Hot Cocktale: The Neighbors


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by: dkacz – check him out on!

Hi, my name’s Matt At the time of the story I was 21 and it was a true story of my introduction to men. My neighbor’s names are changed for privacy’s sake. I am bisexual, but had not experienced any men more than in a friendly capacity. I am a orally versatile and bottom for anal.

It’s the summer before senior year, I had been curious about men since sophomore year, but had never acted on any fantasies. Since it was the summer, I was working in the yard doing some chore during the day. I had my shirt off and some gym shorts on since it was quite the scorcher that day. I had been working out for a long time at the gym, so I had a decently toned body.

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Well, it just so happened my next door neighbor Bill just drove by, and I caught him take a look at me. Bill was 62 and I had always found him quite attractive. He was about 6ft, 210lbs, shaved head, but a nice long beard. I had seen him work out in the yard a few times this year, sometimes I would fantasize about him to where I would need to head inside to cool off. He lived with his husband Terry, 50 years old and very fit. He clearly went to the gym regularly with a full head of hair and a bit of stubble, six-pack abs with an Adonis belt. Both were a bit hairy, but that just turned me on more.

He got out of his car and went to get the mail, but then turned to come my way. “Hi Matt, what’s got you out here on this hot day?”

“Hi sir,” I reply. He immediately flashes a smile. “Well we had that big storm a few days ago, but I didn’t have time so I’m clearing out some of the brush now.”

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“Well good for you, boy,” I get so turned on hearing that, I can feel my erection coming alive. “Don’t work too long you might burn. We wouldn’t want you to burn your body,” Bill says.

Was he hitting on me? No he’s never do that, he has a husband. I brush it off and reply, “I won’t, just long enough to tan.” We chat for a few more minutes and he heads inside to make himself lunch. I follow suit to jerk off after how turned on I am.

A few days pass, and I decide to go to the local nude beach, and even out my tan. I had always been turned on knowing someone was possibly looking at me while naked too. I lay out not far from the back dunes on the southern side of the beach, as more gay men laid out there and I definitely had dick on the brain. I watch plenty of men come on to the beach, some even watch me as well as I lie out. I had to flip over from the boner I had. As I lie down on my stomach, I see no other than Bill and Terry walking onto the beach, I wonder if they noticed me. But as they keep walking, I figured they were busy doing their own thing.

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An hour goes by and I notice a shadow behind me. As I flip over, Bill and Terry had come by to say hi, apparently they noticed me laid out and wanted to know if I needed a hand with my lotion. I hand them the lotion and mention I could use some help with my back, Bill kneels down and starts spreading it in my back, and then he worked his way down to my ass, he started spreading it on on then the other, until he grasps one and moves it aside to work it into my crack, his finger glides over my hole and I gasp a bit, not expecting it to feel so electrifying. I can’t flip over now that I’m rock hard, I say to myself.

“Don’t worry, just making sure you’re all covered,” Bill says with a laugh. They talk with me a bit and mention they could use some help in the yard, and wouldn’t mind if I used their pool after. Their backyard was secluded surrounded by bushes for privacy. I tell them that I’m free the next day, and they ask me to come by around noon.

The following day, Bill and Terry have all three of us working on a ditch to repair a broken sprinkler. At around 2 pm, Bill heads in to make food, Terry suggests we head over to the pool. He gets naked and jumps in, I say that I’ll be back after I get some swimming trunks. “What do you need those for? We’ve all seen each other naked, don’t be shy,” Terry says, with a big smile. I understand and climb in, it’s colder than I expected, which is good since I was getting very horny.

Bill comes out with food and beer and sets it all on the table. Terry and I wrap our waists with towels and sit down to eat. Bill is sitting next to me, on the sofa beside the pool, when I feel myself getting a bit hard again. He notices and remarks, “hey Matt, looks like you have a situation growing.” I get flustered, “I… I’m sorry, that’s embarrassing.” “Don’t be, Terry and I have them out here all the time,” Bill states as he drops is shorts and Terry drops his towel. They were big, I felt big before at 7 inches but both of them were at least 8 inches. They help me out of my towel and Terry starts to kiss me. God am I horny how, I could feel my cock throbbing, and Terry slowly moves my hands to his and Bill’s cocks.

“Have you ever experienced a threesome?” Bill asks. “I’ve never been with a man, this is my first time with any guys,” I reply.

“Well we will show you a grand time, we are both tops and we’ll work your hole nice,” Terry goes on to say. “Just do as we say and you’ll be in heaven, boy.”

I nod my head and they move me between them, and push me down to a squat while gripping both of their cocks. Bill takes me and tells me how to suck him and I take him in my mouth as I stroke him with my hand, and I strike Terry with my other. When Bill is rock hard, he has me focus on Terry. As I suck Terry, Bill lifts me up on the sofa and stars to work my hole with his tongue. I let out a moan, and Bill says, “good boy moan for daddy Bill, while you sick his hubby.” I get even harder as he tonguefucks my ass and I work Terry until he pushes my head down on his cock and breeds my throat. Some spills out and down my chin, as he just keeps cumming. “Mmm good boy, you look like a good slut with daddy’s cum on your chin, now keep working me until I get hard,” Terry demands. Bill pulls out lube and starts to work my hole with his fingers to loosen me up. As Terry, is getting hard, Bill starts to push his cock in, “Matt, I’ll go slow at first and then we’ll take turns working you.” He goes slow at first and as I get used his size he slowly moves faster. Terry is getting harder and harder watching me get fucked, and Bill tells him how good and tight I am.

A few moments go by and Bill starts thrusting faster, it hurts but also feels very good. He starts to feel harder and harder and suddenly he’s cumming, “yes Matt take daddy’s load, nice and deep. We’ll use it as lube for Terry’s cock.” I feel him slowly coming to a stop as his balls slap against me with a few more deep thrusts. Terry takes me and puts me on his lap facing him, he positions his cock and my now used hole, and tells me to sit back. I sit down and I feel the whole thing in me in a matter of seconds. God, does it feel good, rubbing my prostate. I start to jerk and Terry says, “Stop, we’ll make you cum without touching yourself.”

I do as he says and sit back and move up and down. Soon I feel my cock shrinking but it’s still rock solid, next thing I know I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard I’ve never felt an orgasm like it. Terry pleased lifts me up and puts me on the sofa in missionary. He says now comes even more fun as he starts to take my juices to lube my hole again. He starts fucking me, his balls slap my ass, deeper and deeper and suddenly, I feel his warm seed breeding my slutty ass. And then I’m cumming again, as I cover myself in cum from his tantalizing orgasm, filling me until it poured out. We rest on the sofas for a bit and it’s time for me to go home for the day.

“Don’t be shy, come by whenever you like Matt,” Terry remarks. Bill reiterates saying, “It was a pleasure. Maybe next time we should play in the play room.”

“Play room?” I reply. “Yes, we have a room where we do our extra curricular activities with boys like you. Come by for longer next time. You’ll have a blast.”

I head home cum filled and hornier than ever. Ready for our next meet up.

Image: Courtesy of – check out the hot scene Grilled: Bareback.

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