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SYTYCF4: This week, the contestants of So You Think You Can Fuck Season 4 film a scandalous commercial for that involves a priest, a confessional, and lots of sins. One team will win and bring back 500 points for each teammate. Then, Trenton Ducati and Tommy Defendi have an intense sex scene that leaves the judges stunned at how hot and steamy it is. WATCH THE EPISODE HERE @ DOMINIC FORD

Horny priests on gay hook up site, Squirt
Squirt men! Trenton, Bryce and Landon are man’s man. I know, we know. It can’t get hotter watching them as horny priests… hooking up at a confession booth. Fucking Versatile77 – what a lucky boy!
MORE PICS & check out each contestant’s commercial after the jump…

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Wednesday Mar 19, 2014 Under Friends of Squirt

Squirt teamed up with Steamworks Toronto to get Raging Stallion porn actor Aleks Buldoceck pose for Squirt! Done in the DJ section of Steamworks, Squirt members and Steamworks clients surrounded Aleks to witness an ACTUAL porn photo shoot LIVE!

Even us, in the Squirt headquarters, were porn struck. Aleks had a raging hard-on as soon as photographer Tony Wong called him at the set.

Our members? We saw a lot of them sporting raging hard-ons, hooking up and poking! Some action happened in the Steamroom and of course, in the glory holes. You guys had fun! Aleks was thrilled with photos that he wants to use them on his Squirt profile – he’s working on making it public!

Here are some photos during the photo shoot!

Remember that if you’re in Toronto on April 5, you can join us at Steamworks to get your profile picture taken by Tony Fong (squirt username “hiredgun”). Better profile pictures = more chances for hot cruising!

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SYTYCF4: !n episode 3 of So You Think You Can Fuck, Season 4, the contestants have to do the most dreaded thing any porn star is ever asked to do: act. In this fun group challenge, the boys write and direct their own opening to a porn scene, set in the Wild, Wild West. Then Bryce Evans and Vance Crawford flip-fuck on the Wild, Wild West set. WATCH THE EPISODE HERE @ DOMINIC FORD

Who will win this 10-week game show? Only YOU can decide that, by voting for your favorite contestant every day!

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Is this the hottest episode of the entire season? It might just be. The challenge this week finds both teams competing for viewers in live cam shows on One team proves more competitive and puts on a full sex show, along with an amazing cumshot. And then in the sex scene, Tommy Defendi pounds Armond Rizzo in a million different ways, and the judges go crazy for it. This is the hottest thing you’ll see all week! WATCH THE EPISODE HERE @ DOMINIC FORD SYTYCF!

SEXY PICS after the jump!

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Mar 6, 2014 Under Friends of Squirt, MODEL OF THE DAY

We bring you the hot and erotic Christian Mitchell once again. A busy guy indeed but he managed to send us these photos to share with our members and readers.
If you want to read Daily Squirt’s exclusive interview with Christian Mitchell, click here.

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As a gay hook up site, Squirt members and readers are undeniably horny. Yes, we are raunchy. Yes, we are horny. We comb the internet for the best sexy photos and porn stars to interview. When we discussed who should we interview next, hot porn star Armond Rizzo’s name came up.

Armond Rizzo is a horny man’s dream. His raunchy scenes are oozing with talent – sexually and acting-wise. Powerful bottom for sure but the dude can top too. When reviewing his profile, we could feel the sexual tension in the room here at Squirt headquarters. We all had a raging hard-ons.

Armond, a former military, started acting in porn in 2013. He has worked in various porn films along side with hot porn stars including Landon Conrad, Tony Buff and Draven Tores. This year, he landed a coveted spot at Dominic Ford’s contest, So You Think You Can Fuck, which can be viewed on

SQUIRT: Armond, some of our members what to know what’s your sexual orientation – gay, straight or bisexual?

ARMOND RIZZO: I am as gay is it comes, you will never see me come close to a vagina even if you paid me!

S: In a previous interview, you mentioned that you like being naked in front of the camera. That was a hot answer! We are excited to know that you are getting satisfaction when we watch you have sex. What is exciting or thrilling about being in front of the camera?

AR: I don’t know if it’s just the adrenaline of knowing that you’re doing something you should not be doing – being naughty. It’s about the excitement and the thrill of the moment.

S: You have an amazing body, ass and legs. Which part of your body you are most proud of?

AR: I don’t really have one specifically but according to my fans it’s my face (laughs).

S: Top or bottom? We have seen some outtakes of So You Think You Can Fuck. You handled the scenes very very well. Very very hot. How can you take a dick without being hurt? How big is too big?

AR: Well my answer simply to that is to know your body and know your capabilities and your limits. I do. The biggest (cock) that I took when I lost my virginity was a 12-inch dick and let me tell you that’s when I knew I love big dicks and I knew how to take it. So to all you bottoms out there… be careful it can get dangerous but always make sure you trust your partner. That definitely helps!

Photos of Armond Rizzo will also be posted on Facebook (no nudity and work safe) and on Twitter.

Daily Squirt’s Feb 23rd ARMOND RIZZO POST (pics & vids) HERE!

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Mar 3, 2014 Under Friends of Squirt

In the opening episode of SYTYCF Season 4, we meet the two teams that will be competing against each other. Even though we are only in week 1, one team is working smoothly together, and the other is having some problems seeing eye-to-eye. Which team will win 500 points for beating the other in the group challenge? Which two stars fuck, and who do the expert judges think did better? Another 500 points are up for grabs as the judges determine who they think did better in the scene. Who will win this 10-week game show? Only YOU can decide that, by voting for your favorite contestant every day! WATCH THE EPISODE (without sex scene) HERE.

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Mmmmmmmm… Ian. (click images TWICE to see the boys up close).

The boys only have 5 days to go on their KICKSTARTER… and they’re sooooooo close to their goal. Help them out if you like… HERE!

HOT photo goodness by DUSTI CUNNINGHAM.

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Pornstars outplay, outwit and out sex themselves on new season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK

Billed as “Survivor meets hardcore gay porn,” Dominic Ford’s X-rated web series So You Think You Can Fuck premieres Thursday, Feb 27 on Now in its fourth season, the series features an all-star cast of A-list gay porn stars, including Landon Conrad, Trenton Ducati, Tommy Defendi, Bryce Evans, Armond Rizzo and Vance Crawford.

Daily Xtra will be covering the series with weekly updates and behind-the-scenes interviews.

Watch the video above for a preview, and tune in to the show every Thursday on SYTYCF.COM

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Feb 4, 2014 Under Friends of Squirt, HEALTH

Hey guys,

Are you hot and horny? Do you like to have a lot of sex? Do you top, bottom, give or receive? Then you’re the guy for me.

Once I get going I can make you feel so tired. If you want I can take you from behind, in front on top or by bottom. I love it any which way. I’m so good you won’t even realize I’ve been there for so long. I can make you sweat all night long. As Peggy Lee says I can give you fever all through the night. I can make you hot and I’ll give your throat a good go at. Your muscles won’t even know what hit them.

If you want me too, simply just contact me. You don’t need to call, you don’t even need to write, all you need to do is not use a condom.

See you soon,



PS – Don’t leave it to chance. HIV is on the increase in men who have sex with men in Northern Ireland. Get a test. To find your nearest GUM clinic go to  or book yourself in for a 20 minute rapid HIV and Syphilis test at The Rainbow Project. Call 028 90319030 to make an appointment.

For more information and advice on your sexual health check out, or private message rainbowproject, our Northern Ireland Sexual Health support profile on


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