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Abney Park Cemetery in London is famous for being the first arboretum in Europe to be combined with a cemetery. It’s a very gorgeous and dodgy place with fallen tombs outcropping everywhere, squirrels and foxes around, and a beautiful landscape during every season. It’s known for all the cruising going on around the tombstones.I fancy cruising outdoors and I go there sometimes since moving to London from Jerusalem two years ago. This time I got naked and took some photos. Some men actually approached me but I was so into my own trip that I didn’t even notice them watching me through the trees. My inspiration was something like ‘a living body among the deads’. I set the camera up on a gravestone, turned it on ‘automatic’…and these are the results.

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Hey y’all, Jake Jaxson here. Growing up in South Louisiana, we loved to tell stories. There was nothing better than a good old fashioned ghost story and I especially loved it when Halloween came around. We lived in an old creaky house in the Garden District of New Orleans that would send a chill up anyone’s spine who walked inside, and my active imagination became over-stimulated. Doors opened on their own, bursts of cold on a warm day, footsteps and voices coming from empty rooms… it was all the norm.

Once, a friend who stayed over burst into my room out of breath with fear in his eyes — he had just experienced the feeling of being held down in his bed and not being able to get up, as if someone was sitting on him, pinching and slapping him (No, it wasn’t me! At least not that time!). Was our house haunted? I think so… there was definitely something there… real or imagined.

My most vivid personal experience came late one night — the witching hour — when I felt someone or something caressing my inner thighs. There were hands rubbing all over my chest, my stomach, and then finally onto my hard, demanding cock! It was like electricity pulsing through my body, unlike anything I’d felt before, taking me to a point of total bliss and explosion. When I woke up, the covers were peeled back, my white briefs were wet with cum, and my cock was still pulsing from the attention. Was it just a vivid wet dream or a sexual haunting? I’ll never know for sure, but that experience has stayed with me and it’s the inspiration for this week’s scary story – The Haunting.


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In & Out & In & Out… (OVER 50 IMAGES!)

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Do You Know? TRUE FAIRY TALES (art by Ryan Grant Long)

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Ryan Grant Long’s education encompassed graphic art and design, LGBT studies, anthropology and sociology. It all comes to bear in his MFA project from 2009. Below, Long writes on the project:

All of these depictions are based on real people (with the possible exception of David and Jonathan, who may have been legendary). Most of these historical figures are widely accepted to have been homosexual or bisexual. Some of them, such as Saints Sergius and Bacchus, are known for their unusual closeness, but scholars disagree on whether or not they were romantically involved. History isn’t an exact science, and all too often truths are hidden or rewritten after the fact by people who wish to erase gay people from history.

This project wasn’t about proving without a doubt whether or not a certain historical figure was gay; but rather exploring same-sex affection when enough evidence existed to at least consider it a reasonable possibility. Some scholars are quick to dismiss the love between men like David and Jonathan as merely “platonic,” but ask yourself, if the love between a man and woman were described with as much passion and endearment, would anyone doubt that they may have been romantically involved?


Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum were ancient royal servants who shared the title “Overseer of the Manicurists in the Palace of King Niuserre”. The two men are depicted on their joint tomb in one of the most intimate poses allowed by Egyptian artistic conventions: face to face, with their noses touching. Niankhkhnum means “joined to life” and Khnumhotep means “joined to ‘the blessed state of the dead’”. together their names mean “joined in life and death”. They are believed to be the first recorded same-sex couple in human history.


Emperor Ai of Han China fell in love with a minor official, a man named Dong Xian, and bestowed upon him great political power and a magnificent palace. Legend has it that one day, while the two men were sleeping in the same bed, the Emperoror was roused from his slumber by pressing business. Dong Xian had fallen asleep across the Emperor’s robe, but rather than awaken his peaceful lover, the Emperor cut his robe free at the sleeve. Thus, “the passion of the cut sleeve” became a euphemism for same-sex love in China.


Hadrian deemed Antinous to be the most beautiful young man in all the Roman Empire. Sadly, Antinous drowned mysteriously in the Nile River. Hadrian deified the youth after his untimely death, and Antinous was worshiped as a god; whole cities were founded in his name. As a result of his popularity and statues erected in his likeness, the face of Antinous became one of the most recognizable faces in antiquity. A statue of Antinous and what is believed to be his tomb reside in Hadrian’s luxurious Hellenistic-inspired villa.


