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FLESHBOT: Japanese pornstar Masaki Koh, arguably one of the most inspirational and legendary Asian stars in recent history, has died at the age of 29. Although the official cause of death has yet to be announced, Koh’s partner, Tien Tien, revealed the performer had several surgeries last month from a ruptured cecal due to peritonitis.

Appearing in his first hardcore gay scene in 2009, Koh had starred in hundreds of gay titles since and quickly became a role model for gay youth struggling with sexuality in the traditionally conservative Japanese culture. Unlike many of his fellow Asian performers, Koh lived openly and embraced his work in the sex industry by opting not to have his face censored and appearing at live events in Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Paris.

A gay Fleshbot fan in Japan writes in about the groundbreaking work Koh had accomplished:

A rarity in the Japanese gay porn industry, he was a very vocal person, not afraid to show his face and be proud of his sexuality. In an industry when many performers still ask to have their faces blurred or covered up, he was one of the few men in recent times to become a full-fledged star. He was even commented on in news articles, and was featured in Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki’s video for “How Beautiful You Are”, which featured him kissing another man onscreen, still a rarity in the Japanese media.

Many in Japan are very shocked by his death, not only because he was so young and handsome, and outwardly so healthy, but because of his friendly and open personality, which made many of his look up to him as a sign of a more positive future for gay men in the country.

I was hoping for a long and happy career for him, so it is a big shock to me that he’s gone.

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Return of the FLESHLIGHT Fuck with BRAVO DELTA!

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BRAVO DELTA: I haven’t uploaded anything in pretty long time, and I haven’t fucked my fleshlight in a while either… so I did something about that. Sure, the camera quality is shitty and I’m bloated from being reintroduced to an italian diet, but still. Also, the fleshlight is too tight around the base of my cock, which I think is what ruined the cumshot (I was hoping to shoot out the end, but apparently not). But hey, I’m always overly critical of my own work! By the way, the fleshlight insert material doesn’t taste that good. Anyway, remember to check out my videos on cockyboys! And follow my twitter (@bravodelta9) and tumblr ( as I check those more often than I get on here!

Oh, yeah that’s my new video. I embedded it earlier, but I think linking it is better, given the chance xtube has become more mobile-compatible.

If you can’t see the video… GO HERE!

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You like? MORE of these SEXY FUCKERS HERE!

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“We have just published the new series we did for bears meeting in a bar in Barcelona last Easter”: torres ibarzo
torres ibarzo on FACEBOOK






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vintage boyz





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L INCONNU DU LAC (Bande annonce VO FR) from Les Films Du Losange on Vimeo.


CANNES – Nothing I’ve seen at Cannes so far — not even the current Palme d’Or favorite, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s button-cute parenthood drama “Like Father, Like Son” — has, to my ear, pushed the end-credits clap-o-meter quite as far into the red as Alain Guiraudie’s Un Certain Regard entry “Stranger by the Lake.” Elated whoops and whistles greeted this minimalist French thriller’s final fade to black: not the reaction you’d usually expect from a civilian festival crowd for a work of such sleek, stark nihilism as to prompt visions of Robert Bresson adapting Patricia Highsmith. All of which leads me to at least one conclusion: audiences out there are really starved for gay sex.


Yes, “Stranger by the Lake” features more graphic man-on-man action on screen than you can, er, shake a stick at, granting it an immediate festival-world notoriety that will dissipate swiftly as many distributors simply cast it into the “unreleasable” pile. But while some will deem the film barely distinguishable from gay pornography, its surfeit of explicit sex scenes has a function beyond base titillation (though, let it be said, there’s plenty of that too). If many films have put the practicalities and politics of casual sex to more rigorous examination on film in recent years, I either haven’t seen them or napped through a lot of the subtext in “Hitch.”

The setting — from which the film never strays over a timespan of several days, lending proceedings an oddly airy claustrophobia — is a picturesque lakeside cruising ground in rural France, frequented by a small but restlessly circulating crowd of gay regulars and holidaymakers, who turn up on a daily basis for a spot of (in ascending order of importance) swimming, sunbathing and al fresco shagging in the rough woodland behind the beach.

New to the scene is Franck (Pierre Deladonchamps), a handsome twentysomething more in the market for a partner than a sex buddy, but taking his chances in the meantime. His best chance, as he sees it, arrives in the form of Michel (Christophe Paou), an older, mustachioed swimmer on whom Franck becomes inordinately fixated. Michel is immediately flirtatious, though initially beholden to another sex partner; that only further stokes the younger man’s desire, which doesn’t waver even after, one balmy summer evening, he witnesses Michel murdering his mate in broad moonlight.

Franck tells no one what he has seen — least of all Michel himself, with whom he willingly enters a steamy no-strings commitment, built on bareback intercourse and never leaving the confines of the cruising ground. The threat of murder proves a sufficiently powerful aphrodisiac for Franck to pursue a deeper relationship with Michel. Persistently rebuffed, he instead fosters a sexless companionship with chubby, closeted beach patron Henri (an excellent Patrick D’Assumcao), whose suspicions about the psychotic Adonis edge ever closer to the truth — as do those of the police inspector who begins sniffing around when the corpse of Michel’s last victim washes ashore.


This is already far too psychologically cumbersome to qualify as porn: porn noir might be closer to the mark, given how Guiraudie’s stylish thriller framework plays the dangers of rough sex against its oneiric allure. One may choose to see Franck’s outlandish fatal attraction as an allegory for more widespread hazards of homosexuality: if repeatedly hooking up with a known murderer doesn’t kill him, having regular unprotected sex with a known player might do the trick in the long run. Not that Guiraudie and cinematographer Claire Mathon — whose luscious, sun-dappled but eerily remote widescreen compositions plant the entire film in an uncertain Eden — are passing judgement too harshly on these bronzed transgressors, nor those who delight in watching them. Hot and cold and provocative in more than just the expected ways, “Strangers by the Lake” presents even the most dishonest sex as an honest thrill.

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RANDY BLUE: Levi has been camming for a while with us, and after taking a look at how hungry this tall blonde adonis is for cock, we knew we had to get him to the Randy Blue studios ASAP.

This sweet kid was super excited to be working with us. He was just disappointed that he had to do a solo and not go straight into getting fucked by one of our hot Randy Blue studs. I told him if he wanted, he could fuck himself with a dildo in his scene.

His eyes lit up. I showed Levi our assortment of toys and asked him to pick out which one he wanted to use. Of course he picked the biggest one we had. I knew we were going to be in for a treat. He couldn’t wait to get started.

He called me into the room and started stripping for me. Teasingly looking into camera, he made us beg for him to pull his cock out. Once that hard meat escaped his underwear, he started to stroke it up against the mirror. He decided to get more comfortable and began to beat his meat on the couch. But this was not enough. He looked at me and told me that he needed more. He pulled out the dildo and started to fuck himself on all fours.

The huge dildo shoved all the way inside of him. Levi was in heaven. He then laid back with his ass straight in the air and began to fuck himself hard. The toy must have been hitting the right spot, because before we knew it, Levi exploded all over himself while the dildo was deep inside of him. He licked all the cum off of his fingers and smiled at the camera. This boy is ready for more. And we are going to give it him.

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Hmmmm… what’s this?

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