Hot Cocktale: Small Town Shopping


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I was on another one of those endless business trips a week ago. I needed a few things for the week so I dropped in to the only discount store in this small town.
It was quiet, no other car in the lot. At first I thought they must be closed but I saw some movement inside. A young employee, 24 or 25, was stocking shelves and he asked me if he could help me. He, Jason from his name tag, was about 5’9” and around 250 lbs. Interesting. I say interesting because one of my earliest experiences was with a guy of similar build, and it always excites me to recall that…to fantasize about it recurring.

In this situation, only 2 of us in the store, my fantasy meter was reading HOT.

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I showed him the items I wanted and followed him around, studying him, as he found them. The last item was at the bottom of a shelf and when Jason leaned down to get it his t-shirt rode up and his pants rode down revealing a “Jason buttcrack “ decorated by a powder blue thong. I guess I was staring because when I looked back at Jason he was looking at me with a sort of embarrassed look on his face. He smiled and asked if there was anything else I needed…innocently.
I said I was good for now and we headed for the checkout… me trailing and watching his ass wiggling ahead of me.
As he rang through the purchases I watched his man breasts working back and forth under his t-shirt. My cock was showing its appreciation under my pants.
I mentioned that I was in town for a few days, where my motel was and asked if he could recommend a good place to eat. He gave me a few names close to the motel. I was in no hurry to go to my motel and he seemed to be enjoying our chat so we just continued. As he talked I kept watching his full lips and his eyes. His eyes kept running over me and I felt that he was occasionally checking out the lump in my pants.
I asked if he lived nearby since I hadn’t seen a car in the lot. He said he lived with his mom in the same general area as my motel, but took the bus to and from work.
Eventually he said he had to close up, but had enjoyed our chat. I told him I had enjoyed talking with him as well, and could give him a ride home since it was close to my motel anyway. I also mentioned that he could point out one of those restaurants we talked about, and offered to treat him to dinner to continue our chat if he liked. He liked that idea and I went out to my car to wait for him.
It was a nice restaurant with high booths, quiet, good food. We chatted as we ate. Now the subjects were getting more personal. They covered life on the road, including where I’d been, any fun things done, and even sexual adventures, mine and his. His apparently were limited to a few handjobs and nothing recent at all.
He listened intently to the sexual stories, licked his lips occasionally, and brushed my leg with his a few times. I could see he was getting turned on.
One story that he really liked was the time early in my explorations when I had met a young man much like him. More leg touching as he seemed to squirm a bit on his seat.
I told him I noticed he seem to really like that story. He agreed and said he had never got to discuss these things with anybody, and certainly never thought he would with someone my age. He said he felt very comfortable. He told me he had called his mom and told her he was going out for dinner with a friend , while I was out in the car at the store. She was very happy to hear that and had told him to enjoy himself.
Finally, the moment was right. I asked him if he ever had sleepovers at friends’ places. He said he did, fairly often when they were playing video games. And, his mom liked that too. It gave her time to herself at home.
I told him I was enjoying our time together very much and although I didn’t have any video games I was sure we could have a good time if he wanted a sleepover with me. We could continue our chat.
He swallowed hard and said he thought that was a great idea. We skipped dessert and coffee and went to my motel room.
We kicked off our shoes at the door, removed winter coats and settled in on two big easy chairs to continue. He pretty quickly got back into the story about the guy who resembled him.
After a few minutes I offered him some juice that the motel provided and we moved to the sofa so we had someplace to set the glasses. It was a short sofa, so as we turned to face each other a bit our legs were touching. I placed my arm on the back of the sofa. My arm went behind his shoulder and my hand touched the back of his neck. He leaned his head back against it and closed his eyes.
My other hand went down to his leg and I slid it up along his thigh. He did the same to me and gave a soft moan when his hand touched my growing cock. I asked him if he was comfortable and enjoying this. He moaned softly and nodded his head to show that he definitely was.
My hand slid up over his soft belly and touched a nipple. He trembled and squirmed, pressing his head back more firmly on my hand.
He suggested that he should call his mom and tell her he would be sleeping over at a friend’s place. I agreed that it was a good idea.
He called her, and she obviously had a lot to say about her day as he quietly listened. I whispered in his other ear that I was going to play now and he was to just enjoy it.
I pulled his t-shirt out and slid my hand up over his awesome fleshy belly, up to his manbreasts, teasing the nipples and watching him squirm. Several times he tried to sign off from his mom, but she had more to tell him. I stood up, gave him my hand and drew him to his feet. As he stood there, I undid his belt and pants and pulled them down, helping him to step out of them. I massaged his awesome ass cheeks, wiggling in front of me. I pulled his t-shirt up and between the two of us got it over his head without him losing the phone call. He was almost begging with his mom to let him go now. But she had a few more things to say.
He stood there, naked except for the blue thong.

Now I was able to really play with his manbreasts, nipples and ass cheeks. I took him over to the desk and had him bend down over it, his breasts sagging and swinging now as I softly slapped them. Next I began to spank his ass, softly at first but increasing in intensity.
Finally he closed the phone. Now he was focused. I told him to strip me. He took off my tie and undid my dress shirt. I pulled his head down onto my nipples and told him to suck on them while he undid my belt and pants. He removed my shirt and then I pushed him down to remove my pants and undershorts. My cock sprang up as my shorts slid down. He was on his knees now removing my pants and shorts from my feet but staring at my cock. I grabbed his head and pulled it against my cock. He resisted a bit but with more pressure he moved tighter against me. I told him to open his mouth, take me in and lick me. He was a natural. His full wet lips worked my cock. It did not take long before I told him I was going to cum and would give him a nice facial as his reward for being such a great cocksucker.
I withdrew and squirted all over his lips and chin. Cum was dripping everywhere. I helped him stand up and moved our faces together where I licked my cum and forced my wet cum-coated tongue against his.
I led him to the bathroom, told him we were going to have a shower and after that I would give him the best massage he ever had.
The evening was young. Shared soapy shower, massage to come and this sleepover was going to be one to remember for both Jason and me…
I have run out of space for now, but will be back to tell you more in a few days…

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