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RAGING STALLION: Shawn Wolfe is sprawled on top of Nick Capra. Their hairy chests and hard cocks press together, as do their tongues. Shawn slides down Nick’s belly to swallow Nick’s massive cock. Nick’s reactions prove just how good a cocksucker Shawn is! Once he’s satisfied his oral cravings, Shawn positions his ass over Nick’s saliva-coated dick and slowly lowers himself down, savoring every inch as it slides in. Nick’s cock is as fat as his wrist and you can see how much it stretches Shawn’s hole.

Shawn grinds on Nick’s thick tool for a hard, wild ride with a soundtrack of groans and slapping flesh. Nick turns Shawn around and mounts him doggy style, increasing the pace and the pressure until he can’t hold back his load. Roaring, with sweat dripping, Nick has just enough time to aim his load at Shawn’s open mouth. The hungry cocksucker doesn’t miss a drop of Nick’s thick spunk. Shawn’s load is only moments behind and they end with a cum-swapping kiss.

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EXTRA BIG DICKS: Wide Awake: Billy can’t sleep & starts jacking off staring at his roomie. Dylan is fast asleep in bed while Billy on the other hand can’t seem to doze off. Billy is just lying in his bed watching Dylan sleep away. Billy thinks that if he rubs one out he can fall asleep so he begins to jack off while looking at Dylan. Dylan can hear Billy moving around and so he wakes up and sees his big hardon. Dylan pulls off his covers to reveal his huge cock and Billy can’t believe how big it is and jumps into his bed and begins servicing his uncut dick. Billy is all over that cock slurping and drooling on it but it’s not enough and he wants Dylan to fuck him deep and hard even though he is scared of the thickness. Dylan tells him not to worry and fucks him good and hard until they both cream all over the place and finally Billy can get some rest.

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MEN.COM: Valentine For Rent: If you’re going to rent your valentine, Tommy Defendi is about as good as it can get! Sexy Colt Rivers has a passionate sex with his paid valentine on the newest sub-site from MEN, GodsOfMen. GOM – Gods of Men





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clay & dane @ amateurs do it HERE: Clay and Dane are in the bedroom, getting excited and ready for some real fun! Dane loves getting fucked and Clay is eager to top, so they hop on the bed and get into position. They start slow as Clay gets on top of Dane, pointing his cock in the right direction, slowly penetrating and letting Dane feel his full manhood enter his tight hole. Dane loves it as his eyes roll back and he enters the pleasure zone. The boys fuck and fuck some more, both rock hard and ready to gush out loads of cum. Clay wants to feel Dane cum all over his chest, so he pulls out and gets Dane to straddle his mouth as he rims him and forces Dane to explode in a massive cum shot. Its a steamy moment for the boys and for us too, join along for the fun and explode all over yourself as you watch their sexy climax.




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RANDY BLUE: Two smooth but ripped twinks are about to get it on. Billy Taylor and Logan Milano are a match made in heaven. And they cannot get their hands off of each other. First they start by sucking each other off. And then Billy decides to stretch out Logan with his massive cock. This is the best gay porn you are going to see in a while. Watch Logan take Billy balls deep in full HD glory. It is so much for Logan that he cums in the first position. And once Billy fucks Logan doggy, he cannot take anymore and pulls out and cums buckets all over Logan. Logan swallows down as much as he can and then does a hot snowball make out with Billy. This is too hot to handle. Check out the free gay porn pics of the gay fucking here at Randy Blue.

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I have a challenge for you, fuck someone on Saturday! You’re a bottom? Well, then, get fucked! But wouldn’t it be nice to fuck one of these four eligible DILF-looking guys? For most of us, that will not happen… not yet. Never say never. For now, let’s have fun and pick who among these guys give you a raging hard on. In short, who among these guys would you fuck?


American actor Lee Pace


Welsh actor and singer Luke Evans


Democratic political strategist, writer, commentator and a New York attorney Richard Socarides.


American designer Philip Crangi



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RANDY BLUE: This was an easy fucking shoot. Sometimes you just have to stand back and let the camera roll. These two were so fucking hot for each other. Max is blonde and bad and ripped and twisted and dirty.

Casper is a young and innocent student that also loves to stick his dick in a hot hole. The chemistry between them was electric and they could not keep their hands off of each other. They sucked and rimmed and fucked until there was nothing but hot white cum flying everywhere. And Max made sure he lapped it all up. This is some hot fucking gay porn games these two are playing, and they get as hardcore as they can.

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MEN.COM: Luke Adams has just moved into his new bachelor pad when his neighbor, Cliff Jensen, comes by hoping to use his shower as his isnt working. As Luke looks under the sink for soap, he cant help but notice Cliffs huge cock dangling right before his eyes. Luke proceeds to suck Cliffs hot dick, slapping his face with it, and even getting his face fucked. Good times continue to roll as Cliff drills his stiff rod into Lukes excited hole.

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CHAOSMEN: This is Addison’s first time doing a full-sex scene. He is local and I had him doing a lot of oral type videos, but had not got him committed to doing some fucking until now. It wasn’t that he was not down to do it, I just wanted to put him with the right guy, and getting Cooper and Addison’s schedule the same was harder than I thought it would be. Addison thought he would be better as a bottom. He has had sex with guys, but mostly it has been oral. He has topped and bottomed in his personal life, it just had been a long time since he actually did either, and was not sure he could stay hard enough to top. He was a little nervous and we needed to take it slow.


Cock sucking seems to be his thing. Although he is not as skilled as Griffin or Noah Riley, he sure enjoys it. If he has a cock to nurse on, and access to his cock, he gets turned on fast. Cooper does return the favor, and we even get some armpit worship, with some really nice ‘armpit to mouth’ sucking.


As for the ass fucking, we had to keep it slow and smooth. Addison really found it hard to convert pain to pleasure, and you can tell he is just taking it. By the end of the video, he was finally getting off to it, but if you like your bottoms squirming around, this video is for you.


I didn’t think Addison could cum from getting fucked, so he shoots his load into Cooper’s arm pit. So fans of armpit action will really enjoy it when he licks it up and shares a cummy kiss with Cooper!

Watch the trailer HERE @ CHAOSMEN







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