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Action News Jacksonville has breaking news: gay men have sex in bathrooms. The local Florida news station recently aired an exposé report about a “website so vulgar we can’t even tell you its name.”

That website is

The investigative journalists at the program, which airs on CBS and FOX affiliates, found a post on the gay hookup side – run by Xtra’s parent company, Pink Triangle Press – that mentions a local bathroom in which the toilet paper dispenser can be removed, offering a view into the neighbouring stall – a “window to spy.”

Action News brought hidden cameras into the bathrooms of “prominent public places” mentioned on Squirt’s hookup listings, and warned viewers that “perverts” could be peeping on them — or their kids — in the bathrooms. Their cameras showed viewers a window to the neighbouring stall, just to show how perverted people can be.

“These restrooms are next to the Gymboree play area,” the report points out.

A press release from Pink Triangle Press calls the Action News report “sensationalist” and decried the report for giving the “impression that women have been spied on through holes and children have been exposed to ‘danger.’”

The release clarifies that Squirt is used to allow gay and bisexual men to meet up, and that the Action News report fails to explain gay cruising — nor did reporters there contact Squirt for comment.

“Action News is misconstruing what a website like Squirt is all about,” says Jeffrey Freeman, Media and Traffic Manager for Pink Triangle Press. “ is a place were men who have sex with men exchange information and facilitate their meeting.”

The Action News team, in their report, went on a mission to many of the now-famous bathrooms throughout the city, informing business owners and security of the dangers lurking in their bathrooms. They also interviewed police at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, asking if the police force would organize a sting operation to catch the naughty voyeurs. The police would only say that they are being “proactive.”

One Squirt user, posting on the thread about one of the public washrooms, writes “This location has been featured in a local news story. Please use caution while here and abide by local laws.”

None of the posts on the thread mention spying on unsuspecting guys – they are all stories of, and invitations for, mutual, and consenting sex acts. Another listing, for the Jacksonville airport, reads “Nudity / Sexual Policy: This is a public restroom in a busy secure airport use common sense.”

At the bottom of the story, Action News lists 11 other locations where “people are looking to spy.” Yet, they write, “we checked them out but we didn’t find any obvious signs of spying.”

That list includes Club Jacksonville, a gay sauna, and a gas station one-person bathroom that has a “bolt action style lock so there is complete privacy.”

Action News didn’t respond to Xtra’s request for comment.

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Today Is International Women’s Day!

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International Women’s Day is now an official holiday in Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, China (for women only), Cuba, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Madagascar (for women only), Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal (for women only), Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zambia. The tradition sees men honouring their mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc with flowers and small gifts. In some countries IWD has the equivalent status of Mother’s Day where children give small presents to their mothers and grandmothers.

The new millennium has witnessed a significant change and attitudinal shift in both women’s and society’s thoughts about women’s equality and emancipation. Many from a younger generation feel that ‘all the battles have been won for women’ while many feminists from the 1970′s know only too well the longevity and ingrained complexity of patriarchy. With more women in the boardroom, greater equality in legislative rights, and an increased critical mass of women’s visibility as impressive role models in every aspect of life, one could think that women have gained true equality. The unfortunate fact is that women are still not paid equally to that of their male counterparts, women still are not present in equal numbers in business or politics, and globally women’s education, health and the violence against them is worse than that of men.

However, great improvements have been made. We do have female astronauts and prime ministers, school girls are welcomed into university, women can work and have a family, women have real choices. And so the tone and nature of IWD has, for the past few years, moved from being a reminder about the negatives to a celebration of the positives.

Annually on 8 March, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements. A global web of rich and diverse local activity connects women from all around the world ranging from political rallies, business conferences, government activities and networking events through to local women’s craft markets, theatric performances, fashion parades and more.

Many global corporations have also started to more actively support IWD by running their own internal events and through supporting external ones. For example, on 8 March search engine and media giant Google some years even changes its logo on its global search pages. Year on year IWD is certainly increasing in status. The United States even designates the whole month of March as ‘Women’s History Month’.

