Model of the Day: RomaPerezX


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RomaPerezX is a captivating and dynamic content creator on OnlyFans, loving to show off that hard cock and make all the boys squeal with glee when they pump a hot load in that juicy ass.

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Roma curates exclusive content that keeps males coming back for more, and as out latest Model of the Day, we’ve got vids and pics as well as an exclusive interview with Roma about what makes his cock twitch with anticipation.

How did you get started creating sexy content?
Being an actor has always caught my attention, so since I didn’t know how to get into the porn industry, I discovered onlyfans and started creating content.

What is the hottest piece of content you’ve created?
with 2 very XL actors but what I do in that video is better for you to see than for me to tell you and if there is a double penetration hahaha

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Where is your favourite place to go cruising?
It depends on the day but I’m more into people getting excited watching me fuck

What’s your favourite song to fuck to?
I’m into techno or BDSM music

You have your dream dick at a glory hole for 15 minutes: what are you doing?
hahaha omg well first I would lick her and then I would tell her to fuck my throat and then she would have to burst my ass  hahaha

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What’s the most unconventional place you’ve hooked up at?
Omg ahhaha It was on a plane flight that I met a flight attendant who looked familiar to me. He was a friend of mine when I was little and apparently he followed me on onlyfans. I asked for a redbull and the redbull came to me with a rolled up piece of paper that said come to the bathroom. Let’s like what I have down there… pov, I know each other for many years, it was incredible.

What’s a kink you’ve never tried but have fantasies about?
with twins I have always wanted to fuck 2 very hot twins with good cocks but the opportunity has not arisen, volunteers here I am hahaha

What’s your sexy superpower?
My throat Sometimes I surprise myself how she lasts so long with big cocks hahahah

If you were a lube, what flavor would you be?
multi fruits

You can only have one sex toy on a deserted island: which one are you bringing?
a fuckmachine that recharges with solar energy hahaha Intelligent boy

gay xxx porn creator RomaPerezX lying naked on the bed showing off his fat erect cut cock
via X/Twitter – @RomaPerezX
gay xxx porn creator RomaPerezX naked in the dark covered in jizz and cum
via X/Twitter – @RomaPerezX
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