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HOT HOUSE: Club member Dylan Knight thinks he’s alone in the spa so he stops to admire the naked torsos on the wall and strokes his long thick dick. Darius Ferdynand silently enters to discover the young jock stroking his cock so he slips his athletic cup out of his shorts, pounces on Knight, and covers his face with the sweaty codpiece. The scent of Ferdynand’s cock and balls only makes Knight hungry for the real thing so he falls to his knees and swallows the hunk’s fat dick.

Knight’s feeding frenzy continues until they switch places and Darius gets his mouth wrapped around his Knight’s fat cock. All the cock sucking makes both guys horny for some ass fucking. Darius bends over the counter and Knight shoves his rock-hard club deep inbetween Darius’ athletic mounds of muscle. Knight pounds Ferdynand’s hole hard until they both cum all over the spa floor. Pics via Scallyguy

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MEN.COM: Ty Roderick and Jaxton Wheeler are feeling uncomfortable about a script run through because of a gay kiss. Just as Ty is ready to quit, Jaxton persuades him to push through and try the kiss. Things heat up fast and Ty ends up thrusting his straight cock deep into Jaxton’s bubble butt!

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SEAN CODY: These two sexy dudes enjoy a little horse play with some naked wrestling before getting down to business and fucking bareback.

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MEN.COM: Dan Broughton tops Tyson Tyler’s fine ass in Deep Soak, the newest scene from The guys start out sharing a warm bath before heading back to the bedroom to enjoy each other’s hot bodies.
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FUCKERMATE: Antonio and Mario have been together for 9 years. They are not just hot porn stars and live sex show performers, with a huge fan base, but they are also and DJs who perform in some of the best clubs around Europe. These two guys have all the energy and passion a couple should have. They are muscle hunks who can be aggressive and tender with a unique horny chemistry.

Cock size: Both 8 inches
Country : Spain
Age: 28 and 30
Position : Both Versatile

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TITAN MEN: Scruffy heads, 5 o’clock shadows and stubbly chins grazing against your pulsating cock usually isn’t a good thing but these muscular studs prefer rough and tough over soft and gentle in Scruf: Scene 1: Lying on top of Dirk Caber, smooth Jay Bentley kisses him before working his lips down the studs muscular body. Jays chin scruff grazes Dirks pulsing dick head, which is soon engulfed in his mouth. Jay wraps his lips tightly around the shaft, rubbing Dirks leg as he delivers a sultry suck. The two kiss, their stubbly chins grazing each other. Dirk then returns the favor rubbing Jays thick dick all over his scruffy head and face before teasing it.

Jay shoves his cock in the suckers face, Dirks leaking dick pressed against the couch. Jay turns around and offers his jock ass, Dirk tonguing it as his beard scrapes Jays cheeks. Jay moans, biting his lower lip as he gets pleased. Dirk fingers and fucks him from behind, the bottom arching back to rub Dirks bod. They kiss, the two gripping each others arm. Jay sits down and rides Dirk, who soon lifts him up and lays him on the floor for more. Jay releases a thick white wad, Dirk coming on the bottoms chest.

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RandyBlue: While hanging out with Colby Keller, he cornered me and told me that I had to give him a scene with Jarec Wentworth. I was happy to oblige. Colby is one of the hottest gay porn models in the world. And the thought of him together with Jarec, the hot straight boy with a need to fuck boy butt, was just too much for me to handle.


When they first met, I could tell that the scene was going to be electric. They were instantly attracted to each other. The two pros started chatting and the conversation led to kissing. Jarec was happy to show Colby how he liked to be kissed. And with one kiss, the gay porn games were set in motion. Jarec sucked Colby making his dick rock hard. Colby sucked Jarec so good, that Jarec grabbed the camera from me so he could get a hot POV angle.


When Colby finally let Jarec put his dick inside of him, Jarec uttered, DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Colby started to laugh at this, but then his laugh turned to moaning, as he sat down on the dick and Jarec slammed it up into him. What happens next is a dizzying array of fuck positions of two legends at the top of their game. Finally Jarec fucks the cum out of Colby doggy style, then Colby turns around and lets Jarec nut in his mouth. Then they make out with their cum covering their hot hairy beards. This is one of the best hardcore movies you will see in a while. And you can see all of the hot gay pics for free here at Randy Blue.


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RandyBlue: Kurtis Wolfe is such a sweet and lovable guy. However, when he gets horny, he turns into a merciless fuck machine. Abele Place is quiet and reserved. But when he is ready to take a pounding, there is no holding him back. These two were really excited to work together. They spent the whole evening together at the Cybersocket Awards. Watching who won best gay porn star and best hardcore video, they decided they needed to compete. They wanted to make an award worthy video for their fans. When they got to set, they were ready to fuck. They began kissing and instantly they both got hard. They took turns sucking each other off. Then Kurtis took Abele to the bed and ate out his ass. Once his hairy hole was hot and ready, Kurtis slid his dick inside. Abele rode his cock and then got fucked on his back and doggy style. Kurtis finished by shooting a hot load all over Abele, hitting his furry chest. Then Kurtis went down and sucked out his cum, letting it all go in his mouth. Come to Randy Blue for the best gay porn. And remember, there are free gay porn pics of all of our hottest scenes.

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RAGING STALLION: Hung Americans – Part 2: Shawn primes his cock for a balls-deep blowjob from Tyson. A perfect ass fills the screen; it’s smooth and muscular. Tyson Reade is dry-humping Shawn Wolfe, who’s on his back with his pants around his ankles. They exercise their hip flexor muscles vigorously, crushing their balls together while their cocks glide past each other with enough friction to burn. Tyson chews Shawn’s lips, then his nipples before moving down to his cock. Splayed out on a workbench, Shawn is all slim and trim with dark blond fur. Shawn finds it all but impossible to refrain from blowing his load down Tyson’s throat but he holds it in, trading places so he can deliver it later. Shawn opens his throat and takes Tyson’s meat for a balls-deep blow job, earning a mouthful of cum for his efforts. His tasty reward sends him over the edge as he resumes deep throating Tyson and jerks off vigorously until his own load is on the floor.



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MEN.COM: Behind door number 2 on “The Next Bottom” game show, is Jake Wilder and his gloriously big bubble butt. Cliff Jensen blows Jake’s dick before getting him in doggy style and pounding his horny hole!

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