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Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Oct 7, 2014 Under WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

NEXT DOOR EBONY: Damian Brooks has heard interesting things about a particular massage therapist. A man whose operation lies on the outskirts of town, this masseur is said to have ‘magic hands.’ Hands so magic, in fact, they’ve allegedly made grown men cum at first touch. Damian payed a visit to find out exactly what’s been going on at the private studio, owned by a man known as XL.XL seemed happy to make Damian’s acquaintance.

His eyes gleamed just a little bit when they first fixed upon Damian. Damian explained that his glutes had been feeling tight lately, along with his hamstrings. He asked XL if he could perhaps ‘loosen him up’ a bit. XL calmly said he could, while staring at Damian’s firm-but-plump behind. Damian came out in only a towel and laid down on the massage table face down. His legs spread slightly while the towel draped over his luscious bottom.

XL began rubbing. He worked in oils and kneaded them deeply. Finally, he flipped the towel away from Damian’s ass and went hard into the glutes. He would occasionally spread the cheeks, exposing Damian’s tight hole. After moving around to the front of the table, where Damian’s mouth was, Damian pulled down XL’s shorts and gently licked his growing dick. When the moment felt right, XL climbed on the table and spit on the hole. He lowered himself further and licked the puckered opening. Damian was in ecstasy from the start of this. Not much later, the two were engaged in a hot 69 formation, sucking each other like sex-starved wild men.

Then the time came for XL to take this session all the way. Sliding his fat, hard, erect cock into Damian, XL thought just how lucky he was to be a masseur in this part of town. Join these delicious men and watch Damian get even more that the massage he had heard about.

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Oct 6, 2014 Under WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

Brandon (L) & David (R)

SEAN CODY: After cleaning his ass with foaming soap Brandon takes David into the bedroom and fucks him bareback.

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WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? BAY (tats) or GRIFFIN (tatless)?

Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Oct 4, 2014 Under WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE?


CHAOSMEN: As soon as Griffin came in, I knew he had really good chemistry and energy. He reminds me of Vander, just being able to jump in to any situation, and always hungry for cock. He did tell me he loves being face fucked, and likes the challenge of deep throating a cock. That is actually my favorite part of this Pure video, watching Bay go balls-deep down Griffin’s throat. He truly can take it all the way! Bay was mighty impressed! It would be cool see if someone could fuck Griffin’s mouth until he actually nuts. But that is a goal for another shoot as I know the best way to make both these guys cum is from being fucked! They flip-flop fuck in this video. Griffin has a lot of experience giving head, but not as much with fucking. Bay’s ample cock took a little time for Griffin to get used to, but as I mentioned, he still managed to pop his nut with Bay’s bone buried in him.

Bay’s orgasms are getting more and more intense as he lifts off of Griffin’s cock while cumming. Next video I am gonna tie his ass down so he can’t sneak away, but boy, does sure have some crazy intense orgasms!






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Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Oct 3, 2014 Under WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

RandyBlue: Skylar West has a new vibrator from FunFactory USA that he wants to try out. And his first client is the 18 year old muscle hunk, Ryan Knightly. However Ryan did not appreciate having a vibrator poking around his hole. So he picked up Skylar, stripped him down and shoved the Stronic Eins Vibrator in him instead.

He turned it on to the highest setting and Skylar began to moan in delight. This paved the way for some hot sucking and fucking. Skylar rode that dick as if he was never going to get dick again. The massage might have ended early, but the fun is just beginning. Be sure to check out all of our free gayporn pics in the photo section at Randy Blue.

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WORLD OF MEN: Muscle hunk Dirk and black stud JP are just getting to work. It’s a glorious day and they are working on a garden. They reach the house and the sexy owner shows them around, they get to work, topless of course! The sexy homeowner needs to go out to buy more stuff needed for the works. They take full advantage of the empty house and take a break under the gazebo. A break that soon develops in mutual pecs feeling, then moves onto nipple squeezing and finally degenerates into cock grabbing. Once the cocks are out and in each other’s hand, JP works his way down from Dirks mouth, armpit, nipple, abs and finally arrives to his hard cock.


