Hot Cocktale: The Back Room


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by: closetsubmale – Check him out on!

When I was in college, I got a job in a video store to help cover expenses and although the pay wasn’t great, it was easy work. My job was to take the evening shift maintaining the store, renting out videos and re stocking returned tapes. The videos were arranged in aisles by genre and at the very back of the store in a smaller room behind a curtain was the adult movie section. At the back of that room was a door labeled “do not enter”. I was always curious about what was back there, but the woman who owned the store made it clear that there was nothing back there that I needed to be concerned about.

I would occasionally see one of her female employees unlock the door towards the end of the shift and disappear inside but I never thought to ask her what was back there. Then one night my female coworker called in sick and I was left to manage the store alone. The owner emerged from the back room with a harried on her face around midnight and asked me to close up so she could head out a bit early. I agreed. I watched as she hid the keys in a drawer under the front counter and now I saw an opportunity to solve this mystery once and for all.

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I locked the front entrance to the store, turned out the lights and headed to the back. Anxiously, I unlocked the door handle and peered inside. It was a sparse room, dimly lit with a long narrow bench running down the middle but not much else. A bit of a disappointment I thought, but then I noticed something protruding from the wall at the far end. In the dim light it appeared to be a dildo, presumably stuck to the wall with a suction cup. We did sell a small selection of adult toys in the adult video section, but this somehow seemed out of place?

As I got closer I was amazed at how lifelike it appeared. I reached out and cupped the shaft in my hand. Immediately I heard a gasp coming from behind the wall and the “dildo” sprung to life. This was a real human cock! I jumped back in shock, now realizing that someone was actually thrusting their member through a hole in the wall. Whoever owned this hard-on was still unaware of whose hand had just touched them, so with some trepidation I reached out and stroked the shaft again. It jerked up and down in response to my touch and without even thinking about what I was doing, I began to gently stroke it.

Now I was beginning to understand why this room had been off limits except to my female coworker and more recently my female boss. And now here I was, playing anonymously with another man’s swollen cock. As I caressed his throbbing shaft, his moans became louder and he began thrusting it through the wall at me. “Suck it” he whispered. “Suck it hard!” I thought for a moment about what I was about to do, and then quietly dropped to my knees. Feeling a cock in your mouth for the first time is a sensation that is hard to describe. It was warm and soft yet firm and throbbing at the same time. I savoured the experience as I did my best to pleasure this delicious piece of meat.

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Judging from the moans coming from behind the wall, I was performing well and within a few short minutes my mouth filled with a creamy warm reward for my efforts. Then the cock withdrew back through the opening and was gone. I sat alone in the darkness, thinking of what I had just done and although I had always considered myself straight, my heart raced with excitement. The next night I closed up early and headed for the back room, hoping to try out my newly discovered skills again. I was not disappointed. This time two cocks hung enticingly from openings in the wall. Like forbidden fruit, their soft pink flesh beckoned me to come closer. I knelt quietly between them and cupped one in each hand.

As I gently fingered them, they sprung to life and glistening drops of pre-cum began dripping from each one. I turned from one to the other, lapping up the salty drops as they appeared and before long I was sucking furiously. The moans of pleasure behind each wall became louder and their echoes filled the empty room. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I loved every second of it and I was determined to finish what I had started. I wrapped my lips tightly around the first cock as I felt his orgasm begin to well up and moments later my mouth was filling with his warm fluid.

Meanwhile, I was continuing to stroke the other cock and as I turned to await my second mouthful, it exploded into my face, showering me with wave after wave of thick creamy semen. I took the head in my mouth to lap up the last few drops and as both organs pulled back and disappeared into the night, I turned to head back to the washroom to clean up. There, standing in the doorway was my boss… I stood frozen in horror, warm cum dripping down my chin.

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“Well that was impressive!” She smiled as she looked me up and down. Embarrassed beyond belief, I began to stammer about how I could explain the situation but she waved my comments aside. “No need to explain, your secret is safe with me” she smiled. “Nobody behind these walls knows or cares who gets them off. But if you are willing to carry on, I can double your pay”. I thought for a moment, regaining my composure, and then nodded in agreement.

And so began my new job. I would man the front of the store in the early evening and head into the back room at closing time to service the anonymous cocks which appeared in increasing numbers as word of my skills spread. A few weeks later the other employee returned but by this time, my role in the backroom was firmly established. My boss asked if she could explain my new position to my female co-worker and I sheepishly agreed. Much to my surprise, she was very receptive to the situation and soon we began working together in the back room, handling up to a dozen cocks a night when it got busy.

Business was booming and our boss was happy, and over time my co-worker and I went from being friends to boyfriend/girlfriend. Eventually we decided to move on and start our new lives together, but our mutual craving for random cock often lead us to visit our old boss who would set up an evening with some of her regulars for us to have a “date night” sucking and swallowing together. We would then race home and have sex, the taste of cum still fresh on each other’s lips.

As much as I love sex with my girlfriend, nothing compares to the taste of fresh cock meat and nothing excites her more than seeing me on my knees taking another man’s dick in my mouth. And it all started in the back of a neighbourhood video store…

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