Hot Cocktale: The Hitchhiker


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Back in the mid-60’s to probably late 70’s in America, during the hippie movement, there were a lot of folks that took to hitchhiking as their way to move around the country. A popular bumper sticker back then was “Ass, Cash or Grass – Nobody Rides for Free.” I admit, as a 19-year-old, I slapped one on my car, more for kicks than expectations. My first duty assignment in the military was a small detachment in the middle of a cornfield outside of Omaha, Nebraska. During the summer of 1976, I had been there about a year when I decided to take a road trip back to Ohio to see family and friends. Instead of leaving early in the morning and making it a long driving day, I decided to leave right after my shift ended in the late afternoon.

I hit the road and was making good time. I stopped a couple of hours into my drive to stretch and get some fuel. As I was re-entering the freeway, there was a hitchhiker on the side of the on-ramp. Being a nice guy and knowing there were no major cities for quite a while, I stopped and offered a ride. The young fella threw his small duffel back in the back seat and settled into the front seat. Ronny was his name, and he was trying to make the east coast in the next couple of days. I told him I was going as far as Cincinnati, and he was welcome to stay for the trip. He was cool with that, and we started chatting about ourselves.

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About nightfall, I decided that was enough for one day and I was going to stop and get a motel room. I asked Ronny if he wanted dropped-off, or if he wanted, he could share a room with me overnight. He claimed he didn’t have much money and couldn’t contribute to a motel room. I shrugged it off and told him it was no worry, I had to get a room anyway and he was welcome to crash with me for the night. He agreed and we soon found a roadside motel with attached restaurant. I got the room and we both dropped our luggage off before going to the restaurant for dinner. The food was hot, service was good, and the beer was cold. When we got back to the room, I was bushed from traveling and a full meal. I told Ronny I was going to take a shower and hit the sack. The shower was awesome and as usual for a 19-year-old, I spent a couple of extra minutes washing my cock and balls.

I came out of the small bathroom with just a towel around my waist and made my way to the bed. I hadn’t paid much attention until then, but we only had one queen sized bed. I apologized to Ronny as this was the only room available. Ronny assured me it was no problem with him if it wasn’t a problem with me. As tired as I was, it was no issue for me.
I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Sometime during the night, I slightly woke up realizing there was someone else in the bed but paid it no mind and easily fell back to sleep. It must’ve been a couple hours later when I woke again and found myself spooning Ronny with the famous nocturnal erection. I didn’t fall back asleep so easily this time as it was obvious Ronny was squirming and pushing back against my dick. I reached around and found Ronny’s nipple and lightly ran my fingertip over it. “Oh, yeah, that’s nice,” he whispered. Knowing we were both awake now, I pulled the covers back. I moved my hand from Ronny’s nipple to his hard dick. He seemed to be about the same size as me but was totally smooth (before manscaping was a thing). I stroked his cock a few times and found his pre-cum freely flowing.

Ronny disengaged from our position and quickly dropped down to devour my cock. I moved him around into a 69 position so I could feast on his smooth ass and balls. He was really going to town on my morning meat, and I knew I wouldn’t last long. As I tongue-fucked his crinkled star, he took me deep in his throat and began to do some magical gyrations that quickly had me on edge. I broke away from his opened ass and grunted that I was cumming. This only made Ronny take the whole of my dick and not let go. My ropes were strong and plentiful as I filled his mouth and throat with my cum offering. Undeterred by my orgasm, Ronny kept my turgid cock in his mouth and continued to work his tongue up and down my shaft.

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A couple of minutes of his magic mouth and there was no doubt I was keeping this hard-on for a bit. I went to take Ronny’s cock in my mouth, but he lifted himself up and moved around to sit on my cock. His ass was sufficiently lubed from my tongue-fucking and the head of my dick quickly popped in as Ronny let out a little gasp. It took a bit for him to work my full length in but before long he was impaled to the hilt. I let Ronny do the work and he did not disappoint. He began squirming in circles and then started his up and down movements. By now his cock was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. As it ran down his shaft, I scooped some up and took a taste of his liquid gold.
I returned to his cock and began light stroking as Ronny began to speed up his gyrations. It didn’t take long before Ronny began moaning and grunting, swearing under his breath, “fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck!” This didn’t go on for very long until I knew he was getting close to erupting. He started slamming his ass onto my cock and grabbed my hand that was on his cock and squeezed it tight. “Oh yeah, this is it, this is it, OH FUCK!!!!!” His ass tightened at the same time his cock let loose with easily a half-dozen strong streams of cum, landing on my chin, neck, and chest. Ronny’s orgasm lasted long enough for my balls to tighten and then shoot my own seed deep into his ass.
Ronny’s low moaning was met with my satisfied sigh as we stayed in position for several minutes. Eventually my cock did get soft and plopped out of his tight ass, releasing my load all over me and the sheets. After a couple of quick showers, we were recovered enough to catch breakfast and hit the road again. The rest of the trip was uneventful and our conversations were light, fun and sexy.

This was before personal e-mails and cell phones, so we swapped landline numbers and promised to stay in touch and hook up again outside of a road trip. That never happened but I think of Ronny often, especially when I have a road trip planned.

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