Hot Cocktale: Stairway to Heaven


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My phone pinged and the message popped up.
“I’m outside”

It was our second meeting.

We meet on Squirt. The last time we met, we had hooked-up in the stairwell of my apartment building. It was an emergency exit in one of the lift lobbies that almost none one ever used, but it was clean, warm, carpeted and dimly lit with no cameras, and if anyone entered you could hear them at least floor away.

He was slim, young, smooth skinned and mixed race. Very boyish, with little body hair, and a nice large cock. He had wanted to suck me a public space, so the setup was perfect. After meeting, we’d played with each other’s cocks for about ten minutes and then he got down and started sucking my dick. He was good. After a while I was about to cum, but he stopped and stood up.

“Would you like to cum on my ass?” He asked with a smile.

He turned around and showed me. His ass was smooth, with just a few hairs around his otherwise naturally hairless hole. – of course the answer was, Yes.

He turned around, bent over, and I teased his hole with the tip of my dick while I jerked off. He pushed back and for a minute or two the tip of my cock pushed into his tight little pink hole. It was so hot.

I pulled away and started to cum. Splashes of hot semen spilled onto his lower back and butt cheeks. I pushed my dick between his bubble butt and fucked along his crack as I continued to cum. Dribbles of thick white fluid lubricated his hole, but I didn’t penetrate him again.

…and then I was done.

He turned around and I saw he had jerked off. There was cum all over his jeans and hands. He didn’t seem to care.

We spent a few awkward moments trying to clean ourselves up. Neither of us had thought to bring anything, but we did our best to looks presentable, and then he left.

For the next few days our messages on Squirt chat flowed. We had both enjoyed out meeting and wanted to do it again…

“I really wanted you to fuck me” he typed.
“I wanted you fuck you too” I replied.
“Next time I can bring a condom”.

“I’d be ok with you cumming inside me. If you wanted to” He eventually admitted. “You would be my first.”

Things accelerated, and this was that second meeting.

I was a little nervous as he followed my back up the stairwell. We hadn’t been disturbed last time, and being semi-public was part of the thrill, but playing and sucking and easier to hide than full-on fucking.

We finally got to the top floor and hurriedly started undoing our pants and removing our t shirts. I liked his smooth slim body and chest.

He sucked on my nipples while he played with my cock with one hand and jerking himself off with the other. Then he lowered himself to his knees, kissing my stomach all the way down, and took me in his mouth.

He was a great cocksucker, working my shaft with his lips and tongue, while massaging my shaft and balls. I looked down at him as he sucked my dick. It looked good in his mouth. He had full lips and long black eyelashes and I watched his suck me like I was watching a twink porn movie. It was hot.

Soon I was dripping precum. He stood up.

“I want you inside me” he whispered.

He turned around and offered me his hole, leaning again the wall with one hand while pulling his ass cheeks open with the other.

I didn’t need a second invitation.

I lined up my wet dick, found his hole, and watched as the tip of my cock parted the few hairs around his hole and slowly push into him the first inch. He was so tight. I paused.

He spat on his hand and rubbed wet spit onto the tip of my dick, and lined me up again. I pushed in and this time I got two inches into him before it felt like I hit a wall.

“Relax” I said. “I know how this feels. … You need to want it”

His hole relaxed and I pushed in another inch. Then another.
I pulled out a little, added more spit to my shaft and then pushed in again. Another inch.

We kept going slowly like this, with gentle withdrawal, more lube and then a gentle push until I was balls deep inside him.

His back arched and he started to moan.
“Fuck me”… he begged.
I started fucking.

He was tight, but as I pushed into him over and over again he started to loosen up until I was able to properly fuck him deep and hard. He felt so good inside, and watching my cock slide in and out of his hole, while being conscious of our semi-public surroundings was hot as fuck..

I glanced up and down the stairwell. We were still alone and safe, but I was very aware then at any moment someone could open a door and we’d have t move fast, but no-one came.

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I continued fucking him with long, deep and deliberate strokes. He quietly moaned and looked back at me with his mouth hanging open. I was ready to cum.

“I’m gonna cum”… I warned.
“Fuck me and fill me” he begged. “I want your seed inside me.”

I started fucking harder and faster and let myself go. My balls tightened and I exploded inside him.

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I’d saved a week’s worth of cum and it was now filling his cute boyish ass.
I shoved myself deep into him, let most of it spurt inside but I saved the last couple of spurts to spray onto his hole. As I pulled-out his ass stayed open, and I could see my cum inside the pink open hole.

My last two spurts landed right on his gaping ass. I pushed back inside so I could pump him for a few more strokes while I was still hard. I realised he was also cumming into his hands and was almost done.

After our orgasms were complete, I gave it a few seconds and then slowly pulled out of his hole. It gaped for a few more seconds and I looked at my cum inside him. I wished I’d taken a video, so I could watch it back again and again, but I didn’t wanna lose the moment messing with a cameraphone.

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This time he’d bought a pair of small bathroom handtowels. We cleaned each other up, and he kissed me.

“That was amazing” he said. “I knew it would feel good to have you cum inside me, but not that good”.

I walked him back down to the lobby and we said our goodbyes, trying to look natural as other residents passed through the elevator lobby. I watched him walk out and over the road to his car, before returning to my apartment, smiling.

My phone pinged.
“I can feel your cum inside my ass”…

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