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Gay Romance An Option In New Mass Effect Game (via PINK News)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Mar 6, 2012 Under NEWS IS HOT


A first look at footage of a much-vaunted gay relationship in video game Mass Effect 3 has emerged ahead of the game’s general release. Bioware’s Mass Effect series charts the futuristic adventures of Systems Alliance Commander Shepard as he or she, depending on the player’s preference, tries to defeat a race of hostile machines. A lesbian love scene was included in the first game of the series but there was no option for male characters to pursue same-sex relationships.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, a online role-playing game based in the Star Wars universe and developed by Bioware, came under fire from the Family Research Council for its plans to include a gay storyline. In that case, Bioware had been commended for listening to the gaming community after one of the moderators on its forum reportedly told fans in 2009 that the term “gay” did not exist in the Star Wars universe. Mass Effect 3′s executive producer Casey Hudson, told XBox360: “We wanted to take a step towards responding to some of the feedback we’d had, things people have asked for. We always do that. And to be more inclusive. So we do have same-sex relationships for male and female.”

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SUPER Man Time! (70 Images)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Mar 6, 2012 Under SEXY MIX

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See More Of The Boys HERE @ Furboi

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Vintage Beefcake: Hank Ditmar (18 pics)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Mar 4, 2012 Under VINTAGE BEEFCAKE

Handsome Hank Ditmar was a hairy, moustache’d hunk who made his movies in the pre-condom 1980s. He was one of the famous, muscular Colt Studios stars.

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Andrew Christian DIRTY LAUNDRY Uncensored Video!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Mar 4, 2012 Under BUY ME!, DIRTY SHORTS


Air out your dirty laundry with the Andrew Christian Soccer Team!
Andrew Christian is back with a promo video that features Richie Nuzzolese and the gorgeous AC soccer team.  The video starts off with YouTube sensations Jessica and Hunter looking very out of place at the local laundry mat.  Hunter is complaining because Jessica brought him there on a Friday night and wants to leave, but she reassures him to stay put.   Just moments later a team of mischievous soccer players enter the room and jaws hit the floor.  The team captain (Richie Nuzzolese) has trouble written all over his face when he says to the other guys, “Lets Do Some Laundry.”
Clothes unzip, shorts fall off, and the temperature rises as the players strip down to their Andrew Christian underwear.  Meanwhile the diverse laundry mat patrons are getting the show of their life, while drooling all over themselves.  Two sexy women (Nicole Vail and Nora Merschel) cannot contain themselves and get a little frisky on each other.  The always hilarious Detox Icunt is so turned on she drinks the detergent! And the video would not be complete without a conservative straight couple, with the husband (Michael Piper-Younie) having a wandering eye, and the wife (Constance Brenneman) not having any part of it. The Andrew Christian boys continue with their show!  Brandon Howell challenges Ryan Moore to an arm wrestling match, Jose Parra strips down naked, Jason Medina shakes his booty, and Richie flexes his guns. Suddenly “Dirty Laundry” has never looked so fresh!

PICS After The Jump!
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Homoerotic Art

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Mar 2, 2012 Under ART CLASS


Xtra takes a look at the hidden homoerotic elements in some of the world’s greatest works of art and how they have influenced the modern gay aesthetic.

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Renuzit Goes After Market Share by the Hunk

Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Mar 1, 2012 Under BUY ME!

The New York Times:

The ad campaign for Renuzit Air Freshener, by an agency in Philadelphia named Red Tettemer & Partners, is centered on gorgeous images: buff young men who are either shirtless or have opened their shirts to reveal chiseled midsections.

The jest is that Renuzit Fresh Accents is as gorgeous as the models because it is, the print, online and outdoor ads declare, “the first air freshener designed to look as great as it smells.”

The ads carry headlines like “Look at this gorgeous air freshener next to this gorgeous man” and “Now that is gorgeous and the man is not so bad either.”

The campaign is an example of a more recent trend, in which marketers take a tack that may be described as “turnabout is fair play”: After decades of objectifying women to peddle products, Madison Avenue is now doing the same with men.

“We didn’t set out to objectify men, but you always see gorgeous women” in ads because those responsible for creative tasks at agencies will say, “‘There’s a hot woman, so guys will pay attention.’”

“I’m an equal opportunity objectifier,” [Steve O’Connell, partner and executive creative director at Red Tettemer & Partners] says, laughing.



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Remember Danny from Sean Cody? Of course, it’s odd to ask if one “remembers” a porn puppy like this hottie, since thanks to the Interwebs, porno is forever!

Well, Danny, who started off with a little JO scene, then a dildo buttplay scene, then fucking guys, then getting fucked, then threeways and all-out orgiastic four- and six-ways, is probably one of the more stellar stars of Sean Cody’s delicious stable of studs.

Now he’s in a different corral, the mixed martial arts ring. His sports name is even more porntastic, Dakota Cochrane.




Ultimate Fighting Championship has come under fire in recent months for its homophobic past, with LGBT groups calling on Anheuser Busch to drop its sponsorship of UFC over the organization’s failure to address homophobic behavior by its leaders and athletes. Which may be why Dakota Cochrane, a former Sean Cody actor who has reportedly been in more than 16 gay adult films and is now a contestant in the reality series The Ultimate Fighter, is getting attention. Cochrane, who performed under the name “Danny” for Sean Cody, says he is straight.

“It’s definitely a decision I regret,” Dakota told MMA Fighting. “If I would have known what would happen I definitely wouldn’t have done it. But I had money issues and I needed help. I went there to do pictures, and they started throwing pretty high numbers in front of me. I didn’t really think. It was a big mistake.”

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