Squirt Studios

Squirt Studios: Jordan Jameson Fucks Sage Roux in “Waiting at the Glory Hole”

Sage Roux enters the bathhouse's gloryhole chamber, looking for some action. Little does he know, but Jordan Jameson is lurking on the other side,...
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Cum Take A Look Inside The Naughtiest Data of 2023

Hey there, you filthy bunch of studs! Whip your cocks out for Squirt Unloaded, our naughty recap of 2023! Squirt Unloaded is a sexy...

Squirt Studios: Sumner Fucks Bruce Jones in “Massaging my Hot Boyfriend”

After complaining of sore shoulders, Sumner gives Bruce an innocent shoulder rub on the couch… but Bruce has other ideas. With a mischievous grin,...
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Squirt Studios Model Spotlight: Tony Genius

What defines a genius? Well, if you define them as someone who holds your attention, is versatile, stunning and ready to suck and give...

Squirt Studios Model Spotlight: Dakota Wonders

If you’re looking for a cute gaymer twink, Dakota Wonders may just be your dream date. Looking dapper in his favorite color of blue, with leather, ropes and gay...
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