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Damien Moreau’s short film “KANGOUROU”

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Sep 28, 2014 Under ART CLASS

KANGOUROU from Queer Shorts on Vimeo.


K A N G O U R O U //
par Damien Moreau
en collaboration avec Ouroborix
avec Ryan Patrix

Damien Moreau waits to catch a train in the cold when he spots fellow traveller Ryan Patrix across the platform. While exiting the train Ryan drops his hanky, provoking Damien to act out his voyeuristic perversions. The hanky becomes the conduit for Damien’s imagined desires, as he slips in and out of fantasy induced by the mysterious passenger.

“Pornography is the black sheep of entertainment. We all enjoy keeping tabs on the antics of our odd cousin porn, but no one really wants to be seen hanging out with porn. Intellect and adult entertainer Conner Habib’s recent essay “What I Want to Know Is Why You Hate Porn Stars” begins to explore the complex sentiments of desire and disgust our culture has in regards to pornography and the individuals who star in it.”

“Habib’s essay also challenges the idea that porn stars are victims. He writes that they should instead be regarded as artists who actively and consciously use their bodies to create work that they truly enjoy. I know, what a revolutionary and feminist idea. Enter conceptual queer performer and self proclaimed “ginger fantasy” Damien Moreau. Moreau is an artist and budding porn star who has performed in several BDSM films for In Moreau, one finds the perfect example of Habib’s porn star, one who uses sex as his artistic medium of choice.”

“Moreau and I chatted via La Internet about his journey into pornography, sex as art and his newest erotic short Kangourou. In it, Moreau blurs the lines between fantasy and reality manifesting a scene we’ve all played out in our mind’s eye. The short stars Ryan Patrix, Moreau, and one lucky hanky.”

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NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN: This straight guy is furry, has a huge cock, and is a blue collar worker! What more can we ask for? Ramsey is a tradesman, he installs dry wall, has a girlfriend who just moved away and has no problem using a guy’s mouth for his own selfish pleasure. Ramsey has become a blowjob connoisseur and is not shy about telling his cocksucker, just how they should suck his cock.

Even though we fell that Christian is one of the best cocksuckers in New York City, Ramsey gave his the “pre-sucking speech” as well: sloppy, wet, deep and use the hand to guide his big piece of meat right down the hatch. Christian delivered a blowjob exactly to Ramsey’s specs. Ramsey loved feeling Christian’s mouth on his cock and really loved when he was able to deepthroat that big, hairy monster! Even Ramsey was impressed. Christian sucked and slurped Ramsey’s cock right until he blew is wad all over! Ramsey agreed that Christian gave him the best blowjob ever (to date).

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: This is the day we’ve been waiting for for more almost a year: The Return of Justin Lebeau! Since last spring Justin has been traveling across Canada, living the life of the happy wanderer, taking jobs here and there, then moving on. But finally he’s home in Montreal and anxious to get back in front of the camera. And, wow! He’s looking better than ever, with a bit of extra muscle from his construction work, and a little bit of hair on the chin. Justin was excited to strip down and show us that he’s still the horny boy with the thick cock that we love so much.

Justin decided to show us his stuff in his favourite place to jerk off: the shower. After warming himself up with some hot water all over his body, he soaped himself all over and let the water and suds run down his chest and abs over his hard cock. But once he’s horned up enough, the water is too much of a distraction so he turned off the tap and lied down on the shower floor. From that position he gave himself the best orgasm he’s had in weeks. It’s hard to get privacy when you’re on the road.





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LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT: Michael Lucas Fucks Lucas Knight Raw. Porn star Lucas Knight stars in this scene as a young photographer shooting men in the nude. Michael Lucas is one of his first big clients, but before they even get to the photography they get to know each other better — both out of their clothes. Lucas Knight is known well for his massive cock that he likes to fuck raw with, but here he submits his ass to Michael, who has bareback sex with Lucas long and hard with his 10-inch uncut cock!




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RAGING STALLION: Balls Deep: Adam’s hard cock fills Logan’s hairy blond hole to the limit. Two beards, different colors: Logan Stevens’ face is ringed with golden blond scruff, and Adam Ramzi sports a dark, black stubble. Put them together, and they’re immediately tangled in an embrace of sexual fervor. Blowjobs for both are enhanced by licking and sucking the balls. When Logan sucks, Adam gets positioned for rimming, and Logan bends Adam’s hard cock backwards to move effortlessly between Adam’s hole and dick. The added tension on Adam’s cock makes him moan with pleasure. Adam returns the favor by tonguing Logan’s foreskin, then riding Logan’s dick.

Adam’s cock swings up and down as he raises and lowers himself on Logan’s cock, and Logan teases Adam’s nipples while he rides. Adam gets so worked up that he wants to display his balls-deep topping talents. His cock fills Logan’s hairy blond hole to the limit, and it pushes them over the edge. Logan drenches his torso with his own cum, and Adam delivers massive spurts of semen to Logan’s mouth and blond beard.

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RANDY BLUE: Gay Hunks, Dominic Santos and Killian James Fuck. Sometimes we flip a coin to see which model gets to be the top. But this time we have two models fighting over who is going to be the bottom. Killian is an award wining bottom and Dominic Santos has one of the juiciest asses in the business. They agreed that whoever got hard first, has to be the top. Dominic wanted to get fucked and said that was this was easy, he just will refrain from getting hard. But once Killian got naked and started pawing at his big black cock, that became a task that was harder and harder to do. Soon Killian slammed Dominic down and put his fat dick in his mouth. Dominic got hard instantly and lost the bet. Looks like he is going to be the top.

But when it comes down to it, he really could not give a shit. Killian has an ass of gold and Dominic was down to fuck it. These two muscle hunks rolled around and sucked and rimmed until finally Dominic slid his long and thick dick inside Killian. Thrust after thrust, Killian demanded it to be harder and deeper. Finally Dominic pile drived into Killian and he came in his own mouth. Dominic kissed Killian to get a taste of the hot spunk. This made Dominic go wild and he pulled out and came. Killian was there with his mouth open to lick up every drop. Then what follows is a hot make out snowball session that left them sticky with hot white cum. Be sure to check out all the free gay porn pics of the action here at Randy Blue.

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Shot by Nark Magazine

Pup Cruelty from Nark Magazine on Vimeo.

Every day thousands of pups go without handlers, and deal with abusive daddies, will you help?


Introducing Arf!, a night of kink, fetish, bath house disco and sleazy dance tunes for the experienced gear pig down to the new and curious cub at The Eagle this Friday. Door discount in your favorite gear and a clothes check provided, so strap some things in and let other things just hang out and come take a dip in the puppy pile.

Shot by Nark Magazine

Last Fridays at The Eagle, Seattle
Opening 9.26.14
w/ Bright Light Bright Light (UK) & Nark
Cage Pup Tyler Rush
Hosted by Zak the Barber & Pup Kai
$7 Cover, $5 in Gear

Facebook RSVP:

Credit Song: Monkey Boots – Impossible Need

arf nark magazine web 1

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fashionisto: New Soul model Keith Milkie hits the studio with photographer Ricardo Nelson. The former Varsity wrestler turned model is new to the Big Apple. Expanding his portfolio with Nelson’s photos.



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