So make a difference, think globally and act locally !! Make everyday International Women’s Day. Do your bit to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding.


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Trying to bring all kinds of sexy to Daily Squirt. Need to start showin’ some love to the big burly fellas out there with sexy bellies & tasty furry bits. Check this dude out! – SGT. COACH


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COCK TALK with FAB Magazine

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Drew Rowsome for FAB

No Fab body issue, especially one containing the 2013 Fab Gay Sex Survey, would be complete without a long and hard-hitting discussion of the penis. Fortunately, penises seem to be a regular topic du jour at Fab.

First to arrive at the office was a new app called The Predicktor, which purported to forecast penis size. The interface is fun and fast, so we entered our colleagues’ stats — height, ring finger size, shoe size, butt size (?), gay or straight, et cetera — and then gleefully compared the resulting estimates. We were intrigued to discover that the Fab office has a larger than average number of larger than average members.

Dr Christopher Culligan, the creator of The Predicktor, explains: “I’m not saying that there aren’t guys with eight- or nine-inch penises, but most guys don’t know that five and a half inches is average. Guys are so exposed to porn from such an early age that people think 10 inches is normal, eight inches is normal.” That being said, gay men’s penises are, according to Culligan’s research and the Kinsey Institute, longer and wider, on average, than the straight variety.

Culligan believes we are in the grip of an epidemic of small-penis syndrome. “I keep finding in my practice that more and more boys are coming in and saying, ‘My penis is small.’ I want to reduce that anxiety, make people feel better about themselves. There are tons of articles and studies out there, and there is no way to make a penis larger except the surgery that cuts the anchoring ligament. You’ll get more length flaccid, but you’ll just be flapping in the wind.”

Having chronicled my own misadventures with a penis-enlargement device [“When Size Matters: Investigating a New Penis Enlarger and Its Effect on One’s Head,” Fab #394, March 17, 2010], I can commiserate. Culture, especially gay culture, does put an emphasis on size. In Fab’s four previous sex surveys, only one respondent, at 14 inches, complained of being too large. And while the majority claim to be happy with their penis size, the comments contain many variations on “I wouldn’t complain about having a bit more” or “Who is really?”

Culligan seems to have hit the zeitgeist; The Predicktor is, at the time of our interview, the top-grossing paid app on Google Play. Yet Culligan is not sure he is having the right effect. “It’s meant to tackle stigma, a way to reach people. People purchase it thinking they’re going to look at their own penis or predict the size of strangers’. The real idea is to have fun with a bunch of guys, interact with it, take the myths out and expose them. I want to make it more social, break the taboo. I envisioned a group-fun app for use in the cafeteria, bar or schoolyard to make people feel less angst.” Fab certainly had fun with The Predicktor, and I’m pretty sure all of us were a little more proud of our little soldiers after the congenial cyber comparisons.

The emphasis on size is strange to Culligan (perhaps it takes a gay man, or at least a bottom, to appreciate the difference a mere half inch can make). “It’s like straight guys wanting big breasts. What do you do with them? It’s almost like a collector looking for that rare thing. Like a hunter keeps gunning for a rarer and rarer beast to shoot and hang on their wall.”

Culligan’s mission is noble and complements his other apps that predict alcohol abuse, anxiety and depression — all three of which can be brought on by small-penis syndrome. He admits that The Predicktor is “titillating and will help the others get attention. But hopefully, it will also be one more little positive thing for a kid in Sudbury.”

Culligan is not alone in his quest. Dr Dudley Seth Danoff sent Fab a copy of his new book, Penis Power: The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health. The book is breezy and self-helpy but also makes some pertinent penile points. Danoff believes that men have unrealistic expectations of their penises and are psychologically destroyed when the little brain has a mind of its own. “If you become absolutely at ease with your penis, the quality of your life will dramatically change for the better,” Danoff writes, before exploding myths about size, premature ejaculation, erections and just about everything penis-related. Men are fed so much misinformation and have such inflated expectations that they are bound to feel inadequate, he says. “Accept and enjoy” is his advice.

