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DO YOU KNOW? The Secret Life Of Wendel Sampson (1966)

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Mike Kuchar | 1966

More of that special Kuchar magic…

Why is that guy caught in a spiderweb? Shy Pop artist Wendel Samson (played by real Pop artist Red Grooms) can’t work up the nerve to break up with his boyfriend, so he has anonymous trysts with other men. Meanwhile, when his female friend Margaret pressures him into an intimate relationship, it sends Wendel spiraling into a nightmare world where he’s violently punished for his sexuality.

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Friends of Squirt: Offer

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Mahmud of Ghazni and Malik Ayaz. via COLLECTING INDIAN NESS

Drawing above by Eshto

Mahmud of Ghazni founded the Ghaznavid Empire and ruled as a sultan. He fell in love with Malik Ayaz, a Turkish slave, and their relationship became the epitome of idealized love in Islamic legend and Sufi literature. As the story goes, Ayaz asked Mahmud who the most powerful man in the kingdom was. When the sultan replied that it was himself, Ayaz corrected him, claiming that in fact Ayaz was the most powerful, since Mahmud was his slave. The “slave to a slave” became a favorite trope in Persian literature. R.G.L.

the dog days are over

and this from Queercult:

Ruler of the Ghazavid empire from 997 to 1030 A.D., Mahmud turned the city of Ghazni, on the road between Kabul and Kandahar, into an empire that encompasses today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and parts of India.

Mahmud of Ghazni is known for his brutal destruction of Hindu temples and for bringing Islam to the Indian subcontinent – a hero to millions, a villain to millions. He was also known for his love for a slave, Malik Ayaz, a relationship which became a model for ideal love in Persian literature and Ayaz himself a model for purity in Sufism. In 1021 he made Ayaz the King of Lahore.

Mahmud of Ghazni has a page at Wikipedia, here, and at the New World Encyclopedia, here. A paraphrase by Edwin Arnold of a poem by Sa’adi about the love between Mahmud and Malik Ayaz can be read below:

From “With Sa’di in the Garden.” I. Mahmud and Ayaz: A Paraphrase on Sa’Di

Sir Edwin Arnold (1832–1904)

THEY mock’d the Sovereign of Ghaznin: one saith,
“Ayaz hath no great beauty, by my faith!
A Rose that ’s neither rosy-red nor fragrant,
The Bulbul’s love for such astonisheth!”

This went to Mahmud’s ears; ill-pleas’d he sate,
Bow’d on himself, reflecting; then to that
Replied: “My love is for his kindly nature,
Not for his stature, nor his face, nor state!”

And I did hear how, in a rocky dell,
Bursting a chest of gems a camel fell;
King Mahmud wav’d his sleeve, permitting plunder,
But spurr’d his own steed onward, as they tell.

His horsemen parted from their Lord amain,
Eager for pearls, and corals, and such gain:
Of all those neck-exalting courtiers
None except Ayaz near him did remain.

The King look’d back—“How many hast thou won,
Curl’d comfort of my heart?” He answer’d “None!
I gallop’d up the pass in rear of thee;
I quit thee for no pearls beneath the sun!”

Oh, if to God thou hast propinquity,
For no wealth heedless of His service be!
If Lovers true of God shall ask from God
Aught except God, that ’s infidelity.

If thine eyes fix on any gift of Friend,
Thy gain, not his, is thy desire’s end:
If thy mouth gape in avarice, Heaven’s message
Unto Heart’s ear by that road shall not wend.

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Model Of The Day: SKYLER WEST @ Randy Blue (via Arch Noble)

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Blond spiky hair, adorable face and a smile that says boy next door and horny little devil all rolled up into one, Skyler West is the newest hottie to join the Randy Blue stable. His long slender dick pokes out of his shorts from a patch of well trimmed pubes, beckoning you to lick your lips and open wide. His stream of dirty talk shows how much he loves sex and when you ask him if he is a top or a bottom you will hear the word bottom about ten times with a versatile thrown in for good measure. Given a Fleshjack to play with he could just fuck it and move on but he makes good use of the warm fleshy jerk off toy, hitting it from every angle, even putting it between some pillows and fucking it like he was ramming it home to some hot stud he had brought home from the club.

He fingers his ass furiously while alternating between the fleshjack and his own hand, knowing exactly how to push his own buttons. The heat of the moment almost overtakes him as his smooth skin becomes slick and shiny with sweat and it just serves to turn him on even more. He finally has such an intense orgasm that the cum nearly splashes him in the face and you get the feeling he would have happily licked it up had it reached those beautiful lips of his. And even when all is done he makes one last reach for your heart strings. He relaxes in post orgasmic bliss with the softest of chuckles the effect of which is a guarantee that you will come back for more.

more WEST pics @ arch noble

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Ummmm… WOW!

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Yesterday’s winners were Barebackrick (US), Fitlad41 (UK/IE), Staymuhn (CAN) & Alex1985 (AUS/NZ). Congrats guys!

Today Sgt. Coach shares Fitlad41 cus he’s fucking HOT and I really enjoyed seeing him remove his clothes & then jerking himself and squirting a good load of spunk (and a little ass spread moment too). Dude is mighty fine!

For current members go to the Member Videos, then to “Newest” to vote for your favorite video. If you’re not a current member of sign up for free and watch the steamy action – Click here to sign

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Where The Bears Are – Episode 11 BEAR ON A STAGE from Where the Bears Are on Vimeo.

Nelson (Ben Zook) is forced to return to his old acting class to question his arch nemesis and former comedy duo partner Dickie Calloway (Tuc Watkins) about his thorny relationship with the murder victim and the two wind up in an improv stand off. Acting Teacher: Greg Whipple.

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Model Of The Day: ACE ROCKWOOD

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