Men Over 30

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere W/ Scott DeMarco, Lucas Storm MEN OVER 30: Scott DeMarco wants to know how Lucas Storm can be so handsome and muscular. While our sexy stud Lucas flexes his...
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Massaged & Bred W/ Alex Tikas, Brody Fox

MEN OVER 30: After massaging Brody Fox in the locker room, Alex Tikas starts to touch him deeper than intended. It doesn't take long...

Aged To Perfection W/ Killian Knox, Gunnar Gates

MEN OVER 30: Sexy men Gunnar Gates and Killian Knox meet in the locker room and after a quick talk it does not take...
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WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Aaron Perez OR Rick Kelson?

MEN OVER 30: Aaron Perez and Rick Kelson turn a deep massage into a tremendous ass fucking session. Nothing like seeing a studly silver...

WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Riley Mitchel OR Joseph Hart?

MEN OVER 30: We cheated a little on this scene! We have a 21 years old on set! But don't worry, there's a good...
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