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BUTCH DIXON: Now that’s a big, burly bugger, Daddy Alex Marte makes porno new boy, Kris Irons father-figure-fantasy come true as these two, hairy studs get it on on a sofa. No Blah Blah just straight down to horny, unrestrained Man-on-Man action. Kris is putting on a brave face, as much as he wants that uncut length inside him thats a fat piece of meat for such a tight hole. But he perseveres and once Alex Marte has spit lubed his tight fuck-hole and gently pressed that fat dick inside him Kris is riding that pole like a pro. And when we asked Kris where he wanted Alex’s steaming load he begged for it in the face and GOT IT.

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JOHN by CHRIS LOPEZ @ lopezgallery

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HIGH PERFORMANCE MEN: Drake Jaden is a kinky, confident and sexy man who knows what he wants and how to get it! With his shaved head, ripped body, bubble butt and massive 8″ cock – Drake is a true sexual powerhouse. He likes his sex strong, rough, rugged and passionate. He is happiest when his sexual partner is pushing his boundaries and taking charge. As he likes to say, “I like it dirty!” Yes, he does… But, he also has a smart and intelligent side to him and he is very highly educated and continues to educate himself daily.

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ISAAC ABEL for SALON: It was 4 p.m. of the first day of Spring Fest of my final semester at college, and Tom and I were wasted. Our arms and legs were strewn across a ratty futon. Our eyes flickered on and off. Our friends’ bodies littered the room, crumpled up in different corners, either asleep or in a bloated daze. I curled my body to rest my head on his shoulder and whispered, “I’m going to the bathroom. You’re welcome to join if you’d like.”

At the beginning of the semester, I had signed up for a Queer Theory course (pass/fail) with a few friends.

The class gave me a vocabulary for something that had been becoming more and more intuitive to me: Gender was a bit of a performance. The strict sex categories presented to me as a kid had apparently been fluctuating throughout time and across cultures. Even if a collective agreement to honor ideas such as “women like art” and “men like sports” made them felt, real by experience, that didn’t make them essentially true, and certainly not fixed. Since these norms are defined socially, any group of weirdos can call bullshit, call it something made up — constructed — opt out, and perform it all quite differently.

I began to drift toward a gayer crowd. At each party, I observed different ways to inhabit a gender role or sexuality. Queers were like dots on a map, in territory I didn’t know existed, expanding and distorting the borders until it felt useless to try to locate anyone anymore. It made the fist-pumping, beer-crushing hetero-masculinity I’d been cavorting with for several years feel limiting, almost naive.

I began to wonder what made these queer folks so different than me. Was it just a choice I needed to make? Was it something they were born with? If it’s based on my behavior, I certainly have control over that, but would that be faking it or something?


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MODEL OF THE DAY: JON SHIELD (photos by Drasko Bogdanovic)

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Thought you guys might enjoy these EXCLUSIVE hot pics of porn newcomer Jon Shields! Photos by Drasko Bogdanovic

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: Andres is enjoying the afternoon by reading a book. He is then surprised by Dominic Santos who has other ideas on how they should be spending their time. They immediately start to make out passionately. Clothes come off and soon Dominic is sucking his first dick on camera. Andres moans out in delight as Dominic takes his stiff cock down to the base. Andres unbuckles Dominic and pulls out his massive ebony anaconda. Andres needs to get his mouth on it. He begins to suck on it and Dominic comes down and sucks his own dick along with Andres. I have never seen anything like it before. This is what making a hot hard core gay porn is all about. There is self sucking and deep throating, and then Andres lifts up Dominic by the legs and begins to eat out his ass. Andres then sits on Dominic so that he can rim his firm bubble butt.


By now these two nude mean are ready to start fucking. Dominic takes it nice and easy as he shoves every inch deep into Andres. Andres moans out in delight and wants more. Dominic fucks him every which way and even sucks his dick and fucks him at the same time. Dominic loses control and pulls out of Andres and cums all in his mouth. Then Andres busts and Dominic is right there to take it all in his mouth as well. For his debut scene, Dominic Santos knocks it out of the park with his amazing black baseball bat. If you have a fetish for big black cocks. Then this guy is going to keep you satisfied for a lifetime. Be sure to watch the free hd gay porn trailer and all the free pics here at Randy Blue.



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COCKYBOYS: Conceived as a follow-up to the highly acclaimed series A THING OF BEAUTY, this new series is designed to explore and intertwine both the sexual and creative energy of both the filmmakers and performers. Meet Justin: A true southern boy with a big heart, a beaming smile, and a strong passion for music. He lives his life the same way he plays his guitar–on the fly. Along with Colby Keller and Duncan Black, Justin’s version of the perfect day is collected into simple pleasures in life. And from that perfect day he creates a perfect song, sung around the campfire with friends and lovers. (Note: The music you hear in this film is a result of a collaboration between Justin Matthews, Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian, as all there worked to create both the mood, energy, and a sound track to a life well lived.)

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RAGING STALLION: San Francisco Meat Packers – Part 1: Boomer tenderizes Angelo’s hole with his schlong sausage. Free-ranging and ass-fed. That sums up the salami of Boomer Banks. He’s slapping it on the palm of his hand, watching it grow, knowing that Angelo Marconi is lurking behind one of the hanging slabs of beef in the meat locker where they work. Angelo emerges with his mouth open.

First, a helping of tongue, then he’s ready for a different serving of meat. Boomer’s massive sausage is but a single swallow for Angelo’s skilled throat. Angelo’s balls are trussed in rawhide and his prime rump is ready to eat. His fingers and Boomer’s tongue compete for space in the tight chute, and Boomer whets his appetite by licking the ass juice off Angelo’s fingers. Angelo has no problem accommodating such a massive slab of meat and his cock thickens perceptibly. He grabs onto an overhead meat hook to stabilize himself as Boomer slams into him, tenderizing his hole. Thick streams of cum cement their spent bodies in a seal of approval.

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