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Will Braun is having marital issues with his wife, so he decides to go and buy her some flowers in hopes of gaining her forgiveness. There, he meets Chris Harder, a florist who offers him an ear to listen should the flowers not be enough. Later that day Chris hears a knock on his door and finds Will standing there with the bouquet of destroyed flowers, looking to talk. Chris, however, has other plans than just talking. After some convincing Chris buries his face into Will’s crotch. He pulls down Will’s pants and sucks on his hard, erect dick. It’s not long before Chris is bouncing on Will’s hard cock like the filthy home wrecker he is.



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NEXT DOOR WORLD: He sits there, stroking his massive cock. Lucas Knight is enjoying a sunny afternoon breeze while relaxing on a quaint, old wooden bench in the garden. These grounds have their share of luscious boners being tugged. The peaceful atmosphere has inspired other men to indulge themselves too. And as Lucas’s imagination makes sensuous images dance in his head, Max King watches from the guest cottage. Max is also a guest at the retreat. Lucas hadn’t seen him before they’re eyes had now locked. Max pulls out his own pulsating erection and jacks it fervently, still with his eyes fixed on Lucas and his incredible cock. Max shows his ass from across the grass-covered distance. Lucas knows this signal. He gets up from the bench and goes toward the cottage.

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RAGING STALLION: Johnny V is a blond musclebound bottom hunk who can’t wait to get fucked. Jaxton Wheeler is a hairy mountain of a man with a thick cock that makes Johnny’s hole quiver with excitement. They start with a passionate make out session, their tongues reaching deep into each other’s mouths. Dropping to his knees, Jaxton eagerly swallows up Johnny’s juicy cock, and Johnny reciprocates the oral service. Jaxton presses the head of his monster cock against the opening of Johnny’s hole, which slowly loosens to welcome him in. The two studs lock into an intense pattern of thrusting and counter-thrusting as Johnny’s hard muscle-butt clamps around Jaxton’s enormous tool. Rolling onto his back, Johnny unloads his hot white cum all over his washboard abs, then opens his mouth to welcome Jaxton’s warm load.

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Hot young studs Roman Todd and Paul Canon meet the hunky Gus Turner poolside while on their spring break in Palm Springs. Gus is cock hungry as always so he invites the two dudes back to his room for drinks. Roman and Paul join Gus in his room where he and his raging boner are waiting anxiously. The boys are just there for the free drinks but horny bear Gus convinces the two hot studs to let him choke on their fat, straight cocks. It doesn’t take long before Roman and Paul take turns fucking this horny-ass bear, finally leaving Gus dripping in their steamy loads.

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CHAOS MEN: Byron & Troi: RAW: Bryon still amazes me that he seems to be another guy who keeps cumming multiple times during a shoot. Jet is of course the record holder with 7 cum shots in a scene with Vander, but Byron can nut in rapid succession as well. Byron is very quiet and passive, and though not great at cock sucking (sorry guys!), he still seems to really like getting fucked. It keeps triggering his prostate to nut. He will often just not play with his cock to avoid nutting. On the hand, Troi’s cock sucking has greatly improved! Still slobbery, but he gets Byron’s cock from wilted to bone hard a couple times and really throws a lot of energy into pleasing his partner. Someone has been practicing! But the real action starts with Troi making Byron cum multiple times. With Troi’s ample cock, it hits all of Byron’s right spots!








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BUTCH DIXON: We packed it all into this beauty and I don’t mean the way we packed that magnificent, nine inches of black cock into Russ’ raw hole. Its an older for younger, black on white, cut vs uncut cock, bareback fuckathon with a cum facial, some ‘ass-to-mouth’ and a steaming internal cream pie ( with a few hot squirts over Russ’ ass cheeks for good measure. 40 year old – Russ Magnus is a beefy guy with a big thing for black guys, whilst Drew Kingston is a 21 year old stunning black guy with a big thing! Its gonna get creamy as these two handsome, hung gents fuck up a storm all over the kitchen. Just watch that greasy pole slide all the way up to the heaving nuts in Russ’ bareback fuck-hole – YUM! And quite frankly one look at Drew’s incredible, round, hard butt cheeks and you’ll know all men are not created equal, they’re breathtakingly firm and biteable hard as an unripe peach!







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WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? JON (blond) or VANDER (brunette)?

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CHAOS MEN: Jon & Vander: Serviced: Jon mentioned fisting in his solo interview, so let me start by saying that no fisting is happening in this video! Sorry fans of donkey punching! There is however, a lot of toy play! Jon starts off on his knees, worshiping Vander’s cock. The boy can deep throat, and swallows Vander completely! Vander takes a turn at sucking on Jon, but he is pretty wobbly until Vander slides a toy in his ass. Yep! He is a bottom!


Vander also brought his puppy dog tail butt plug. Apparently pup play is all the rage for piggy bottoms these days! If you have not checked out Vander’s model portfolio, you should go have a look at the fun images I took with him and his leather harness. For this video, Jon slides it in and out of Vander, making him really squirm each time the thick part of the plug goes in! They take turns fucking each other with the toys while giving each other head. For the big finale, they also take turns giving each other facials and some hot cum eating!



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Max Carter is having a rough day. After a reckless driver nearly runs him off the road, the gorgeous, normally easygoing blond comes home angry at the world, and in need of an outlet upon which to release his rage. Luckily his sexy boyfriend Elijah knows just how to ease the stress, and generously offers up a perfectly plump ass for Max to plow until he’s feeling better. The minute Max pulls out and lets a creamy load fly all over his boyfriend’s sculpted chest and abs, all is right again.





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BULLDOG PIT: Super Bottom Ashley Rides Again! Muscle-bound stud Dan Vega kills time by filling Ashley at both ends with his delicious cock. Tasting his sweat, Ashley eats out Dan’s awesome armpit, tasting every part of him. Dan’s a fucking fit dark haired muscle man who will leave your cock bursting with cum! One of the best chests seen in ages, it’s perfectly formed with a splattering of chest hair. He works Ashley’s butt to perfection, loosening it up before the total ass thrusting action he gives.



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: When Charlie did his solo, he mentioned the type of guys he was into were of the Nordic god variety. But off camera he said he really liked ‘mature’ guys, which I felt went with his twink-like looks for doing some daddy/son type of video. Enter Addison, who definitely has a ‘stroller bait’ vibe about him. He has been doing videos as a bottom and has seemed more passive, and I was pretty sure Charlie was a passive type of guy. So I was little worried neither guy would take control of the situation.


As it turns out, Addison is quite happy being the bossy one with his boy! They start by kissing, and Addison starts sucking on his boy’s cock, trying to get him really turned on. When Charlie gives him head back, you can tell he is all about making his daddy happy as well! Addison is a great Top, though he very quickly rims Charlie’s hole before putting his cock inside him. Those curved cocks are awesome for porn fucking, and we get to see Charlie’s hole deeply penetrated.


Addison nuts first, creaming his boy’s hole. They then race to make Charlie nut before Addison’s cock goes down (it doesn’t!) then Addison licks up Charlie’s massive load!



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