Justin Eros

WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Alex Tikas OR Justin Eros?

MEN OVER 30: Sexy men Alex Tikas and Justin Eros fuck in the locker room to warm up! These two fuzzy fuckers really know...
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Justin Eros Solo @ CHAOS MEN…

CHAOS MEN: We find Justin Eros reclining on the bed as he delivers his candid interview. This adorable, hunky, friendly Hispanic stud is happy...

WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Justin Eros or Ben Brooks?

Men Over 30 - Slam My Ass Man: Ben has an itch that only Justin can scratch! Ben wants his hairy hole fucked so...
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WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Sean Duran OR Justin Eros?

MEN OVER 30: After working out at the gym, Sean Duran & Justin Eros get undressed in the locker room. They introduce themselves to...
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