WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Jay Alexander OR Bennett Anthony?



EXTRA BIG DICKS: Bennett has received some pictures on his phone from Jay. Bennett can’t believe how big this guy’s cock is and thinks it could be fake. He keeps swiping on his phone while playing with his dick and finally he calls up Jay to get his ass or cock over to his pad stat. Jay shows up and Bennett wants to see the goods. Jay whips out his long dick and Bennett can’t believe his eyes. He tells Jay that this will be the biggest cock he’s ever sucked on and if he can’t fit it in his ass it will be the biggest he’s been fucked by as well. Bennett goes to town on that juicy cock sucking and gagging on it constantly. He can’t get enough of that big dick choking him as Jay stuffs his face deep and hard. Jay wants to have some fun too so they 69 for a bit sharing in all the joy. Bennett lies on his back while Jay gets a turn to service him and play with his red hairy ass. Jay is getting that hole ready for his big throbbing cock. Jay fucks Bennett all over the bed from doggy style, side, riding and ends with fucking him on the edge of the bed going deep and hard. Their balls have been building up loads and finally Bennett pops as Jay gets a hard thrust and all the cum oozes out. Jay pulls his cock out and shoots a stream of a load directly on Bennett’s face plus all over his chest.

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25 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Jay Alexander OR Bennett Anthony?
  1. toohottohandle says:

    very nice men but to me too much posing for the camera plus the man with the beard seem to be in pain with being fucked by looking at them either one would do but just saying if you enjoy what’s happening then enjoy it don’t worry about the camera

    • backrackwantsitblack says:

      MMMm yea, Jay all the way, that would be awesome to be fucked by that nice big cock

  2. DAVEWESLEY says:

    Just wondering .. you got anything with out a beard I may look at !!!!

    • johnnie10 says:

      there are days where there are beardless men featured you should be happy on those days that you get what you like and just shut the fuck up on the days that other men get what they like. I am so sick of your bitching on all of the posts that you don’t like. if there are days where I don’t particularly like the men featured I pass on by and wait for the men I do like. I don’t have to complain about everything I don’t like. grow up once would you.

  3. goodbuddynola says:

    but the gorgeous head of red/blond hair is for me all the way

  4. SicilianMikey says:

    The posing kills it. So over it….

  5. dragnflyman1 says:

    Thinkin’ if that big black cock was shoved up MY arse…I’d have a smile on my face for a week!! Not so with the ginger I guess!

  6. needmen says:


  7. pmaul says:

    Monster dick!

  8. bimale1954 says:

    Would love to try Jay out and see how much of that black dick I could take 🙂

  9. longlegsopen says:

    This is no brainer … I always choose the black meat.

  10. Will_Ling says:

    I know ehat I shouldn’t say it but.. The Tatts !
    Bennett is great looking but kind of ruined his beautiful body.
    Jay on the other hand is great looking and chosen his ink well.

  11. tahs says:

    Bennett is one lucky guy to be pounded by all that meat 😳

  12. russer says:

    I’m all over that red head.

  13. 4yourhands says:

    Neither one does much for me…pass

  14. flamingkisser says:

    Always good to see fellow gingers on here!!

  15. dragnflyman1 says:

    Hey hey, Will_Ling…I would agree with the well chosen tats on Jay…except for the arrow. However, I guess his heart is in the right place! LOL

  16. hillbilly706 says:

    I have always wanted to bury my face in a red bush like his!!
    Some guys have all the luck!!

  17. 1978superme says:

    bbc oh course

  18. 1978superme says:


  19. macman0123 says:

    Lovely Bennett with ginger hair and pubes and Jay lovely big cock.
    Both men are very sexy and I want them both.
    Great bodies,hot cocks and arses.
    Nice pics and hot fucking…….Tasty.

  20. shyguyinwwa says:

    im with you macman0123 both are sexy even though I have a bit of a ginger fetish

  21. biman96 says:


  22. snowball1 says:

    I love redheads could stay there all day

  23. Jmandbz says:

    Both. I have a thing for gingers and the dark skinned one is mmmmmmm