There is evidence of same-sex couples in the Americas, and several Native American cultures are known to have tolerated or even revered sexual and gender diversity. Yet there is much we do not know, and cannot know, about homosexuality in the New World. When Christian Europeans conquered the Americas they imposed their values on the indigenous peoples and destroyed records of same-sex relationships, which they identified as the “sin” of “heathens”. Knowledge of the lives and loves of many has been lost to us forever.

Long’s blog

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“I thought this was an interesting article by porn actor Dale Cooper (above). What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.” – Sgt. C

NO FATS OR FEMS by Dale Cooper:

Since the app Grindr made its debut, I have been troubled by a trend I’ve noticed. Let me come out and say that I am by no means unfamiliar with Internet-enabled cruising and the kinds of human interaction they bring about. What I have been confronted with, though, on a continual enough basis to make it undeniably some sort of social phenomenon, is the (at times) overwhelming presence of douchebaggery on the app. There’s a veritable epidemic of it.

I am not the only person to think this is the case. The link is instructive in explaining exactly what makes one a douche, at least in my opinion and that of the site’s readership. It takes the form of asking, in the profile that is broadcast, that certain types of people should not contact the profile owner if they are:

Too short, or too tall (“over 5’7″ and under 6’1″), Asian (“not into rice,” “gook free zone”), fat (“175lbs or less”), fem (“no broken wrists,” “masculinity is not subjective”), black (“no chocolate,” “All blacks, keep moving cuz I ain’t interested unless u can prove not all blacks are the exact same mkay?”), not as hot as the profile owner, Latino, ugly, hairy, old (“no older than 30″), closeted, uncloseted, bisexual, not bisexual, not a college guy, not a jock, a fag, into the scene, a ginger, Catholic, Republican, not “musc,” not “prof,” not “VGL.”

The takeaway from these attempts at filtering contact for me is the incredible degree of specificity that some Grindr users want in the types of other human beings saying “sup” to them. There is also the suggestion that the speech act itself could be some form of violation. Of particular note is the phrase “not into,” taken to mean not sexually interested in.

It is not the fact that some people are “not into” certain types of other people that perplexes me. It is instead the incredible brazenness with which people will associate pejorative views of others with their publicly visible identity. Most troubling is the ease with which some profiles will confess extreme prejudice or use racist epithets, somehow made allowable as a language of sexual attraction or personal preference.

(Can’t resist adding a few pics of the writer of this article… SGT. COACH fave Dale Cooper.)

The larger question is whether this phenomenon is specific to the app, or if it just finds its most easily seen form in Grindr. Unfortunately and of course it is the latter. There is something about the blend of social-media publicity and a paradoxical pretension to anonymity fostered by the Internet that is enabling of things like trolling.

Yet the things placed on these profiles would not be readily said at the outset of conversation or, arguably, read of a person. One possible explanation may be that, before lines of code and satellites enabled it, these interactions had to take place where physical gay bodies gathered. Grindr delivers heads and torsos in the space of a smartphone screen. In an interesting twist, Grindr is still grounded in physical location, since it takes advantage of GPS. It allows bodies of all types to congregate without the usual geographic and social barriers, the placement and accessibility of gay spaces being governed by the usual suspects of history, race and class just like everything else.

Those barriers to access have been altered by technology. That these activities have become dependent on smartphones underlines a new-ish emphasis on the class difference — smartphones and data plans do not come cheap. Ostensibly, though, any body is capable of getting a smart phone and getting on the app, given the right amount of capital. Grindr, for better or worse, is now the type of site where gay identification can take place, allowing different generations, classes, races, and orientations to project their bodies onto the Grindr grid and have a look.


Dale Cooper is a sexual health educator, a social worker for HIV/AIDS clients, a porn performer, and a fundraiser for sexual health causes and affordable housing. He continues to study how gay sexuality has been affected by the Internet, and maintains a web presence at

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Austin Wolf is the latest newcomer to Randy Blue. He’s handsome, masculine, naturally hairy  and pretty fucking tall!. He’s 29 years old, 6’4″ (193 cm) tall and weighs 233lbs (106kg). FUCK YEAH!

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