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Vintage Porn Ads & Other Manliness!

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Black Magic

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Maurice (pronounced Morris) is a 1987 British romantic drama film based on the novel of the same title by E. M. Forster. It is a tale of homosexual love in early 20th century England, following its main character Maurice Hall from his school days through university until he is united with his life partner.

Maurice was produced by Ismail Merchant via Merchant Ivory Productions and Film Four International, directed by James Ivory, and written by Ivory and Kit Hesketh-Harvey, with cinematography was by Pierre Lhomme. In the style of Merchant Ivory’s A Room with a View, old book endpapers accompany the theme music played in minor scale at the beginning and in major scale at the end to bracket the film as a cinematographic novel.

The film stars James Wilby as Maurice, Hugh Grant as Clive and Rupert Graves as Alec. The supporting cast included Denholm Elliott as Dr Barry, Simon Callow as Mr Ducie, Billie Whitelaw as Mrs Hall, and Ben Kingsley as Lasker-Jones.

E. M. Forster wrote Maurice from 1913 onwards. He did not intend to publish it while his mother was alive. He showed the manuscript to selected friends, such as Christopher Isherwood. Forster resisted publication during his lifetime because of public and legal attitudes to homosexuality — a note found on the manuscript read: “Publishable, but worth it?” The novel was only published in 1971 after Forster’s death. It was written as a traditional bildungsroman, or novel of education. Forster, takes on a subject the problem of coming of age as a homosexual in a restrictive society. He was keen that his novel should have a happy ending. It is considered to be a minor work, in comparison with his novels Howards End (1910) and A Passage to India (1924).

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FILTHY GORGEOUS! (over 30 Images)

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GOLD SILVER BRONZE: Danell VS Hamilton & Philipp!

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday Aug 3, 2012 Under Sexiest Athlete Olympics

I can’t believe it! Danell won the GOLD… Studly Bjorn has to settle for Silver & Matthew is sadly a non-fabulous Bronze (is it cus he’s gay? ;) ). Danell has got his work cut out for him with French gymnast Hamilton Sabot & Germany’s Philipp Boy. These guys are MAJOR FOXES! LET THE GAYmes BEGIN…

Danell Leyva

Philipp Boy

Hamilton Sabot

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RIP: Porn Star Adam Faust Has Passed

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WEB CONFIDENTIAL: Another Gay Porn star has passed.

Apparently the life expectancy of a porn star is shorter than that of other professions.

Strawberry-blond stud Adam Faust was hairy, ripped and all man and he started making XXX movies since about 2004. Although some of his movies are mainstream, he called himself a ‘fisting top’ and described his other specialisms as bondage and S&M. Indeed, he won best fetish escort at the first Annual Escort Awards and has proved a popular figure at Hot House’s Club Inferno Dungeon. He was born in February 1974 in New York, has an MBA and described himself as a great cook. Before his porn career took off, he worked retail in New York.

He died last night in New York.

Details on the cause of death have yet to be released.

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Sports Fetish Boys

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Well hello Bjorn! He’s our new GOLDEN BOY (3 time winner Alexandre came in second). Who could possibly compete with the pure hunkiness that is Mr. Barrefors? How about US gymnast, Danell “I like to share my body with the world” Leyva & Australian diver (and an out gay man BTW) Matthew Mitcham. These dudes are all total Baldwins! Let the GAYMES begin…

Bjorn Barrefors

Matthew Mitcham

Danell Leyva

More pics of the boys after the jump!

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