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RANDY BLUE: Ezra Finn has nice tan olive skin. His smooth and dark features look so nice up against the alabaster tatted complexion of Zane. The two have intense eyes and perfect bodies. It is boner inducing to watch them take their clothes off and begin to kiss. They eventually exchange blow jobs before Ezra slides his dick into Zane. Zane lets his ass take a pounding, until finally Ezra cums like a rocket, right into Zane and his open mouth. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot action here at Randy Blue.

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LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT: Sergeant Miles And Bryce Evans Take Turns Breeding Ass: Sergeant Miles returns to perform for the Lucas Entertainment camera, and he once again demonstrates how much he likes sucking cock. Sergeant has a major oral fixation as he showed off with Sebastian Young, and Bryce Evans is the lucky recipient of all of that pent-up energy this time: all he has to do is kick back and let Sergeant do the rest. But pay attention to when Sergeant Miles lets Bryce Evans get a turn at sucking his dick: Sergeant shows off his hot military body, and the cum-gutter display is mouth-watering — check it out at 6:00. And remember how it was mentioned that Sergeant is completely versatile? Well, he proves that again here: this guy can take a dick just as good as he can give one.

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BAREBACK THAT HOLE: Brock’s face is nestled in Matt’s crotch sucking, swallowing, and deep throating his stiff shaft. His ginger whiskers tease and taunt Matt’s balls as he squirms and wriggles for more. Brock spreads his bubble butt exposing his rusty colored twitching hole. He plants his ass on Matt’s face and tongue while he enjoys the rim job.

Brock once again is in fine form as he is fucked and used every which way…Matt pounds his ass over the side of the bed…then taking it side saddle…then doggie…Brock never misses a beat…He mounts Matt’s cock and rides him cowboy grinding his ass cheeks onto Matt’s hips…Matt shoots his massive thick and creamy load all over Brock’s hole as he continues to breed his nut into him deep. Brock shoots all over his chest and abs as he is being seeded. Matt slides out of his raw hole as Brock slides down to taste his own ass and clean off Matt’s sloppy cock.

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MEN.COM: Connor Maguire is looking out for his soon-to-be step brother, Travis Stevens, by making him breakfast and waking him up for school. However, Travis thinks he can help Connor out as well. With a little convincing, Connor agrees to let him wrap his lips around his large, uncut cock.

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: Office Dreams Part 1: Dani Robles is having a hard time staying focused at work, but who can blame him when he sits across from sexy coworker, Flex. Dani cant stop day dreaming about what it would be like to have his lips wrapped around Flex’s big throbbing cock. Dani has his hole ravaged as he is slammed hard, doggy style. TGO – The Gay Office

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SEAN CODY: These two can’t help the nasty it’s just who each of them are.

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FUCKER MATE: This week we bring you a hot bareback encounter with Antonio and Max. Is there anything hotter than seeing two big men naked in the middle of the forest?. Max gives a good hard fucking and Antonio simply enjoys every last inch inside. Rimming, hard fucking, two guys really going for it and giving you lots of cum in this outdoor adventure. Enjoy.




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GUYS IN SWEATPANTS: Real-life boyfriends Kip Ryker and Tyler Morgan came down to spend the weekend with us, so we decided to get to know them (and watch them fuck). Between their cute stories, adorable tickling and horseplay, and passionate real sex, they might be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. They prefer the “spit and stick” method when it comes to having sex, which is what they did as they both fucked each other all over the bed. It ends with Tyler fucking the cum out of Kip, and then pumping his own load deep inside his boyfriend. Only to be followed by Tyler being a good boyfriend and cleaning Kip’s cum off of him with his tongue.



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SEAN CODY: After some idle chit chat these two get down to business and fuck bareback.

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