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Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Mar 9, 2012 Under FUCK YEAH!, QUEER HANGOUTS

“I got fucked in an alley behind a club in these briefs once. The muscle jock wanted me so badly that he ripped a hole right in the ass. He dug his tongue deep inside of me, and that’s all we used for lube. He got me really wet and so much ass juice came out of me that the edge of these briefs were soaked. When he finally blew his load, I took it deep like a good bottom. He didn’t let me cum. When I got back to my car I unloaded inside these briefs while pushing his semen out of my ass, rubbing it all over my hole and the bottom of these filthy underwear.”

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This blog is simple:

I wear the same clothes all the time, and never wash them. To the gym, to work, to class. My friends know about this behavior. Some judge, some don’t. The bottom line: I’m a filthy pig in training.

I post my pics and email here so dirty fuckers like you can send your love. You like sniffing filthy smells from the armpit stains on my tight white Ts. Don’t deny it.

Send me a good enough email, and I will (discreetly) make sure my freshly stenched gear ends up in your hands. Send a picture back to me of you chewing the taint of my jockstrap and I will totally bone up.

I’ll definitely take special requests… And I am always looking to meet kinky guys in person in the South USA.




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“I’m a neo-fetishist. If it’s new, I want to fuck it,” laughs Ryan Russell. Russell is a tech-savvy performer who stays in constant connection with his fans via Twitter (@RyanRussellXXX) and his website ( “These are the people who engage with the work; they like porn and they want to talk to porn people,” he says. Russell’s newest vehicle, hardtv, updates tabloid television by injecting sex into the headlines, creating the ultimate gossip/jizz rag. The new hour-long sexertainment show is produced by Canada’s first gay adult cable channel, also called hardtv (which, along with fab, Xtra and, is a Pink Triangle Press production), and promises an informative, sexy and hilarious peek into the gay porn industry.

By blending pop culture with overt sexuality, the producers hope to accelerate the careers of many pornstars — similar to what Tiger Beat achieved for Justin Bieber.


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Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Mar 8, 2012 Under FUCK YEAH!, QUEER HANGOUTS

 HUNKY PUNKY MONKEY is a blog chock full of tasty nuts and nasty ass… it’s good manly fun. Hunks galore!!!

Check out this sample of SGT. COACH’s fave images (double click them… some HUGE scans)

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Three Hot Fuckin’ Dudes Doin’ It!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Mar 8, 2012 Under DIRTY SHORTS

Man, this is one hot & heavy threesome… lots of heavy breathing & plenty of dirty talk. Two of the dudes have a nice bit of fur on them and the other has tats all over (“NO REGRETS” is written on his back). Each one is a “real looker”. They all seem to really like each other so they put on a terrific show.
“I wanna see you split your ass open for me.”
“Your asshole is begging to be fucked.”
“Ya man… take it from both ends.”
“Fuck his ass hard.”

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Who Would You Choose? Mr. Left, Mr. Middle or Mr. Right?

Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Mar 8, 2012 Under WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

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Gay Romance An Option In New Mass Effect Game (via PINK News)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Mar 6, 2012 Under NEWS IS HOT


A first look at footage of a much-vaunted gay relationship in video game Mass Effect 3 has emerged ahead of the game’s general release. Bioware’s Mass Effect series charts the futuristic adventures of Systems Alliance Commander Shepard as he or she, depending on the player’s preference, tries to defeat a race of hostile machines. A lesbian love scene was included in the first game of the series but there was no option for male characters to pursue same-sex relationships.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, a online role-playing game based in the Star Wars universe and developed by Bioware, came under fire from the Family Research Council for its plans to include a gay storyline. In that case, Bioware had been commended for listening to the gaming community after one of the moderators on its forum reportedly told fans in 2009 that the term “gay” did not exist in the Star Wars universe. Mass Effect 3′s executive producer Casey Hudson, told XBox360: “We wanted to take a step towards responding to some of the feedback we’d had, things people have asked for. We always do that. And to be more inclusive. So we do have same-sex relationships for male and female.”

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SUPER Man Time! (70 Images)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Mar 6, 2012 Under SEXY MIX

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See More Of The Boys HERE @ Furboi

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Vintage Beefcake: Hank Ditmar (18 pics)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Mar 4, 2012 Under VINTAGE BEEFCAKE

Handsome Hank Ditmar was a hairy, moustache’d hunk who made his movies in the pre-condom 1980s. He was one of the famous, muscular Colt Studios stars.

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