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Hangover Fuck!

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Gay Tube

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WOW… Handsome Man!

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What She Said…

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Sarah Palin Explains Why Santorum Rises To The Top…

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Unintentional comedy gold took center stage on Fox News’ Hannity as Sarah Palin gave her expert analysis on why Santorum rises to the top.

Sean Hannity asked Sarah Palin about the timing of Santorum’s surge, and she answered, “Well, there in Iowa it was a good place for Santorum to be and to rise to the top, and even though he was eight votes short, I think most people  would say that he was the one who rose to the top because for many it was unexpected, his finish, but Iowa there with, I believe sort of a microcosm of America, when you consider median income, when you consider education levels. I think Iowa really represents much of America and the voters who are going to show up in a general election.”

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New York chef Ty-Lor Boring is quickly shaping up to be the raciest contestant in the history of Top Chef. He revealed his proclivity for risque photos as early as his application video, in which he also mentions that he’s openly gay. So blogs have been tracking NSFW Ty-Lor Boring photos since Top Chef season 9 began.

Most of the photos that were uncovered first were relatively tame. No longer: skin blog Fleshbot uncovered a full-frontal Ty-Lor Boring nude photo originally published in Headmaster magazine, a “biannual art magazine for man-lovers.”

The photo was published before Boring appeared on Top Chef. Contestants with nude-photo backgrounds have been kicked off of reality shows for their modeling careers in the past — but it’s worth noting that Bravo, which broadcasts Top Chef, is a very different animal from Fox.

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Arpad Miklos Fucks Matan Shalev

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I always LOVE any scene featuring Arpad. He is one HOT man.

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Why Does Hollywood Hate Gay Sex? via SEXY BEAST

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If you’ve seen any of the high-profile gay-themed movies from 2011—from Beginners to J. Edgar—you may have noticed they have one thing in common: the gay sex takes place in the dark (or not at all). Ramin Setoodeh interviews actors, directors, and writers to find out why gay sex is the last taboo in Hollywood.

By now, you’ve probably heard about Shame, this generation’s Last Tango in Paris. Michael Fassbender plays a single (and often naked) Manhattan bachelor named Brandon obsessed with sex, and the movie offers a voyeuristic look into his anonymous encounters with various women. One afternoon he even has sex with a pretty blonde prostitute against the window of the Standard Hotel, for all of downtown New York to see.

On another drunken night, Brandon wanders into a gay club. He’s so desperate for sex, he’ll sleep with anybody—even a man. The scene is meant to illustrate how depraved his character has become, but the moment is a turning point for another reason. For the first time in the film, Shame is ashamed to show you what Brandon experiences. In a dark underground corridor, a guy unzips Brandon’s pants … and the camera cuts away. The screen fades to black.

Gay sex is the last Hollywood taboo. When Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet as the first openly gay sitcom star in 1997—and her fictional self followed suit—a parade of gay characters came after her. There was Will & Grace, and Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and the City sidekick, Stanford. In movies, the gay best friend became a staple, from My Best Friend’s Wedding to Mean Girls.

Yet none of these characters do what gay men do. As Hollywood portrays it, the homosexual man is, astonishingly, sexless.


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Model Of The Day : Trystan Bull

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Isn’t Trystan Bull the cutest little thing? His sweet boy smile… his big muscled guns… his mighty hard dick… just awesome! So enjoy these workout pics and imagine yourself licking off his sweat and…

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I Love, I Love My Little Calendar Boys! (8 pics)

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A new year… means new hunky man calendars! And being that it’s only 5 days in, I thought I’d share with you the NEW ParouTudo 2012 Calendar by photographer Hay Torres. 12 months of beautiful dudes smiling & posing “just for you”. CHECK OUT ALL 12 MONTH HI-RES IMAGES HERE.

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