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Elton John recreated with Gaydar profile pictures.

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Feb 17, 2012 Under ART CLASS





An image of Elton John’s face comprising thousands of Gaydar users’ profile pictures is among the works in a collection celebrating LGBT History Month. The Steve Rosenthal portrait will be part of ‘Gaze’, an exhibition of images of inspirational figures from the gay community including a specially-commissioned portrait of Lady Gaga. The computer-generated Elton John image is made up of the profile pictures of men who visited Rosenthal’s Gaydar profile between 2007 and 2009.

Rosenthal has also created images of Rudolph Valentino, Rock Hudson and Anthony Perkins, David Bowie and George Michael in the same way.

In an interview with The Pandorian, Rosenthal said he had decided “to catalogue the users who left a visible track, or rather who did not actively erase evidence of their visit to my page in my ‘friends’ drawer”.

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Here comes Andrew Christian again with his hot “car wash boys” in his latest underwear ad. We’ve enjoyed the car wash & the pink pool party… now it’s  all about water balloons and  SUPER HOT Quinn/Kurt (and his Supersoaker)! This is just the teaser to the full on bare ass & wet undies/cock outline version!

A few Quinn (Kurt Madison from Randy Blue) pics after the jump…

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Beastly Beauties (60 Images)

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The following essay and stunning photographs come to HuffPost Gay Voices courtesy of Trent Kelley, a Texas-based playwright. Kelley, who says he collected most of the photographs on eBay, in flea markets and in estate sales, writes:

Afro American same-sex loving gay men who where coupled with one another in the distant past walked the streets, ate at the dinner tables, and generally participated in their larger ethnic community out in the open, their relationships known only to those who were consequential to their everyday lives. In this respect, they were out in the open but hidden to those who didn’t know about their sexual proclivities. Hence, the title of this series of pictures dating from the mid 19th century to the late 20th century is “Hidden in the Open: A Photographic Essay of Afro-American Male Couples.”

Some of these images are sure to depict gay couples, whereas others may not. The end result is speculative at best, for want in applying a label. Not every gesture articulated between these men is an indication of male-to-male intimacies. Assuredly, what all the photographs have in common are signs of Afro-American male affection and love that were recorded for posterity without fear and shame. Friendships where men often wrote romantically to one another, walked arm in arm were not uncommon to straight and gay men alike during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Depending on economic situation, many even slept together and this may have precluded or included physical intimacy between the sheets.

But there were past generations of Afro American gay men who lived and love bravely. They exist in these photographs. Like today’s gay male of African descent, the majority of them were never victims who whined nor required rescuing. Their presence here defy a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community often wanting to make them an impotent footnote absent of any self-empowerment within gay culture and those vocally homophobic pockets within a black community wanting to write these men out of the narrative to Afro-American history.



Watch Trent Kelley Interview After The Jump
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“Sarcasm with a dash of whimsy, served over shredded intellect. Whiskey-slinging film nerd. Seeker of gills and wings.”

Robbie Banfitch is a very funny & clever fellow … he’s also super sexy. Watch these three videos and see if you fall in love with him as much as I.

Learn how be optimistic about certain rejection at the bar (Valentine’s Day or every fucking day).

You want to know what love is? Let Robbie show you!

“Watch as I demonstrate how to successfully convert a supposed “homosexual” into a God-fearing, righteous heterosexual. This technique works wonders for those believing they were “born that way”.”

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Over 60 Sexy Photos For All Of You Sexy Squirters!

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Happy Pink Triangle Day!

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Oh!  Pink Triangle Day is Canada’s only Annual gay Holiday?

Well it is. The fact that You are now saying “What are you talking about??” is a very clear indication of level of observance and awareness of this event. In the late 70′s an national organization of Canada’s lesbians and gays existed called the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Rights Coalition (CLGRC). Delegates from across Canada met once a year to network, pool resources, workshop, rejuvenate each other and plan and coordinate strategies. The 1979 conference was held in Ottawa and those delegates were celebrating the first major legal victory, for the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Rights movement. That victory was the acquittal of the officers of Pink Triangle Press (The Body Politic & Xtra’s parent). Those officers had been charged with obscenity for the publication of an article called “Men Loving Boys Loving Men” which dealt with child sexuality.

CLGRC wanted to commemorate that victory and since the court’s decision had been handed down on February 14th, they decided to declare an Annual Gay Holiday to be held every year on that day. Although the 14th was usually commemorated as Valentine’s Day , the delegates wanted to take this opportunity to challenge what Christopher Isherwood has called the “heterosexual dictatorship” by affirming for ourselves and for the world, the existence, the strength, and the beauty of gay love.

more info HERE

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