Hot Cocktale: Coach Teaches


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I was 18–the summer after I graduated high school. I was young, shy and naive. It was my last season of competitive diving at the summer pool where I grew up. The coach that year also grew up at the pool and started coaching after he went off to college. He was my first wet dream when I was going through puberty.

He filled out his speedo in all of the right ways. An athletic body highlighted by a hairy chest with a hair trail that went down his lean abs leading to that incredible bulge.

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It was one of the last practices before the end of the season. Practice was over and I had stayed behind for the coach to help me with a newly learned inward 1 1/2. As we finished up the coach had gone into the locker room. I gathered my sports bag and headed into the locker room to change. As I walked into the locker room the coach was there changing. He was naked. Seeing my fantasy in the flesh–the large flacid cock highlighted by the nice bush at the base of that amazingly thick hair trail that I so long admired. He picked up on the expression on my face as I entered the locker room and saw him for the first time naked. I could feel my cock growing pushing against my speedo. Seeing this he held his cock starting to stroke it. I stood there frozen, like a deer in headlights.

“Haven’t you ever seen a guy naked before?”, he asked. A thousand thoughts rushed through my mind. I stammered, “Yes.” By this time I was fully erect and couldn’t hide it. He told me to come over to him. “Touch it, ” he said looking down at his partially erect cock. I did and backed away. “Have you ever jerked off with your buddies?” I told him, “No.” He said, “I’ve noticed how you watch me during practice. You always seem to be looking at my speedo.” I didn’t realize I was that obvious.

“It’s ok, ” he told be as he bent over and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. He then took my hand and put it back on his cock. “Go ahead, stroke it.” I slowly stroked his cock feeling it grow in my hand. He reached in under my bathing suit and started to stroke my cock. He bent over, kissing me again. This time his tongue entered my mouth. I began to reciprocate as we both stroked each others cocks. “Want to suck it? ” he asked. “I don’t know how, ” I responded. He stood up on the bench and told me to open my mouth as guided my head to his cock.

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“Just take in the tip and lick it with your tongue.” At this point I was in such a daze my instincts took over. I slowly worked my mouth over the head and started taking more and more of his cock in my mouth. I was stroking the base as my mouth worked his upper shaft. With his hands on my head he slowly guided his 9″ of fully erect manhood deeper down my throat. As I said, I was so much in a daze and couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. He slowly moved his cock in and out of my mouth. With each stroke he would go a little deeper down my throat. After some time of him slowly training my throat, I was taking his whole cock. He was very gentle, never forcing his cock in. It naturally opened up my throat. I never choked on it. However, I could feel the warmth and thickness opening up my throat. After several minutes of him slowly fucking my throat, he guided my head off his cock and stepped down off the bench and then positioned me–bent over hands on the bench.

Having no idea what was going on, he pulled down my speedos and spread my ass cheeks. Next thing I know his face was in my ass and I felt his warm tongue on my hole. I never felt anything like it before. Spreading my cheeks must have exposed my hole enough that I could feel him trace the outside pf my hole with the tip of his tongue. With the tip of his tongue he began to flick the outside of my hole. It felt incredible and I let out a soft moan. This was his cue to go in deeper. He opened it up a little more and I could feel his tongue enter my hole. I began to tremble a little feeling the warmth of his tongue–it being the first time there was something in the inner reaches of my hole. He continued to work my hole. Opening it up and going deeper. He began to tongue fuck me. I could feel his tongue going in and out. Each time a little deeper, Each time with a moment of hesitation–licking the inside of my hole, exploring the inner walls with a tongue swirl each time before pulling out. I felt a tingle up my spine I never felt before. My cock was rock hard. I was leaking my first pre-cum.

As he continued working my hole with his tongue he started to finger me. When the first finger went in, my hole really contracted and tried to push it out. He pulled it out and worked my hole with his tongue some more. As my hole relaxed, he tried again. Slowly, he worked his finger in, As his finger got fully in, he pressed up on my prostate. I started to cum like I never came before. As my orgasm subsided he continued. I was more relaxed as he continued to work it. I was still rock hard. Soon I felt a second finger work its way in. I was more relaxed and could feel myself opening up more.
As I was ass down and face up, I could not really see what was going on. But all I know is it felt good. And I did trust him–that he wouldn’t hurt me. Afterall, he was my coach. I felt him spit on my hole before he put the two fingers in again. As he worked my hole with his fingers I heard him spit again and then again. He slid his fingers out and spit on my hole again. Then I felt something thicker enter my hole. It hurt a little. It didn’t go in as deep as the fingers at first. He stuck it in and ;ulled it out a couple of times. This felt better than his fingers. Each time i felt it go in deeper. A third time and he held it in my ass. At that point he said, “This is my cock inside your hole.”

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The warmth, the thickness, was like nothing I ever felt before. It hurt. But the feeling of my hard cock and the connection that I felt at that point helped to subdue the pain. I finally understood how something could hurt so good. As my coach sensed I was more relaxed and the fact that my hole had opened up more he began with longer deeper thrusts. Soon my ass was swallowing up his whole 9″. As the speed increased and he got deeper in I could feel this incredible tinge. His cock was hitting the back wall of my hole with each thrust.

He must had sensed that I was close to cumming again. Or maybe he was ready to cum. I don’t know. But he pulled out, Flipped me over. Laid me out on the bench, He positioned my legs on his shoulders and lefted my hips up. I could feel him slide into my hole again. I could see his handsome face and the determination and pleasure with each thrust. He bent over and gave me a deep kiss. Our tongues intertwined. I could feel an eruption begin like I never felt before. It started in my prostate. I could feel it move up my taint. With each thrust it got more intense as my cock felt harder than it had ever felt before. Uncontrollably i let out a huge moan. I started to shoot like i never shot before. It hit my eyes was on my chest. When I let out the huge moan and could feel my cock pumping, my coach let out a huge moan. As my cock was shooting cum I could feel my coach’s cock pulsating in my hole. As I stopped shooting I could feel a warmth fill my hole that I never felt before. He shot his load in my ass. He bred me.

As he pulled out, I could feel my hole contract. I felt his warm cum leak out of my used hole and trickle down my ass. He then went down on my ass, licked up his cum and gave me a deep kiss–feeding me his cum out of my ass. He then picked me up off the bench and gave me another deep kiss. Without a word we both went into the shower and cleaned up.

We finished out the season, never mentioning what happened. The season finished out and I went off to college. Our paths have not crossed since. However, I will never forget my first time and often fantasize about my coach fucking me again.

“It’s ok, ” he preceded to tell me. He bent over and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. As he backed away

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