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Two HOT Muscular Guys

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Jul 15, 2012 Under DIRTY SHORTS

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LICK by Andrew Christian

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Jul 15, 2012 Under BUY ME!, DIRTY SHORTS

LICK by Andrew Christian from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.

Andrew Christian underwear has never tasted soooo good! If you ever wondered what it would be like to “LICK” an Andrew Christian model, well….here is your chance! This video is the most sexually charged Andrew Christian promo video to date. Marcel Cruz (Locker Room Payback, Tag Me) is back and gets so caught up in the moment that he is biting nipples, licking tattoos, and even sucking on his own knee. Steven Dehler (Freshman Car Wash, Pink Pool Party, Tag Me) has the perfect abs and Brandon Brown (Jockstrap Cowboys) didn’t waste any time licking all over them. In fact, Brandon Brown steals the show as he licks all over Steven Dehler and AC newbie Spencer Jones. Brandon even makes licking milk out of a bowl look hot!
SGT. COACH has a sad face cus there’s NO QUINN! Enjoy some Quinn after the jump…

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Jul 13, 2012 Under Friends of Squirt

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July 13th, 2012

The SWORD EXCLUSIVE: The Sword has learned that CockyBoys’ JAKE BASS will be named one of the six winners (yes, there will be six winners) in the annual Fleshjack Boy contest (contenders include Arpad Miklos, Tommy DeFendi, Heath Jordan & Zeb Atlas). The identities of all six winners will be revealed next week, but a source deep inside Fleshjack has leaked to The Sword exclusively that “Jake Bass made it to the top six; he’s one of the new Fleshjack Boys.”

Jake Bass’ prizes include a shit load of free publicity (congrats, CockyBoys), a Fleshjack dildo, mouth, and ass molded after Jake Bass’ dick, mouth, and ass, and the title of being a Fleshjack Boy. Past winners have included Brent Corrigan, Austin Wilde, and Brent Everett.

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Who Doesn’t Love A HUGE Dick? (via Fleshbot)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Jul 13, 2012 Under COCK COCK COCK, DIRTY SHORTS

Who? Tell me. I seriously want to know. We’re all size queens, and if this doesn’t satiate your desire for monstrous members, well, then there’s something seriously wrong with you. FLESHBOT

·Brothers Third Leg (

Category: COCK COCK COCK, DIRTY SHORTS | 13 comments

Gigolo : London’s Original Porno Disco!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Jul 13, 2012 Under FAMOUS & BONERIFIC!


GIGOLO brings together a fusion of the hottest Dj talent to spin a combination of retro Disco, uplifting Disco house and dirty nu Disco beats including international “PORNOSTAR guests”. Here are sample images we’ve gotta show you , shot by ShootMeUp

Category: FAMOUS & BONERIFIC! | 8 comments

London Hosts WorldPride 2012 (via

Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Jul 12, 2012 Under NEWS IS HOT

London England threw a great big gay party for WorldPride and the people came. Thousands participated in the parade and people lined the historic streets for hours to cheer them on as they passed. Leading the pack were activists celebrating the 40th anniversary of London’s first Pride March. The event was plagued by organizational issues which led to a scaling back of the WorldPride event. Floats were not permitted in the parade and official parties in Soho were cancelled. However, the crowds were exuberant and most of the finger pointing between Pride organizers and city officials was suspended during the parade itself. Here are video highlights from the parade.

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Nathan Price Has Passed Away.

Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Jul 12, 2012 Under FAMOUS & BONERIFIC!

From Alpha Males:

Nathan Price, our first ever exclusive at sadly passed away in the early hours of Monday 2nd July 2012.

Even though Nathan had starred in many scenes for over the past years it was only last month that Trojan Rock had signed him as “exclusive” to the studio.

Jack Jones, Director says ” He was always the life and soul of a shoot. Making wise cracks throughout, and making it a delight to work even in difficult circumstances. He was a star performer”.

Trojan adds: He will be missed by us all at We have lost a dear friend. But as his family agree, he lived as he wanted, so we should remember his happiness and the smiles he gave to all of us.”

Our thoughts are with his family, friends, colleagues and fans.

Nathan Price was a very friendly guy from the UK and has worked for a lot of studios over the past years, including Alpha Males, Butch Dixon, UK Naked Men and Men At Play.

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Category: FAMOUS & BONERIFIC! | 15 comments