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“My Mate Chris” by Elvis Di Fazio

Photographer Elvis Di Fazio’s blog “DIARIES OF A SMUTOGRAPHER” is chock full of sexy boys & girls in layouts that are raunchy, silly, provocative and just plain awesome. Besides his mate “Chris” (that we’re featuring in this post today) there

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You Only Get Half An Hour With This Guy… What Would You Do?

Awwwww… he hearts you.

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Tim Gunn on his 29-year dry spell: ‘It’s not as though I’m some barren forest’

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We thought we couldn’t love Tim Gunn any more than we already did after watching him play something of a kindly expert uncle on Project Runway for years, drawing others out of their shells while lending a supportive

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11 Shots of Tyler by Edwin Pabon

Photographer Edwin Pabon photographs very hot men. His subjects are always a tad scruffy or a little bit artsy looking. They ALWAYS have muscular god-like bods. Case in point, model Tyler. A very attractive fellow. Not Brad Pitt gorgeous… but

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Hunks Galore @ My Favorite Hot Man Collages


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Absolu Living Shot by Frank Mijares

Very HOT boy photographed by Frank Mijares, here are images for Absolu Living, a lovely gay apartment rentals company in France.

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NIC SANTIAGO by FÁBIO WANDERLEY (via Rock This Blog) Click Images 3 Time To See Them HUGE!


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A WORKMAN’S SPECIAL (15 Sexy Dude Photos, 2 Dirty Videos & 6 Naughty Gifs… What’s Not To Like?)

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Good Morning Pancakes from Gnambox (featuring pancake maker Ben Thomas)

GOOD MORNING PANCAKES from Gnam Box on Vimeo. Hey, this would be amazing to wake up to… your man makin’ you pancakes in his undies. Good times! MORE COOL STUFF @ GNAMBOX

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Dudes R Us (35 Pics)

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