Hot Cocktale: First Time Cruising


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I spent my early twenties exploring my sexuality and how much I enjoyed my naughty side. I had just learned what cruising meant after watching Al Pacino’s movie. All gay themed movies were criticized at the time for exploiting and portraying only stereotypes, not much grounded in reality. I honestly didn’t care as it was one of the few exposures I had to some facet of the gay world and was fascinated to learn all I could. One part of Cruising that caught my interest was when they go cruising in the park. I had no clue that could happen in real life and it excited me a lot. I had heard rumours it happened at night in my city, in one of the main parks, and I was very interested to find out more.

One night, leaving the theatre, I decided to walk by this park. It was a nice park, surrounded by major avenues always with lots of traffic, so I felt safe to walk there at night. There were a few guys walking around and as I paid closer attention I noticed the one walking ahead kept turning back to look at the guy following him. Immediately I clued in they were cruising. Bingo. That got me excited right away and, as usual, there goes my self control out of the window. Without even thinking about it, I turned and walked into the park, using some trails by the trees. I had the beginning of a hard on forming between my legs.

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The street lights only went so far and soon I was walking almost in full darkness, but as my eyes got used to it, I could see enough to safely walk through the trails. There was nobody around, but soon I ran into the main public bathroom in the park. It was a big square building, surrounded by trees on three sides. As I approached by the back of the building, I noticed there were people there. I slowed down and stopped to see what was going on. There were two guys standing and one guy crouched, leaning against the wall and with a guy standing in front of him. As I kept watching I saw that the crouched guy was sucking the guy standing in front of him. My cock almost burst out of my pants. I was wearing sweatpants as I anticipated needing to make access into my pants easier.

The guy that was getting a blow job was holding the crouched guy’s head and fucking his mouth hard. With no control already, I just walked into the clearing where they were, pulling my pants down a bit, showing my ass and touching my cock while I looked at the hot scene in front of me. The other guy was standing a bit apart from the other two, holding and stroking his hard cock in his hand. He turned to me and asked if I did something like that. I nodded and turned my ass towards him, smiling and rubbing my hand on it, in an inviting manner. He wasted no time and walked towards me, cock in hand and positioned himself right behind me. I felt his cock between my ass cheeks and he started rubbing it up and down on my ass. I felt the heat running through my body and any remaining ounce of control disappearing fast.

I heard him spit in his hand and then felt it wet, rubbing on my hole. He spat some more and next I felt him pushing his cock into my hole. I didn’t have much experience at the time, but the excitement was enough to make relax and want that cock inside me right there. I could still see the other guy fucking the other guy’s mouth and it made it even harder. I felt his cock slide slowly inside me, opening me up with pain at first, then pure pleasure. I couldn’t see much of his features in the dark, but all I cared about was the feeling of that cock deep inside me. He stood still for a little bit, feeling his cock all the way inside me. I was tight and he commented how good my asshole felt on his cock. Then he started moving his cock in and out. Slowly at first, then fast and faster. It was the second time I was being fucked, having lost my virginity just 2 weeks back. He was so horny and didn’t last long. After a few strokes inside me he was shooting a hot load in my ass. I held still waiting for him to finish. I never stroke my cock as I was just beginning. Once he was done he pulled his cock out, shook the remaining cum on the ground, pulled his pants up and left. The other guys were still fucking and it was hot, but I decided I was done there and walked away.

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There was a nice area nearby with flowers and benches in a circle, with a small greenhouse in the middle, surrounded by trees, making it secluded and very dark. I walked in the circle and stood by the greenhouse seeing if anybody was around. It didn’t take long and I saw a guy approaching. He came straight towards me. I took the hint and pulled down my pants again, turning my ass towards him. I saw him unbuttoned his pants and pull his cock out. It was hard already and he kept coming towards me. As he got right behind me he placed his cock between my cheeks and started rubbing my hole with its head. I still had some cum from the other guy and he used it as lube. He started pushing his body against mine and forcing his cock up my hole. It was much bigger than the other guy and it took some effort to stretch my hole enough so it could slide in, but slide in it did. I was well lubed up and it went in all the way in one push. The guy kept pressing me against the wall while shoving his cock deep inside me. I was in heaven, super horny and feeling my hole catching on fire. It felt great. Just like the other guy, he didn’t last long. I few thrusts in and he was shooting and moaning in my ear. He kept shoving me against the wall and it felt so good. I still wanted more, but not sure how much longer I could last. I had edged a lot already.

I decided to walk towards the other end of the park. My plan was to find one last guy for one last fuck, shoot my load and then go home. As I was getting near the other end, there was a nice covered area with a trail leading to the other side. I decided to take that path and was pleasantly surprised when I saw a guy standing there, jerking his cock and offering it to me. I couldn’t refuse it and getting in front of him, I bent over and started sucking his cock. He had it already lubed up with pre-cum and it tasted great. I kept sucking and forcing it all inside my mouth. It was the perfect size to fill up my mouth. As I kept sucking him I heard steps behind me. I had a quick look and there was another guy walking towards us, with his cock out of his pants while he held and stroke it. He came by my ass, pulled down my pants and without ceremony shoved a finger up my hole. I was all stretched up and it went in easily. He started finger fucking me. One finger, then two, then three. I kept sucking the guy in front of me and enjoying every drop of pre-cum I could get. The guy behind me saw how lubed up I was already and put his cock right at my hole and shoved it in. I almost felt, but the guy in front held me in place. It was my first spit-roast and I was loving it. The guy in front of me exploded in my mouth almost at the same I felt that cock filling my ass. He kept shooting in my mouth and as he pulled it out, I got a splash of cum on my face. It felt great. The guy behind me saw that and shot his load in my ass. I was completely filled with cum by now. I stroke my cock a few times and shot a huge load, having the best orgasm I had in a while. The guy in front put his cock back in his pants and walked. The guy behind me kept fucking me still for a little bit until his cock started to get soft and slid out of my hole. He did the same as the other guy and walked away.

Satisfied and full of cum. I cleaned up as good as I could and went back home. I had trouble sitting on my way home, but it was worth it. I loved every minute of mindless sex. For the most part very few words were exchanged and we only spoke the language of sex. Another great thing about those days was not having to fear ending up on some web site because someone filmed you while you were doing it. I came back for more many times and nowadays I missed those nights a lot. It was the purest form of sex and it was great.

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