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Where The Bears Are – Season 3: Episode 5 “BEAR ON A TABLE”

Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Aug 26, 2014 Under FUNNY HA HA

Wood (Joe Dietl) makes an appointment as a patient at his ex-boyfriend Austin Walker’s chiropractor office in order to keep him distracted while Reggie and Todd comb the place for evidence linking him to the Cody Summers murder. Meanwhile, Nelson anxiously awaits word on whether he got the potentially career changing role of the small town sheriff in the low budget indie horror movie. Todd: Ian Parks. Nelson: Ben Zook. Reggie: Rick Copp. Austin Walker: Chuck Saculla. Flavio: Ephraim Lopez.

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THE DIRTY DOZEN… If you are a logged in member, just click the video title to watch.



wolverinebenji’s “QUICK WANK IN DADDYBOY ROOM”

Rancher2048′s “DADDY SUCKING”





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Posted by SGT. COACH on Monday Aug 25, 2014 Under MODEL OF THE DAY




ZACH RANDALL: Jizzy always has a hot wad of cum in his balls ready to be stroked out, and we get to join him out in the sun for this delicious display of thick dicked action. The hot jock boys body is a tempting sight to behold, but the way he works his engorged meat is the real treat. Jizzy doesn’t hold back on his grip, strangling out a thick and creamy load for the guys. Preview HERE @ SCALLYGUY




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BROKE STRAIGHT BOYS:Tyler White and Vadim Black exchange some fantasies while they lounge in the hot tub together…and all that sex talk gets them horny and in the mood for some fucking! Suddenly it’s not just the hot tub that’s steamy…these boys are going at each other, Vadim kneeling in the water and sucking on Tyler’s big cock while he leans back and let’s Vadim work his magic.


He helps Tyler act out one of his fantasies, but now it’s time for payback and Tyler gives Vadim some amazing oral, licking and stroking that prick before he turns Vadim around and bends him over. Tyler takes some time to explore Vadim’s tight ass, fingering him and giving him a little taste of what’s to come. These studs are way too sizzling to be sitting in a hot tub anymore so they move things over to the bench and Vadim climbs on top and takes that dick, bouncing up and down on it as he begs for me.


Tyler isn’t one to leave his partner wanting, so he bends Vadim over and shoves his cock inside and slams into him, pounding him hard. He claims that ass and fucks him deep until Vadim cums on himself. Tyler pulls out and shoots his load into Vadim’s waiting mouth, making him eat that hot jizz and he licks up every last drop!



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Posted by tropicalurge on Monday Aug 25, 2014 Under NEWS IS HOT

A documentary about porn stars is set to be released next month on TLA. I’m a Porn Star takes an in-depth look at the gay adult entertainment industry and four established stars (Brent Everett, Colby Jansen, Rocco Reed and Johnny Rapid) who speak candidly about their experiences as highly lusted-after sexual icons. They talk about how much they are making, about their fans and politics behind the porn industry! Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think!

Also tell us, who is your favorite porn star?

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Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Aug 24, 2014 Under FUCK YEAH!


QUEERPIG: premieres a brand new porn series entitled “Affairs!” The first episode stars Russian/Georgian muscle hunk Dato Foland and American porn star Colby Keller. The moment that Dato’s tight ass adjusts to Colby’s big dick he knows the good times are very mutual! The action is passionate but intense in this hot new scene from

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LUKAS KAZAN: Looking for the hottest Italians? You’ll find them in Naples, Palermo, Rome (not necessarily in this order). Gianni’s smile gives away his Neapolitan DNA the minute you lay eyes on this hunk: a warm, friendly, captivating smile. Add a rock-hard body, a 7 1/2 inch cock and you’ll scream ‘mamma mia!’ Gianni, 26, is into older guys and says his first time was at 18, with a sexy (and very, very lucky) 40 year old daddy.




