Hot Cocktale: Exploring a New Glory Hole


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I began buying dildos and began practicing on them, and then I came across cum eating instruction (CEI) videos–videos of women making men eat their own cum, something I already loved to do for years.

This transitioned to bi, trans, and gay porn and I realized that I just loved cock and cum. I wanted to suck cock and I did in an encounter I have written about previously. Since 2017 I estimate that I have sucked about 60 cocks; it might have been twice that number if not for COVID.

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There are two adult stores not far from my house and I have enjoyed sucking cock and their glory holes on more than a few occasions, but one time I found myself out of town on a business trip and couldn’t find anyone to come to my hotel room on any of the online hook up sites.

There was, however, a local adult store not far from my hotel. I decided to check it out. It turns out that going to a new adult store and exploring a new glory hole was like sucking cock at a glory hole for the first time.

I went in the store, browsed around while I got up the courage to check out the theater. Finally, I paid the fee and went in back and I was… underwhelmed. It was several rooms with couches that had a different themed movie showing. There were several people back here but everyone was just kind of lingering in the hallway, waiting for something to happen. I found one room with a guy sitting in there watching a gay porn but couldn’t get up the nerve to go in.

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After this continued for what seemed like ages, I realized there were a few individual viewing booths in a corner. I was about to leave when I discovered that one had a nice round hole about waist-high. A glory hole. In addition to sucking cock at glory holes at home I have always loved watching videos of both men and women (or both) servicing anonymous strangers through the holes so I couldn’t resist. I decided to sit down and see what was playing. I figured I’d just watch some porn, get off, and then be on my way.

I scrolled through on the channels and found a hot video of a sexy guy being spit-roasted by 2 other buff guys while another 2 guys jerked off there gorgeous cocks and waited their turn. I sat down, pulled my own cock out, and starting stroking. Watching the guy get used from both ends was turning me on to no end, and I knew I was getting close to cumming. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

It was at this point that I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, and I looked over to see a nice hard cock come through the wall. It was much larger than my own, and even bigger than any in my dildo collection, so it had to be about 9 inches long. I stared at it, mesmerized, for a few moments.

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I was extremely turned on. I slowly started stroking it as I got my pants all the way down and got down on my knees.

I looked at it up close, feeling how different and similar the flesh felt compared to my own cock. And then, I slowly began to lick around the head, speeding up, and then trying to move my head up and down on this beautiful penis. I could hear moans on the other end of the wall and it was incredibly hot. I was so glad that the man on the other side was enjoying it. As I was doing this, I realized I may never get the chance suck this cock again. Throwing caution to the wind, I opened the door to my booth and an audience began to gather to watch me sucking this amazing cock. It turned me on even more that I was essentially featuring myself as a cock sucker, but all I wanted was to eat this stranger’s cum. And I was going to do it all in front of a roomfull of men.

I continued bobbing my head up and down on his cock, trying to fit as much as I could down my throat. He was beginning to moan louder and louder, and as I continued he began to move his hips, slowly at first, then faster and faster as he was fucking my face. I was so turned on that I knew I was about to cum and I hadn’t even touched my own cock. Right as I was about to cum, I cupped my hand underneath my dick to catch my load and I spurted out a load without even touching myself. I caught it all in my hand, then took a break from sucking his cock to slurp my cum off my hand. I made sure to look right at my audience as I did it, sticking my tongue out to show the cum that was there, before swallowing it down. Then I went right back to sucking.

This went on for another few minutes before the pace picked up and he began pumping his hips faster. He grunted loudly and he came, spurting several huge ropes of cum right into my mouth. I made sure to wrap my lips around his cock as he came and licked around his cockhead to tease out as much cum as I could, ensuring I caught the entire massive load in my mouth. I pulled off his dick as he pulled it back through the hole. I again showed the gathered men the cum in my mouth and then swallowed it down. Then I could hear him zip his jeans up and then the door opened and shut. And that was it.

I sat there and thought about the fact that a stranger had just used my throat in front of several other strangers. I still was incredibly horny as I hadn’t had a whole orgasm, and as I looked at the screen I saw that the same guy from the porn I was watching had taken a facial from 2 guys and a 3rd was working up to it. I began furiously stroking my cock, even more turned on by the fact that I could still taste cum in my mouth. I got closer and closer, and then as the guy on the screen got one last facial I came a massive orgasm that covered my chest.

Right after I came, I heard a noise from the next stall and looked back towards the hole in the wall. I saw a new cock peeking through the hole. Giving into all my dirty fantasies, I made mouth contact with his new stranger as I proceeded to lap up all my cum I had just shot all over my chest, a little bit at a time.

Then I repeated the ritual that I had just completed with the first cock. The new guy knocked on the wall to warn me he was cumming and my audience started cheering “suck that cock” and “swallow that load.” I did and I loved it. I loved being a cocksucking cumslut for the men in this adult store.

By now I was spent and my jaw was sore.

About an hour later, I got back to my hotel. The idea of what I had just done was turned me on again, so the first thing I did when I got back to my room was get out my dildo and suck on it. I fantasized that it was another huge cock.
I came all over myself again. This time, I took the dildo, dipped it in the cum, and kept sucking it, eating my whole load.

I still was a little in shock at everything that I had done, but I knew one thing. I’m a cock sucking cumslut and happy that I am.

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