Hot Cocktale: Photographic Memories


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There is something about having a complete stranger’s penis inside my mouth that is such a turn on. I like when it starts out soft and small. Tasting it. Sucking it. There’s that wonderful moment when you can feel it slowly harden and grow inside your mouth. That’s such a thrilling thing to experience. It feels weird but so exciting to cause that to happen using my mouth. It feels so good to know I have that kind of power. The power to make a man get an erection. I feel proud to possess the mouth of a slut. I feel a sense of pride being a cock sucker.

I’m focused on the cock. I barely care that there’s a guy attached to it. The only thing I’m interested in beyond the dick are the sounds he makes from being pleasured. The soft moans as his penis fucks my slutty mouth.

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Giving some dude you don’t know, nor care to know a blow job is so enjoyable to me. I like when he holds onto my head gently and thrusts back and forth fucking my mouth. That moment I feel like I’m nothing more than his personal whore. I feel like that moment my only reason for existing is to suck his dick. To use my mouth just to pleasure anonymous men. Guys that appreciate getting blown by a passionate cock sucker like myself.

By far my favorite thing about sucking a man’s dick is having him unload every last drop of his sperm load inside my mouth. I love cum. I love the texture. The flavor. Just knowing that some guy just came inside my mouth is an incredible turn on. I don’t swallow right away. I keep it inside my mouth for as long as possible to enjoy the taste. Sperm could very well be my favorite meal. I’d swallow a beer mug filled with that stuff if I could get that kind of quantity. I watch those porn videos where women have an obscene amount of cum dumped inside their mouth by multiple men and I’m so jealous of that. That would be the ultimate fantasy cum true for me.

I’ve now discovered that I like getting photographic memories of my carnal encounters. There’s something so exciting about having proof that I’m nothing more than a cock sucker. Pictures that prove that I enjoy pleasuring a stranger’s dick. I want to get more pictures. I’d love to hook up with a guy or two that have one of those beautiful photogenic cocks that are so irresistible looking. I’d love to get pictures of me smiling with it against my face. My eyes looking up at the camera with the prick inside my mouth. The tip of the head just barely inside my whorey mouth. Me licking it with my tongue. Pictures of me enjoying the dick of the moment. Profile pictures taking it deep. I need a photo album of me with all kinds of dicks that I’ve enjoyed throughout my career as a cock sucker.

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Yes. I want further proof of my love of sucking dick. I’ve noticed with the picture taking, my skills are improving. I’m more aware of what I’m doing. I’m getting more daring. Taking the guy’s erection deeper. Learning to deep throat. Getting more skilled at avoiding the gagging reflex. There’s a perverse excitement of knowing that there’s photographic proof that I am a cock sucker. That I enjoy having a man’s penis inside my mouth.

That’s my quest now. Sucking cock. Enjoying the taste of sperm inside my mouth. Swallowing it all. And getting pictures of me in action enjoying a guy’s hard dick. I’ll take selfies when I can. And if the guy is willing, give him my phone to take some of the pictures from his POV. Hopefully the guys I connect with are ok with me taking pictures of their dicks that way. I have zero interest in pictures of his face so he doesn’t need to worry about that. I’m only interested in his cock.

I don’t have one yet, but I’d love to get a picture of me looking up at the camera smiling with a beautiful hard cock resting against my face. That would be the ultimate proof of how happy it makes me to please a complete stranger using my mouth.

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And it’s fun looking at the pictures reliving the moment of that particular encounter. It’s a fun additional element to what’s already a fun activity. Sucking dick.

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