Hot Cocktale: Tradesmen Slurprise


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My neighbor came over the other day to ask if it was OK if his builder could temporarily remove some fence panels whilst extending his shed. He explained his plans and that they would put the panels back once the job was completed. I gave him the nod of approval and thought nothing more of it until a few days later when the builder arrived.

There were three of them, the more senior appeared to be the boss as he was barking orders to the other two. As we are just coming out of spring and into our summer the weather fluctuates from cold to pleasantly warm. On this day it was relatively warm, enough for a just a T-shirt shorts, especially if working outside reconstructing a shed.

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I was busy at work in my home office which has a window facing the neighbor’s shed, so I could partially see their heads bobbing up and down above the fence line every now and then. Not being too nosy, but inquisitive, I took advantage of the tinted windows in my office knowing they could not see me watching them through my window.

I could only see a portion of their torso’s but from what I could see, all three of them were quite masculine with biceps to die for. I managed to continue working whilst glancing out the window occasionally getting a glimpse of each one while they worked. As lunch time approached I looked out and noticed a couple of T-shirts hanging over the fence rail. Now that got my attention and I almost bolted out my back door and around to the side fence to gain a better look.

One of the guys, the younger of the three was working near the fence line so I popped my head over to let him know it was OK if they needed to take a panel or two down to make the job easier. My cock almost put a dent in the fence as it sprung to attention, (the panels are made of aluminum). He looked to be around 25, really thick biceps and a great six pack that he was showing off. I noticed a faint line of hair running from his navel down to and into his shorts. If I didn’t know any better I’d also say he had a semi hard on as well. Either that or he had one massive sized cock inside those shorts he was wearing.

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He thanked me for the information and said he would speak to the boss to let him know. As he turned to walk away my heart melted as he was showing his ass crack just at the top of his shorts. His ass looked so cute, it was obviously really tight and he definitely worked out in the gym. Feeling elated and also deflated, I turned to walk away back into my house thinking I would definitely have to satisfy this hard on once I got inside.

I almost got around the corner when the young guy called out to me. Without hesitation I quickly turned around to see what he wanted, and from the look he gave my groin I’d say he was certainly interested in what I was packing inside my shorts. “The boss said thanks, and we’ll put it all back once we’re done” he stated. “Like I said, it’s fine by me” I replied.

I don’t think he heard me, his eyes had fixed onto my bulging cock and he was in some kind of trance. My gaydar was working overtime and it was going “ding, ding, ding”. “Would you like a drink” I asked. “It’s almost lunch time and I was about to grab a bite and a drink” I added. He looked back at his boss, then back at me and said “Yeah, thanks. Just give me a few minutes to get these panels down and I’ll come on over”. I told him to come on in through the back entrance, the door would be open and I would have a cold one ready for him.

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It felt like I sprinted from where I was to inside my house. Quickly checking my refrigerator for food and drink, I managed to throw together a quick salad sandwich and noted I had a few cold beers and soft drink to offer him along with either tea or coffee. I sat down at the table, slowly eating my sandwich when the door opened and he walked inside. He was still naked from the waist up and had removed his boots before entering the house. My cock stiffened immediately upon seeing him up close. He had clear skin, was suitably tanned most likely from working outside without a shirt or covering. His shorts were lowered slightly showing off where his tan line ended and lily-white skin started.

“I have my own lunch” he said as he walked over to the table, pulled out a chair and sat down. He had a brown paper bag with some prepared sandwiches inside which he quickly opened. “You mentioned a drink?” he stated, “what have you got on offer?” he went on to ask. I responded with “I have beer, soft drink, water, or if you like I can make you tea or a coffee”. As I stood up to grab whichever he decided, he stated “You know I saw your boner just before, didn’t you”. I was shocked, not that he’d noticed but that he was so open about it, and didn’t waste any time in mentioning it. With a question like that, what can one say?

“Well when I see such a perfect specimen of a man, my dick does what my dick does” I replied. “And as you can see, it’s still pretty hard” I added. Without another word said, he stood up from his seat, moved over to where I was standing and dropped to his knees. It all happened so quickly, my shorts and boxers were pulled down around my ankles in milliseconds. He grabbed hold of my shaft with both hands and began licking the head of my cock. It was already leaking pre-cum and was a stiff as a board.

He was playing with my nut sac with one hand and probing my hole with the other. His head was bobbing up and down on my cock, he was teasing my ass with his fingers and then there was the slurping sound as his saliva covered my shaft, it wasn’t long before I just let rip with a few ropes of my man juice. I buckled at the knees as he continued to take every drop I had on offer and he didn’t waste any of it. He looked up and smiled at me as he withdrew my cock from his mouth. Then he said he’d have to quickly eat his sandwich and get back to work, but thanked me for the drink.

He pretty much massacred the sandwich in seconds then he picked up his paper bag and started to walk out the door, only turning to tell me he enjoyed the drink and maybe the other young guy might be thirsty by afternoon tea time if I was interested. “Hell yes” I replied.

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