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Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Aug 3, 2014 Under MODEL OF THE DAY

SEAN CODY: Skrawny in his freshmen year but the football player has certainly grown out in all the right places. Check out this sexy dude as he fucks the crack of the couch cushions with his cock.

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COCKY BOYS: Ricky Roman and Felix Warner might be CockyBoys now, but their relationship goes all the way back to their early teens. To put that timeline in perspective, they met on MySpace and continued to chat on AIM before finally meeting face to face in New York later on. So you could say it was puppy love that blossomed over the years before they finally met again as two of the hottest adult film stars on CockyBoys!

Felix had wanted to work at CockyBoys for a while, even coming close to auditioning in our So You Wanna Be a CockyBoy?competition before other priorities got in the way. But he was determined, and when you see his ripped body, tattoos, and how well he takes a hard pounding, you’ll understand why! He’s a perfect fit for CockyBoys, and with Ricky already one of his best friends, you could say he’s already part of the family.


Ricky and Felix could hardly wait to reconnect again. They already know what the other one likes so they were both ready to get down to business. After a couple of days of flirting by the pool and around the house it was time for somebody to get fucked! So Felix hopped on top of Ricky and rode him like a wild bull at a rodeo before bending over so Ricky could get in deep from behind. And although Ricky has always been the top with Felix this time they decided to switch it up a bit. So Felix finally got to pound Ricky for the first time in 10 years and – boy, was it worth the wait!! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of sex!




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Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Aug 2, 2014 Under FAMOUS & BONERIFIC!

Chris Hemsworth at London Premiere of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'  **USA ONLY**
click twice to see this NICE…and CLOSE!

face pics after the jump…

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Aug 2, 2014 Under FUCK YEAH!, THEME





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BENTLEY RACE: Check out our new mate Casanova Antosa. My mate Zac met up with Casanova while we were touring around Budapest. 19 year old Casanova was giving walking tours around the city. It was a cold and rainy day. Zac and I were the only people to turn up for the tour. After a couple of hours we cut the tour short and we headed back to our apartment. It turns out that Casanova is also a bit of an exhibitionist and agreed to put on a show for Zac while I headed out. Even though Casanova is straight he was being extremely flirty with Zac. He even let Zac stroke his cock during his video scene. After working his way through the photo shoot Casanova layed back with some lube and a fleshlight and put on a very hot show. I like it when Casanova flashes the camera a smile as he pushes his fat cock deep in to the fleshlight. Visitors to BentleyRace are going to love our new straight Hungarian mate. Casanova is just one of the beautiful men we met whilst travelling through Europe.







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MEN AT PLAY: Adam Wirthmore calls in employee Leo Domenico for a meeting to discuss his failing sales targets, but things take an unexpected turn in Leo’s favour when he recognises Adam’s distinctive ring and immediately he gets a flash back of that very same ring worn by a stranger in a sex club. Was it was really his boss servicing his dick through the glory hole the previous weekend? Leo remembers it was an awesome blow job, so he digs deeper to find out the truth and once he has the proof he needs he blackmails his boss into letting him fuck him right there in his own office or he’ll tell the whole office about Mr Wirthmore’s after hours activities. And just like that, Leo has Adam right where he wants him -and that’s on his knees and swallowing his thick uncut meat. But Leo has much more in store for his stern boss – turning him into into his very own sub boy, pounding his ass hard and rough until he gives his Adam an amazing facial!

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Aug 1, 2014 Under MODEL OF THE DAY

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Aug 1, 2014 Under Ummmm... WOW!

FETISH FORCE: Daddyz Boyz: Jerek teases his prick with his mouth before blowing Brian. Jerek Miles is lying on a bed. His eyes are closed, and he’s massaging a hard on under his tighty whities, imagining some kind of good time. He pulls out his dick, letting his lightly hairy balls hang out over the waistband. While he lazily tugs on his cock, he yanks off a sock and holds it up to his face, inhaling deeply. Doing a few shoulder stands to warm up, Jerek kicks his feet back past his neck so his cock points directly at his mouth.

He can’t quite suck it, but he can nibble at the tip. He’s interrupted by Brian Bonds, who is angry that Brian is not helping with the work that needs to be done. But, Brian reasons, if Jerek wants to suck cock so bad, he may as well suck Brian’s. Brian’s tan torso is covered with hair. He lowers his jeans and aims his erection at Brian’s mouth. It slides in smoothly and goes in all the way. Brian gives Jerek’s balls a squeeze, then plops his own nut sack in Jerek’s mouth. Pulling away, he uses his cock as a jism delivery system straight into Jerek’s waiting mouth.

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We are expanding our collection of hot man-sex videos on Squirt! Move over tube sites! We are bringing CAM ‘n’ CUM again this year and it’s time for you to be a Squirt celebrity! Submit your original sex videos fucking, sucking, rimming and everything else sexual for a chance to win free Fan Club membership time. Bonus: your profile will get more views! Added bonus: you’ll be part of other members’ fantasy as they jack off while watching your videos! Click on this link to know more.




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Jarec Wentworth - Sebastian Young - 6-25-15 598

MEN.COM: Sebastian Young is known for being a dominant top but he decides to try the submissive role and heads to a secret club. Jarec Wentworth is a worthy master who dominates Sebastian Young, pounding his famous bubble butt right. Sebastian loves every inch and begs for every thrust to be deeper and harder. TRAILER @ SCALLYGUY

Jarec Wentworth - Sebastian Young - 6-25-15 630

Jarec Wentworth - Sebastian Young - 6-25-15 031

Jarec Wentworth - Sebastian Young - 6-25-15 140

Jarec Wentworth - Sebastian Young - 6-25-15 180

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