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Erotic Stories

Hot Cocktale: My Secret Magnet for Men

bryce451 – check him out on Squirt.org! I loved riding my mountain bike in Vancouver’s Central Park - a lot! While some guys might not...
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Hot Cocktale: Tradesmen Slurprise

Sheppofficedude – check him out on Squirt.org! My neighbor came over the other day to ask if it was OK if his builder could temporarily...

Hot Cocktale: Writing on the Wall

Sylla – check him out on Squirt.org! I’d never met anyone in a public toilet block before but after I’d been into this one in...
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Hot Cocktale: The Business Exec

Madawaskaguy – check him out on Squirt.org! About 7 years ago, another boring/useless work conference. However I didn't mind as it got me away from...

Hot Cocktale: The Stranger Who Showed Me I Am a Voyeur

Straightcum4gay – check him out on Squirt.org! Late one night when I was about 20 years old, I was standing on a subway platform, waiting...
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