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HOT HOUSE: On all fours, Mike De Marko presents his hairy ass to Brock Avery, and Brock is quick to make a play on it. Brock scores by shoving his face into the crack and rimming it until saliva drips down to the floor. Brock’s tongue probes eagerly into Mike’s hole. Mike repositions with his face at cock height, and Brock thrusts his big, hard cock into Mike’s mouth for a thorough blowjob. With his bulging jock straining at the seams, Mike pulls out his thick dick and starts jerking.

Suddenly Mike rips off his jockstrap and throws his feet in the air. Brock accepts the invitation for penetration, and when he cums, he sprays his load all over Mike’s balls and ass crack. But Mike still craves more hard wood. A lot more. Brock lubes up the business end of a baseball bat and rams it into Mike’s hole. Mike’s ass struggles to accommodate the massive girth, but Brock maneuvers the bat deeper and deeper until Mike’s giant load flies through the air.

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WORLD OF MEN: Muscle hunk Dirk and black stud JP are just getting to work. It’s a glorious day and they are working on a garden. They reach the house and the sexy owner shows them around, they get to work, topless of course! The sexy homeowner needs to go out to buy more stuff needed for the works. They take full advantage of the empty house and take a break under the gazebo. A break that soon develops in mutual pecs feeling, then moves onto nipple squeezing and finally degenerates into cock grabbing. Once the cocks are out and in each other’s hand, JP works his way down from Dirks mouth, armpit, nipple, abs and finally arrives to his hard cock.


He sucks and licks it while dirk plays with JP’s hole. Then he pulls him up; they stand up and Dirk kneels down to suck on JP’s dark and beautiful cock. After a really deep and intense cock and balls workout JP pulls Dirk up and as the guy is out, they move to the living room. Dirk bends over the edge of the sofa and presents his ass to JP. He licks the hole, moves down to the cock, back to the hole until it’s ready to take his cock. JP fucks him from the back, then Dirk turns him around on his back and fucks him deep until JP shoots his load over his belly. Dirk adds a second load before jumping off the couch and get back to work before the owner gets back and catches them covered in cum instead of sweat!


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photos via hot latin daddies

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ALL-AMERICAN HEROES: Navy Corpsman Logan Fucks Sergeant Miles. What do two American heroes do when they get back from combat? Exchange war stories, of course. Both studs have seen some pretty serious action while deployed overseas. Pretty soon though, that leads to showing each other their battle scars, and Sergeant Miles is only too happy to lead. But to show off one of his scars, he needs to strip his trousers off and show off his back side to Corpsman Logan. It turns out that the sight of Miles’ hot ass is more than Logan can resist, and almost instantly, he finds his tongue between his buddy’s butt cheeks. This is clearly the kind of intensive care anyone could go for. It doesn’t take long before Logan needs to let his own hot cock loose and get some attention on it to. And Sergeant Miles is eager to oblige.

Logan clearly is enjoying Miles’ oral talents and grabs the back of Miles head to help guide him down to the base of his thick cock. With Logan’s rod standing tall, Miles turns around and gives up that hot butt of his for a major plowing. These two stud’s hot hard bodies are amazing in action. Logan grabs his buddy’s hips and drills him mercilessly. Then he moves his hands up to Miles’ shoulders and commences some serious slamming before he rolls back to let Miles ride that thick cock. Then Miles rolls on his back and gets a serious deep grinding from Logan. Seeing his legs over Logan’s shoulders while they kiss definitely speeds up the pulse. Pretty soon it is more than Logan can handle, and he slides out to spew his hot cum load all over Miles’ waiting mouth. Seeing that creamy load dripping down Logan’s stubbled chin is about as hot as it gets.

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BENTLEY RACE : I have a great group of mates that I love shooting with here in Melbourne. And since I have been shooting for so many years I often have guys come and go. I was very excited to hear that my mate Jay Townsend was back in town again. I first met Jay when he was 20 in 2009. He would have been thought of as a twink back then. I couldn’t wait to see him and shoot with him again last week. He’s all grown up now and looks amazing! At the age of 25 Jay is incredibly fit and I love that he is letting his body hair grow. This shoot took much longer to complete because we were having so much fun catching up. And even though it was still chilly out, Jay wanted to strut naked out on my rooftop one more time. I’m so glad we have remained friends after all these years and Jay is back and ready to get in to more scenes with me and my mates. Australian guys really rock and Jay Townsend is up there with the best of them.





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MEN.COM: Retribution Part 4: Bobby Clark and Jack King & Travis James by MEN. The conclusion of the Retribution series is an insanely hot threesome between Jack King, Bobby Clark & Travis James. Both Bobby and Travis get their butts stuff, by each other and of course Jack King’s hard cock.

Bobby Clark

Jack King

Travis James

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