Boomer Banks & Calvin Banks @ COCKY BOYS…

COCKY BOYS: Flash forward to 2017, and Boomer has not only worked with some of the hottest designers in New York, but has just released a men’s collection with co-designer (and CockyBoys collaborator) BCALLA. Modeling the collection for Boomer is his friend and young apprentice, Calvin Banks (the Haus of Banks!), who couldn’t be more excited to show off Boomer’s fresh take on a completely gender fluid menswear collection. Consisting of leather, zippers, and even skirts and dresses, this collection goes beyond the brink of cutting edge. In fact, some articles make the art of stripping more convenient, much to Calvin’s chagrin. Boomer carefully fits Calvin in his collection before gently stripping him back down, getting a taste of his cock. As Calvin explains, he and Boomer have an electric chemistry despite their vast differences both in physical appearance and in personality. Calvin’s spunky energy is the perfect match for Boomer’s more subdued, thoughtful vibe—whether it’s putting a needle through fabric or getting nailed by his very own apprentice! Calvin’s big cock proves quite a challenge for Boomer, but you know he really wants it. Calvin fucks him hard on a chair near the clothing rack face-to-face and from behind, with Boomer actually fucking himself against Calvin’s dick before he finally pulls out.

Next up, it’s Calvin’s turn. Proving that flip-fucking is also an art form which the duo is very familiar, Boomer glides into Calvin with ease and passion. Calvin is loving every inch of Boomer’s famous dick, making the most adorable contorted facial expressions and moans. Boomer lets Calvin on top of him to ride him, and Calvin almost reaches the point of no return. Thankfully, Calvin is like the Energizer Bunny and could get porked by Boomer for days. When he’s finally ready to release his load, he drenches Boomer in a completely unexpected facial. Like all good pairings, Boomer and Calvin agree to even the playing field—Calvin’s grinning cheeks in a headlock as Boomer returns the favor! Though still naked, it’s safe to say the guys both look great fashioning each other’s fluids.

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15 comments on “Boomer Banks & Calvin Banks @ COCKY BOYS…
  1. DAVEWESLEY says:

    curly hair guy is fit as fuck.. cute, slim, young, smooth, and big cock.. don’t see that often on here

  2. pmaul says:

    Nice dad and son vibe (or big brother/little brother).

  3. biman96 says:

    Hot take both

  4. tahs says:

    Want Calvin to tag me so I can feel those huge nuts slapping against my arse😋

  5. retprin says:

    the slim curly hain boi is simply gorgeous.. would worship that face, cock and bod anytime

  6. bimale1954 says:

    They both top, so I will take both of them.

  7. usechris says:

    If the curly headed guy is Calvin, then Boomer Sooner be damned. Otherwise, then Boomer sooner.

  8. gayplaygay says:

    Nice flip flop

  9. jimmybananas says:

    Hot flip fucking

  10. irakeven says:

    hot guys, hot pics, got me hot n hard

  11. big4slim says:

    Curly haired guy is gorgeous; one of the cutest I’ve seen here.

  12. airlieguy says:

    oh yeah boys when do we party

  13. SicilianMikey says:


  14. macman0123 says:

    Both for me.
    Hot sucking,rimming and fucking enjoyed this set.
    Again beautiful cocks and arses.

  15. markptbo says:

    Yes, the young man is beautiful.