Hot Cocktale: Writing on the Wall


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I’d never met anyone in a public toilet block before but after I’d been into this one in a village not far from me and found sex messages on the walls and phone numbers. I found myself getting hard. I found one message wanting meets there and to leave a time to meet. So I braved it and did.

I suggested 3pm on an afternoon five days from then. I had to have a wank in there before I left so I did, imagining if I’d actually go through with it or even if there was anyone at the end of the scrawled message.

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The next day I didn’t have time to revisit to see if there’d been a reply but the day after I did. There it was, an answer saying yes, will be here and repeating the time, 3pm on the day I suggested It also read, I will use the word ‘Pharoah’ so you know it’s me. Before this I had only ever sucked guys off and they’d sucked me off and had my ass fingered which I admit I absolutely loved every time. I had never been fucked or fucked anyone at that point. Come the day I was in two minds whether to go but in the end I did and parked around the corner at 2:30pm, then walked past the toilet block a few times making my final decision.

On the third pass I went in and it was just after 3pm. There was no one there but I entered the same cubicle anyway and saw the message as it was when I found it. It was only a few minutes before I heard someone enter the block. There was breathing and silence. I stayed where I was in the cubicle, then a knock and then a quiet whisper which said, hey, Pharoah. I unlocked the door and he grinned, he said it was nice to meet me and walked in shutting and locking the door behind him.

He was about my height, heavier built, older but not by much. There wasn’t a lot of room for two fully-grown men but we managed. He said, thanks for the wanting to meet, I reciprocated. He didn’t waste time and immediately grabbed by groin and said, nice, my cock instantly grew under his grip, I felt a wave of panic but also excitement. This was still new to me. He began unfastening my jeans and slipped his hand inside and pulled me out, looking down he seemed to like what he found and started wanking me slowly. He stood really close, no choice. I worked hard not to cum right away and breathed while his hands did amazing things to my ever-growing cock.
Just before I was about to exploded he slowed to a stop then told me to pull his out, which I did, clumsily unfastening his jeans and pulling out his much larger than mine cock. It felt so good, hot, throbbing, wet with precum. I stroked him and he told me to sit in the seat and suck him. I did.

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He held my head and while I held his cock between my fingers he shoved it into my mouth which I took willingly. At first it was awkward getting his rhythm but when I did I inhaled the smell of sex and let his precum trickle down my throat and smear my tongue. I was getting the hang of this, I thought, and he was so rampantly hard by now. I felt glad I wrote my reply on the wall.

After a while I was wondering if he would ever cum, he stopped me and then told me to bend over the cistern. I said okay and did what he told me. He grabbed my jeans and pulled them right down along with my boxers. He licked his fingers then he spat on my ass and slid one inside me, I almost shot my load as he began fingering my hole slowly at first them more as deep as he could go, then he forced another finger into me and even though it hurt initially I got used to it quick and started to go with it.

It was when he stretched my hole more with a third finger I almost told him to stop but I didn’t, I couldn’t; I was loving it. He spat again on my hole and fingered me so deep with all three. My cock has become too rigid it was fit to bursting.

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He pulled his fingers out and I heard a slopping sound as he smeared his fingers in gel and then slid them in again, this time it felt easier and after a few strokes again pulled out. I was taking deep breaths when he asked if I wanted him to fuck me now. I nervously said I hadn’t been fucked before, not properly. He said then he would be my first and I felt what I knew was the tip of his cock touching my hole, and then pushing, pushing and he didn’t stop as I felt myself being stretched even more than the fingers had and then there was a feeling of a pop and I knew the head of his cock was now inside me, he edged it further in and out, over and over, his bare cock, my first ever cock, in my ass and well and truly fucking me.
He fucked me slow, deliberate and getting deeper with each stroke, as I had already discovered how big he was, I could feel every inch working into me making my hips move and I bent over further in the hope it would help. It did and he started well and truly fucking me in that cubicle, his cock moving more and more easily as I heard the gel and juices quietly slopping.

While braced against the cistern with one hand I grabbed my cock and then he reached round and placed it over mine and started to make me wank myself, he squeezed which just made me harder and all the while his cock was taking me for the first time, and I was wanting it so much now.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and cum while both me and him wanked me, my cum shot out like never before as I felt his cock inside me still now hitting my prostate and making me just want it all the more. The sensation was mind-blowing. His breathing changed and he gripped my hips and started fucking me even harder now, I braced again and felt him shoot his whole load inside me, fucking every last drop into my newly-fucked ass.

I couldn’t help but love the feeling of his hot cum in me and by now trickling out. We both stopped, breathing almost in time with each other. He pulled out and fastened his pants.

I stayed where I was for several minutes not sure what to do. He pulled my head around, kissed me on the lips and said, thanks babe, we should do this again and slipped his phone number into my pocket. He unlocked the door and was gone leaving me shocked at myself but also now certain that I want this and that I will want more. I will be calling him again soon.


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