Danoff wants all men to experience “penis power” and to become what he dubs “Superpotent Men.” Penis Power and The Predicktor do cause one to reconsider one’s relationship with the body part that rules the roost from inside one’s pants. Talking about our penises can only do us good, and the 2013 Fab Gay Sex Survey is the ideal place to start. We’ll show you ours if you show us yours.

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Here’s young stud Hugo Lacoste (via MEN FROM MONTREAL). Wouldn’t mind spending a few hours, days, weeks… months with this boy. Sgt. Coach would be sniffing, touching & licking this dude all over the place. Don’t start me on his big beautiful dick… and that fucking ass! Grrrrrrr… The sucking & fucking would be STELLAR! Agree?

Thanks to ARCH NOBLE for all the pics & gifs!

you can watch the trailer for “KITCHEN HANDYMAN’S HAND JOB” HERE











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Since coming out last year as HIV-positive, silver medal-winning Olympian Ji Wallace has been a tireless advocate for HIV education and prevention. Recently Ji agreed to lend his voice and boundless energy to support APLA’s “Team to End AIDS,” which will be running the Los Angeles Marathon Sunday, March 17.

Ji Wallace for HIVPlus Magazine – FULL LEGTH VIDEO from BACKSTAGE FIX on Vimeo.


Can you tell me about the events that led to you coming out about your HIV status?

When I first found out about my HIV-status, I wanted to scream at the world, “know your status,” because then people can make educated and informed decisions about circumstances they might find themselves in. I was overseas and wanted to tell my parents but didn’t want to do it by phone. So I had to wait until i made it back to Australia. Then I thought for a number of months about how I could best use my little voice to stop other people from being infected with HIV. It didn’t come to me until I saw an interview with Piers Morgan and Greg Louganis. I loved that interview, because Piers spoke to Greg as Greg—“What have you been up to? How does it feel back to be back at the Olympics? What’s new on the horizon for you? And how’s the HIV?” Piers made it it just a part of Greg. And that’s what HIV is, just a small part of everybody.

I actually wrote to Piers and I said, “Thank you for the interview. You treated Greg as Greg, and you were interested in his story. And you made mention of his HIV but didn’t make it explosive.” And I included a gay Australian newspaper that had been very supportive of my exploits over the years. It all happened very organically. I really didn’t understand or have understanding of the potential impact that something I construed to be a small matter would have.

Your boyfriend Shaun is HIV-negative. Do you feel that being in a relationship with someone who is HIV-negative offers any special challenges?

No. Obviously, considerations need to be made, but outside of those specific considerations, it’s a full-on loving relationship. And obviously it’s special to us, but there are many special relationships out there. The uniqueness of our relationship is Shaun’s ability to say, “We can deal with that. I’m interested in you.” HIV doesn’t define who we are. And it shouldn’t. People outside and people inside the HIV-positive community need to understand that HIV doesn’t define you. Your personality, your ability to love, your ability to care, your ability to strive for more, those are the things that are important. HIV is such a small part of the chocolate cake that is your life.

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone who finds themselves newly HIV-positive?

If you do find yourself with a new diagnosis, educate yourself. Because when you know the facts, it’s not that scary and you can make really good, educated decisions about your future. Just because you returned a positive test does not mean your future does not have life and does not have excitement and does not have love in it. It just means you have one more thing to consider.


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Photographed by Hay Torres, here’s Marcello Grossi for Tá Poha via HOMOTROPHY 

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WATCH THE TRAILER debuted the second scene in the jock-themed series “Major League” this morning.

“Major League” is an ode to Andrew Stark’s topping skills, and basically just an excuse to make him drill every slutty bottom while
wearing a baseball uniform. This coach/jock fantasy trilogy has Andrew paired up with Mike De Marko in Part 1, Riley Banks and Johnny Rapid in Part 2, and an intense orgy finale (out March 15) that’ll have him slippin’ it to all three boys at once, as well as a bonus bottom—the one and only Hunter Page.

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GIFS- A- HOY!!! (Over 30)

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