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0011-Tayte_Justin _10_

COCKYBOYS: Both Tayte and Justin identify as mostly top, however Tayte did mention in another CockyBoys scene that he would love to do a scene with boy-next-door Justin Matthews. “I know he’s a top,” Tayte said in the interview. “But we’ll figure it out!” And figure it out they did, because three months later the guys met in New York for the first time and hit it off immediately. Neither Tayte nor Justin has ever bottomed on camera before, so they thought it appropriate to break each other in with an equal-opportunity flip-fuck. Justin was feeling nervous since Tayte is known for his huge dick, but Tayte on the other hand was all smiles, excited to finally get pounded on screen, even commenting that Justin has the “perfect boyfriend penis.”

0012-Tayte_Justin _11_

The guys first bonded over their love of the outdoors, fishing and hanging out, jogging, and of course getting naked in public. With the sparks flying, Tayte began to suck Justin off deep in the woods which naturally led Justin to return the favor. Then in a surprising twist, it was Tayte who became the main aggressor with Justin moaning almost nonstop as soon as he first sat on Tayte’s cock. Who knew Justin would be such a vocal bottom? Justin wouldn’t let Tayte off that easy, though. Pretty soon it was Tayte’s turn to get fucked, so Justin positioned him over a log and began reaming him doggy-style. But what really tipped Tayte over the edge was getting the same treatment in missionary. The guys literally shot their loads seconds apart! This scene is proof that two talented tops can definitely enjoy a nice flip-fuck!

0013-Tayte_Justin _12_

0014-Tayte_Justin _13_

0015-Tayte_Justin _14_

0016-Tayte_Justin _15_

0017-Tayte_Justin _16_

0018-Tayte_Justin _17_

0019-Tayte_Justin _18_

0020-Tayte_Justin _19_

0021-Tayte_Justin _20_

0002-Tayte_Justin _1_

0003-Tayte_Justin _2_

0004-Tayte_Justin _3_

0005-Tayte_Justin _4_

0006-Tayte_Justin _5_

0007-Tayte_Justin _6_

0008-Tayte_Justin _7_

0009-Tayte_Justin _8_

0010-Tayte_Justin _9_


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FUCK YEAH THREESOME!!! with Cooper Reed, Vander and Wren @ CHAOSMEN.

Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Aug 23, 2014 Under FUCK YEAH!


CHAOSMEN: Vander starts-off between the guys, his massive cock already hard as both guys take turn kissing him. Cooper and Vander have a total make-out session while Wren starts trying to deep throat Vander’s cock. Cooper then slides down to help Wren tackle Vander’s knob, trying his best to get as much in his mouth as he can. Wren climbs up then feeds Vander his cock. Vander is loving having a cock in his mouth while being sucked-off! Cooper climbs on up and feeds his cock to Vander and starts kissing Wren. Vander tries to get both cocks into his mouth at the same time, but ends up mostly sucking each cock in turn, keeping both guys hard.


Vander lays on his back while Wren sits on his face, but also paying attention to Wren’s cock. Cooper starts lubing up Vander’s hole with his tongue, getting him ready to be fucked. Wren spins around and works Vander’s cock while Cooper tongue’s his hole. But Wren is eager to get fucked, so he spins backs around to let Cooper fuck him. Vander is in the perfect position to not only suck his Wren’s dick, but lick Cooper’s cock as it slides in and out of Wren’s hole!


After fucking Wren, Cooper lifts Vander’s ankles in to the air and begins pounding his hole. Wren sucks on Vander’s cock, getting a close-up view of the cock sliding into Vander. Finally, Wren sits down on Vander’s cock while Cooper Fucks Vander. I am sure Vander was loving that sensation!

A whole bunch of crazy other positions go on, including some daisy chain fucking., but the ending is of course the best!





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Posted by SGT. COACH on Saturday Aug 23, 2014 Under MODEL OF THE DAY

Sexy and cute is a combination that doesn’t come around too often, Alexis is one of those rarities. This gorgeous exhibitionist can’t wait to get in the locker room, strip off and bash one out for the cameras. Whipping his vest off, playing with his sexy pierced nipples, cheekily grabbing his crotch and playing with his dick through his shorts, you can just tell this is going to be a tonne of fun! Throw some baby oil into the mix and you’ve got yourself a hot, horny locker jock with a stunning, unique and exclusive HotJock.

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