Hot Cocktale: The Business Exec


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Madawaskaguy – check him out on!

About 7 years ago, another boring/useless work conference. However I didn’t mind as it got me away from the small town I live in. Action there is few and far between. I’ve always had luck on hotel excursions. Besides that, the expenses fully covered by my employer.

The first night I hit the payload with several married and/or attached guys who needed their dicks sucked. Those guys always seem to drop the biggest loads! Wife or GF not providing oral service.

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At lunch on the second day I searched for more possibilities for that evening. Started chatting with a guy who was also in Ottawa for work who was staying at a hotel kitty-corner from mine. Just my type, dark hair, moderately hairy. We agreed to chat some more later that afternoon after we both finished our meetings for the day.

Upon talking later he told be he was the head of a company in Vancouver, married, late 40s, originally from Iran. Discretion was a must for him. He asked if we could meet at my hotel as he had employees with him at his and didn’t want to risk meeting at the bar/restaurant there. No problem as I was the only person from my work. Told him I would meet him in the lobby lounge area and said what I would be wearing.

It was early evening, late Spring, so still light out. Sitting by the window I could see a man exit the other hotel and cross the street headed towards my hotel. Not him I thought as he was in a full suit. As he passed the window heading for the entrance he nodded as he noticed me. My heart skipped a beat.

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He greeted my with a very strong, business-like handshake and sat down while saying my name (which we had exchanged earlier). Damn I felt underdressed in my casual pants and polo shirt. This guy had some bucks behind him. Impeccably geared out: pressed shirt and pants, must have been an Armani suit and tie, polished shoes that would blind you in the sun, gold watch. On top of that he was gorgeous. Not a hair out of place with a trimmed beard that outlined his sculpted jaw. I was just waiting for him to tell me “thank-you” but it wasn’t going to work for him. Wasn’t the case. He was very nice, funny and we actually talked about each other for an hour. Finally he asked if we were going up to my room (I was too overwhelmed with him to suggest it myself). So off we went.

We barely got into the room when he grabbed me in a tight embrace and planted a passionate kiss with his full, moist lips. His cologne was subtle with a pleasant woody scent. It caught me by surprise because in our earlier conversations he said he was a total top who didn’t reciprocate. I figured he just wanted a blow and go.

He asked me to strip him. Methodically I removed each piece, interrupted only by him ensuring he neatly hung or folded everything with every step. Every time reveling a bit more of his solid, gently manscaped, muscular body until finally I slipped off his underwear. Which he also folded LOL!

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His cut cock was a perfect example of manhood. A large mushroom head, bulging veins accompanied by large low hanging balls, and it wasn’t even fully erect. He pushed my face into his crotch and I open my mouth to take in the prize. It grew quickly in girth and length as I gobbled his meat.

Pulling me off and up, he started kissing me again as he led me onto the bed. After making out some more he guided back down to his waiting shaft. I worked it like there was no tomorrow. It seemed like he could last for a long time as there was no indication from him that he was ready to cum. Only words of encouragement switching between English and Farsi.

Then he stopped me with a question. “What time did I have to be at work tomorrow morning?” I told him I didn’t as I was checking out at noon to go home. The same with him it seemed. “Then we better order breakfast from roomservice before continuing”, he chuckled. Fuck, he’s staying the night!

After ordering and before returning to bed he pulled a tube of lube out of his suit jacket pocked. I was going to get laid! We continued making out interspersed with me sucking his dick. True to his word he never sucked mine, however, his meaty hands were stroking it constantly. Finally, while on top of me he lifted my legs, lubed my hole and his cock and started to insert.

He was slow and gentle at first. His pushes inched deeper and deeper until the entire engorged sword was firmly planted. The passionate making out turned into an even more passionate lovemaking experience. The thrusts grew stronger and faster. Our moans grew as well until finally he orgasmed, filling me with his seed. I followed almost instantly, leaving a load of cream between our bellies.

Resting for a while in the afterglow, we showered together and I fell asleep in his arms. He nudged me awake during the night to repeat. Then again after breakfast.

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