Hot Cocktale: After Swimming


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by: Jockfarnb – check him out on!

I love swimming, but finding the time is difficult with everything that goes on day to day. I decided to make an effort and go three times a week to my local indoor pool in an attempt to get fitter.

So the first few times were uneventful: I started slowly just taking my time to build up my swimming strength again. I had not swum properly since high school, and the only reason I did that was to see hot guys in tight trunks.

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So on my third day I was getting changed and noticed a good-looking guy around 30 changing out of his suit and like me putting on some tight speedos.

Now if you guys have read anything I have previously written you will know I love lycra speedos tight underwear that type of thing. So seeing this guy in speedos was a pleasant surprise as most guys now wear baggy board shorts that do nothing for them.

He must have sensed someone was watching and looked round and smiled as we made eye contact as he left and went to the pool. I finished getting ready putting my stuff into a locker and went to the pool hoping to see him again.

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When I got to the pool, it was quite as it was still early morning a few good swimmers doing laps in lanes areas, and a couple of ladies with babies in the shallow end, but no sign of my speedo guy.

I got in the water and started my new routine again still taking it easy going slow and steady. I had completed a few laps and needed a breather so hooked my arms over the side of the pool and just relaxed kicking my legs when I saw him on the diving board looking so hot. He dived a great dive from 3 meter board and then, as he got out of the pool very quickly, adjusted his speedos, but I caught a nice bulge and damn I wanted it.

I continued my swim keeping a watchful eye for my new eye candy making sure he didn’t leave without me seeing. I was mid-pool when I saw him walking towards the changing rooms so I quickly got to the ladder thing and got out. I went to the showers and washed the smell of pool off then went to my locker to get my wash kit. He was still in his speedos and heading towards the showers so of course I followed and stood two shower heads away (did not want to spook him).

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I washed my body and as I watched he was rubbing his bulge in those tight trunks. I turned directly towards him and rubbed my hand over my smooth chest and pinched my nipple. Am sure he noticed but did nothing except rinse the soap off and still in his trunks went to dry off. I took my trunks off, washed my cock and balls, giving them some extra work and made sure my ass was nice and clean.

I went to the open changing area and grabbed my towel and dried myself and looked over my speedo guy was still here but nearly dressed in a nice light grey suit. I very quickly pulled on my sweatpants and hoodie and followed as he left. As I got to the car park I saw him standing next to a black 4×4 talking on his phone. I smiled and as I walked by I did the crotch grab and hoped he took the hint. I went to my car a few spaces away and got in but left the door fully open so he knew I was not about to drive away.

After what seemed like forever he finally finished his call and walked towards my car I very quickly got out just as he arrived I smiled and he asked if I was having car trouble. I said, “No, just not in a hurry.” He smiled and said, “Good. Would you like to see my new flat not far away?” and of course I said yes. He told me to follow him and we drive about 2 miles away to a new development I had not been to before. I parked next to him and got out he said he had to make sure no one was home and give him a few minutes.

Now, I know some of you guys don’t like hooking up with married guys, but I don’t care – to me, it’s just fun. I am not looking to break up a marriage – just suck some cock.

He returned and said, “Come up and have a drink.” We went up in a small lift to the 8th floor and as the doors closed he had a feel if my bulge and said he liked it. I was about to have a feel when the doors opened and we left the lift.

We entered his flat nice open plan with floor to ceiling windows he said he would go grab us a drink and be right back. I looked out the window and you could see most of the town I live in. I heard him come back turned away from the window to see a far better view he was wearing very small tight red speedos and was bulging nicely in them. He looked my in the eyes and said in his deep, husky voice, “Get on your knees and suck my dick, cocksucker.”

I immediately dropped to my knees and sniffed and licked the bulge following the outline of his cock straining in the tight lycra trunks. I could taste the swimming pool water and soap he had used mixed with the smell of fresh precum leaking from his cock. I put my hands on his ass cheeks firm and full feeling so good through his trunks he was grinding against my mouth and face it was delicious. He ordered me to stand up and strip which didn’t take long I dropped my sweatpants and pulled the hoodie off he told me to stop as he touched my through a fresh pair of trunks I had pulled on at the pool. He groped me and squeezed my cock and balls I reached towards his bulge and he hit my hand away and in his deep husky voice said, “I am in charge here. My house, my rules. “He leaned in and kissed my neck when I love and whispered into my ear with that sexy voice again, “You might regret following me home after I have finished with you. Now back on your knees, cocksucker.”

I did as commanded and got back to sucking him through his trunks I went to the waistband fingers gently tracing along his firm belly and pulled them down slowly as his 6 inch uncut cock sprang up in the perfect angle to slide into my mouth. I started slow licking up the underside then licking the foreskin tasting his precum then taking the head into my lips letting him push all the way into my hungry mouth. He pounded my face deep and hard holding the back of my head and talking dirty the whole time, telling me I am only good at sucking cock, nothing else. Only fit for swallowing his cum like a faggot should. Now I could taste his precum leaking so much and his cock throbbing I knew he was close. He told me to get ready and swallow his master load but keep a little in my mouth at the end.

I felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat followed by what must have been 7 or 8 spurts as I gulped down his cum it tasted so good. He was now just dribbling the last of his load which I kept in my mouth as instructed. He leaned down and kissed me pushing his tongue into my mouth so he could taste his own load.

We kissed and he moaned then stood up and asked if I had any plans for the rest of the day. As it was my day off I said no to which he replied, “Good. I have lots I want to do to you.”

But that’s for the next story. Hope you guys enjoyed.

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