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Who Would You Choose? Mr. Left or Mr. Right?

Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Feb 27, 2012 Under WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE?


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HOT HAIRY BUTT : A Sexy Story By RimPig

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Feb 26, 2012 Under Reading Rainbow

By RimPig

It was late in the afternoon. I’d been on my knees next to the bed in my little room at the baths for at least a couple of hours now. Thank God for knee pads! I’d already done maybe four or five guys who would walk in, pull off their towel and shove their cock into my mouth. Some of them were already hard, some were soft but soon were hard as a rock. I love taking a soft dick in my mouth and feeling it grow, expand and get hard from what my hungry mouth is doing to it. Most of the guys were ‘Daddy’ types. The bath is usually filled with them. The ‘twinks’ go to another bath in town, though a few of them come to this one – looking for just those ‘Daddy’types.

Some of the guys I’d sucked had given me a good load of cum to swallow, some of them pulled out because they didn’t want to cum too soon. I understand because sometimes I hold back, but since I can cum three to four times in an afternoon, I don’t much worry about it. I don’t come with every guy I do, usually I hold back myself until there have been several cocks down my throats or somebody wants to pull their cock from my hungry mouth and shove it up my even more hungry ass. Yeah! I’m a Pig!

I’m a very good pig, too! Guys go nuts over what my mouth and tongue can do to their cocks. They look down at me when they’re done and say things
like: ‘Fuck! You’re good!’, ‘That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had!’. I smile and say ‘Thank you’. Sometimes they notice my knowing smirk and say,’You’ve heard that before, huh?’. I just smile and say, ‘Yeah, I have. But I still love hearing it.’. Sometimes, when they’re leaving, I say to them ‘If you liked it – tell your friends!’. Then they smile.


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A Stud Named Zawadar

Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Feb 25, 2012 Under DIRTY SHORTS, HOT DUDE

Zawadar is one of those super hot everymen (my favorite kind). Nice bit of fur, a fit body (but not too fit), handsome face (not at all pretty)… and one tasty lookin’ HARD dick. Watch as he jerks himself off. He’s so laidback yet kinda raunchy. He likes to grunt & groan… man is he a sexy fucker!

2 more videos & a few pics after the jump…

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BROMANCE (What’s Wrong With It?) with Chris & Gary

Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Feb 25, 2012 Under FUNNY HA HA

Here’s BigG & MC (Chris & Gary) doin’ what comes naturally.

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Friends of Squirt: Offer

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Feb 24, 2012 Under Friends of Squirt

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Rock Group FUN!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Feb 24, 2012 Under Friends of Squirt, NEWS IS HOT

The red hot band Fun (new album, Some Nights, has just been released) talks about their commitment to gay rights and how America has let the queer community down. XTRA.CA

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Men Men Men and… ummmm… Men! (75 images)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Feb 24, 2012 Under SEXY MIX

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Classic Queer Cinema: Boys In The Band (1970)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Feb 24, 2012 Under DIRTY SHORTS

Watch the Parts 2-10 HERE!

The highly quotable campy gay classic from the last days of the era before the Stonewall Riots. Michael (Kenneth Nelson) throws a birthday party for Harold (Leonard Frey) and invites their crowd of gay friends. In attendance are Donald (Frederick Combs), whose homosexuality has put him into therapy; Emory (Cliff Gorman), a flaming queen; Bernard (Reuben Greene), a black bookstore clerk; Hank (Laurence Luckinbill), a teacher who’s separated from his wife; and Larry (Keith Prentice), his boyfriend, who doesn’t think their relationship should mean that he has to stop sleeping around. Things are complicated by the arrival of Alan (Peter White), Michael’s presumably straight friend from college, and Cowboy (Robert La Tourneaux), a prostitute who is Emory’s birthday present for Harold.

Written by Mart Crowley and based on his play of the same name, directed by William Friedkin, who went on to direct The Exorcist. Tragically, several of the cast members are now dead from AIDS. Rated R for a lot of sex talk and a brief bare butt shot.

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Rusty Cub

Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Feb 23, 2012 Under DIRTY SHORTS, FUCK YEAH!

Rusty Cub is a cock-sucking cub who loves dom bear-type guys. His turn-ons are masculine guys, bears, blue-collar men, chub and husky guys… confidence and dominance… guys who love getting serviced. Here are three HOT videos of Rusty Cub doing what he loves the most.

2 more videos after the jump!

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