He sucks and licks it while dirk plays with JP’s hole. Then he pulls him up; they stand up and Dirk kneels down to suck on JP’s dark and beautiful cock. After a really deep and intense cock and balls workout JP pulls Dirk up and as the guy is out, they move to the living room. Dirk bends over the edge of the sofa and presents his ass to JP. He licks the hole, moves down to the cock, back to the hole until it’s ready to take his cock. JP fucks him from the back, then Dirk turns him around on his back and fucks him deep until JP shoots his load over his belly. Dirk adds a second load before jumping off the couch and get back to work before the owner gets back and catches them covered in cum instead of sweat!


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MEN.COM: Retribution Part 4: Bobby Clark and Jack King & Travis James by MEN. The conclusion of the Retribution series is an insanely hot threesome between Jack King, Bobby Clark & Travis James. Both Bobby and Travis get their butts stuff, by each other and of course Jack King’s hard cock.

Bobby Clark

Jack King

Travis James

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RAGING STALLION: Balls Deep: Adam’s hard cock fills Logan’s hairy blond hole to the limit. Two beards, different colors: Logan Stevens’ face is ringed with golden blond scruff, and Adam Ramzi sports a dark, black stubble. Put them together, and they’re immediately tangled in an embrace of sexual fervor. Blowjobs for both are enhanced by licking and sucking the balls. When Logan sucks, Adam gets positioned for rimming, and Logan bends Adam’s hard cock backwards to move effortlessly between Adam’s hole and dick. The added tension on Adam’s cock makes him moan with pleasure. Adam returns the favor by tonguing Logan’s foreskin, then riding Logan’s dick.

Adam’s cock swings up and down as he raises and lowers himself on Logan’s cock, and Logan teases Adam’s nipples while he rides. Adam gets so worked up that he wants to display his balls-deep topping talents. His cock fills Logan’s hairy blond hole to the limit, and it pushes them over the edge. Logan drenches his torso with his own cum, and Adam delivers massive spurts of semen to Logan’s mouth and blond beard.

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RANDY BLUE: Gay Hunks, Dominic Santos and Killian James Fuck. Sometimes we flip a coin to see which model gets to be the top. But this time we have two models fighting over who is going to be the bottom. Killian is an award wining bottom and Dominic Santos has one of the juiciest asses in the business. They agreed that whoever got hard first, has to be the top. Dominic wanted to get fucked and said that was this was easy, he just will refrain from getting hard. But once Killian got naked and started pawing at his big black cock, that became a task that was harder and harder to do. Soon Killian slammed Dominic down and put his fat dick in his mouth. Dominic got hard instantly and lost the bet. Looks like he is going to be the top.

But when it comes down to it, he really could not give a shit. Killian has an ass of gold and Dominic was down to fuck it. These two muscle hunks rolled around and sucked and rimmed until finally Dominic slid his long and thick dick inside Killian. Thrust after thrust, Killian demanded it to be harder and deeper. Finally Dominic pile drived into Killian and he came in his own mouth. Dominic kissed Killian to get a taste of the hot spunk. This made Dominic go wild and he pulled out and came. Killian was there with his mouth open to lick up every drop. Then what follows is a hot make out snowball session that left them sticky with hot white cum. Be sure to check out all the free gay porn pics of the action here at Randy Blue.

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: Kirk Cumming’s been MIA for a while, but he’s back and buffer than ever! He’s definitely done some growing up, and he’s ready to show Troy Taylor what a big boy he really is. They make out a bit to warm up, swapping spit as they get their clothes off and move things to the chair, where Troy sits back and lets Kirk get at his cock. Kirk works that dick with his mouth, getting it super hard while Troy strokes his prick a bit.

But Kirk wants more than a handjob and he stands up to get some oral, letting Troy suck on that cock before working Troy’s dick a little more. All this cock sucking has gotten these guys horny as fuck, and they remedy that problem by bending Kirk over, lubing up his ass and shoving Troy’s prick deep inside. He rides Kirk hard, getting deep in his ass and fucking him every way he can as Kirk moans in pleasure. Troy loves Kirk’s tight ass wrapped around his throbbing dick and he fills that ass up until he makes Kirk shoot his load all over his tattooed stomach, followed closely by Troy who busts a huge nut as well!

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