Hot Cocktale: My First Time


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by: MarionOralDad – check him out on!

Closing the restaurant by myself always gave me time to jack off in the men’s room before heading home. I sat my phone down on the sink and started reading Cocktales on Squirt and checking out profiles. At this point I had never been with a man, but had always fantasized about it. I would stroke my cock while watching guys suck and fuck, licking the precum off my fingers and imagining I was licking it off someone’s cock.
I had just found a hot video to get off to when I received a message from Paul. We had been messaging back and forth but I had never worked up the nerve to meet. Paul had offered to give me my first man on man blowjob and I was worked up enough to finally take him up on it.

He gave me his address and I realized I would drive right by his house on my way home. I freshened up and headed out. I was so nervous, I was literally shaking, but my cock was throbbing and leading the way. After a 10-minute drive I pulled up in his driveway and tried to talk myself out of it. But my cock took over and told me to get the fuck out of the car and go have fun.

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I rang the doorbell and Paul immediately opened the door and invited me in. He was 55 years old, about 5’10”, 200lbs, hairy and nude. He pulled me to him and I suddenly had his mouth on mine, tongue exploring my mouth while he rubbed his hands all over my back and ass. He headed to his bedroom with me following behind him and told me to get naked. The clothes came flying off and I joined him on the bed. Before I had a chance to change my mind he had me on my back with my legs spread. He crawled in between my legs and took my hard 7-inch cock in his hand. Looking me dead in the eye he swallowed my cock to the balls and began moaning. Said he loved giving curious guys their first blowjob.

He started licking and sucking my cock while grabbing my ass. I never believed it would feel that good and I began to moan and fuck his hot mouth with my throbbing leaking dick. I could see Paul stroking his hard uncut cock and I had a sudden desire to do to him what he was doing to me. He rolled over and I had another man’s dick in my hand. I licked the precum off and fit as much in my mouth that I could. It was a little longer and thicker than mine but I soon had it down to the balls. His pubes were tickling my nose and I could smell his musky scent and I was in heaven.

He put his hand on the back of my head and slowly started fucking my mouth. I could only go a few minutes before my jaw got tired so I worked my way down to his balls and started licking them while stroking his cock. I had the sudden urge to go down further and started licking his taint. He said he loved it and lifted his legs up and exposed his asshole to me. I took a lick and his reaction urged me to begin licking and probing with my tongue. I had been eating his ass out for a few minutes when I heard the words I had always dreamed of hearing from another man, “Please fuck me, Steve”.

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He pulled a pillow under his back and handed me a bottle of lubes. I squirted a little on his hole and some more on my throbbing cock. I started rubbing my mushroom head on his hole spreading the lube.

“Fuck me” he moaned as I slid my cock into him. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I came. I had my hands on the back of his thighs pushing his legs back and watched his asshole swallow my cock. He pulled me towards him and we started making out while I slowly fucked this older man’s hungry hole. I started licking and biting his neck while he kept repeating “Fuck me Steve” over and over in my ear.

The combination of his hot breath in my ear and his hole swallowing my cock had me about to cum. I told him I was about to cum and he begged me to fill him with it. I grabbed him by the ankles pushed him back on the pillow and began to pound his ass. Before he could finish saying “Please cum in me”. I was blasting a load of cum that I never thought possible. Blast after blast of hot cum shooting inside this man I’d never met. Finally, my cock began to soften and the most incredible sexual experience I had ever had was over.

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I looked up and Paul was stroking his cock so I put his cock in my mouth and stroked it until he filled my mouth full of sweet cum. He pulled me to him and licked the cum off my mouth and tongue. We collapsed beside each other and relaxed for a few minutes sharing a cigarette.

I got up, got dressed and headed to the door. Paul remained in the bed with my cum leaking down his thigh…

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  1. Thank you for this story. I loved it!!
    I am so horny made me recall my first time and I thank you for that🌈😈♂️

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