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TITAN MEN: Morning Wood: Sitting on the couch with their 5 o’clock shadows grazing, Tom Wolfe and Dario Beck have their arms around each other. Their hands wander, Tom settling on Dario’s bulge and rubbing his toned chest. Tom’s tongue darts out for attention, the two kissing again. Tom’s chest is soon exposed, Dario running his hand through the furry muscle. Tom’s cock is released and quickly disappears in Dario’s tight lips, the shaft getting slicker with each slurp. Dario rubs Tom’s bod as he sucks, inching up for a kiss. Tom sucks Dario back, spitting down on the thick cock before nibbling the foreskin, his tongue sliding underneath the sheath and teasing the head. Tom eats Dario’s hairy hole before fucking him, the top wrapping his arms around him from behind. Dario sits on the top €”all the way down to his hairy sack €”then gets on his back. Tom strokes Dario as he fucks him, the bottom gripping Tom’s ass and back as their faces get closer. Tom drives harder and faster, jacking Dario off as he fucks him … the two dumping their loads.






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MEN.COM: Predator Jarec Wentworth has his next lucky target in sight: Ricky Decker’s round bubble butt! For his part, Ricky is only too happy to get drilled deep in his tight hole. The action is tense and the cum loads are huge in this latest scene from!






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William Higgins:
Zdenek Dobrotil is aged 24 and lives in Usti nad Labem. He works as a cook and in his spare time he enjoys sports, cycling and fitness. What a big, handsome hunk Zdenek is. He looks so good as he poses for the camera, lifting his tee-shirt to show off a great chest. That body looks so good, and as he strips down to his underwear Zdenek poses some more. He lowers the waistband of his underwear, exposing his full pubic hair and giving the slightest tease of cock.

Watch trailer HERE.



Then he turns around and pushes the underwear off his ass, so we get a great view. The beautiful, hairy ass looks even better as Zdenek bends over, with his balls just showing between his legs. Then, minus the underwear, Zdenek turns around so we can see his cock too. He goes through a series of flexing poses too, letting us see that hot body so well. Sitting down he takes hold of his cock and starts to work it. When he has it fully erect Zdenek stands again, with the cock pointing skywards. He does look so good as he proudly shows it all of, flexing his biceps at the same time. He goes back on the sofa, lifting his legs in the air and we see his tight, hairy hole. Our handsome stud then turns over, onto his knees, to give another view of that sexy ass. Next it is back to more posing with his dick rock hard, before really spreading that hot ass, and giving a fabulous view of his hot hole.





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Hey guys… SGT. COACH here. This is just my “once in a while” post asking DAILY SQUIRT followers what they’d like to see more of and less of on DAILY SQUIRT. Just tell me in the comments section so I can gauge what to post. I do listen (no more “Where The Bears Are”) but I also can be a little forgetful too. You can totally be honest but there’s truly no need to be nasty about it. Ha!!!

Sound off dudes.








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Famous film-fuckers Adam Russo, Cutler X, Draven Torres and more get down and dirty for the internet’s horniest men’s cruising and hook-up service.

We brought the internet’s hottest porn stars together this summer for our latest ad campaign. Models for the shoot included Adam Russo, Cutler X, Draven Torres, Zack Acland, Jon Shield, Rogue Status and Dayon. In the theme of the unapologetically sexual brand, the shoot focused on cruising and public sex.

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the comment section!

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From the most trusted name in all-male erotica and continuing to set the standard in masculine appeal, COLT Studio Group and its COLT Men are a cut above the rest. Standing at the apex of sexual expression, the Men of the COLT Icon Series are the cream of the crop. Muscle… and plenty of it! Large rippling piles of muscle – one of the many qualities of a COLT Man and one of the many things COLT Icon Rod Roddick has in abundance. Along with a genuine down-to-earth charm, a hard chiseled jaw and a round bubble-butt you want to eat off of, COLT Icon Rod Roddick has all hallmarks of a true COLT Icon. Photos via SCALLYGUY




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Nick was spotted at a New York City gay club on Sunday to promote his new single “Jealous” and gave his fans a peek at his washboard abs.

and this…

Not content to just have one shirtless outburst in the Big Apple, Nick dropped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest and took off his top for the totally-not-gay Seacrest.

and this…

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BENTLEY RACE: Melbourne. I have never lined a straight guy up with a gay before before. I knew that Jet is a pretty relaxed guy and open to all things sexual. So I asked him about possibly teaming up with one of the gay guys. He surprised me when he told me that he was willing to have a crack at it. Now Jet and Skippy had not met before this shoot. So to help them get to know each and get a bit physical with each other, I threw them straight in to a wrestling match. We all thought Skippy would win with all those bulging muscles, but he was no match for the tall and lean Jet. Soon enough the wrestling singlets were off and Skippy was getting what he came for, Jet’s extra large cock. I knew it was a risk putting these guys together, but they really did hit it off. I had put some straight porn on the TV for some extra stimulation, and Skippy was just happy to be banged by his new Sydney mate. It turned out to be a really hot scene. Both boys had a great time and are already talking about doing it again! I guess now I know I should ask the straight guys about doing gay sex, I might be surprised by their answer.





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RANDY BLUE: Gay Twink Preston Cole jerks off his massive cock. Sometimes when you hear the word twink, you think small. But there is nothing small about young and smooth 20 year old Preston Cole. This man is packing one of the biggest uncut cocks I have ever seen. Preston has has an editorial look that could land him a job as a runway model. But luckily he has decided to grace Randy Blue with hot body in full HD glory. When he stripped off his clothes, he only had a jock strop on underneath. He turned around and showed off one hell of an ass.

Then he bent right over and slipped a finger deep inside. Preston admitted that even though he is well endowed, there is nothing he loves more than getting fucked. And when he stood up and unleashed the dick from his jock, every bottom in the world started to cry. Because this self proclaimed catcher has one of the most beautiful dicks in the world. It is long and thick and uncut and fucking hard as a rock. A lot of times guys with dicks that big, can never get fully hard. But not Preston. His cock stood at full attention as he began to stroke it. And it did not go down until he shot a hot white load all over his belly. Be sure to check out all the free gay porn pics of the hot action here at Randy Blue.

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