Legrand Wolf

Legrand, Bastian and Apolo @ Carnal Plus

CARNAL PLUS: Master Legrand and Master Adrii each take a chance to pound Bastian's ass! Master Legrand wanted Bastian. Bad. In addition to the...
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Closer W/ Serg Shepard, Cain Marko, Legrand Wolf

GAYCEST: It was quite a shock for Dr. Wolf when his brother told him that he had a twenty year-old love child from his...

Poolside Pup W/ DR. WOLF & DAMIEN

FUN SIZE BOYS: The Doctor’s big hands start to reach over his boy, touching his smooth stomach, then moving little bit further south towards...
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Serg Shepard, Cain Marko and Legrand Wolf @ Carnal Plus

CARNAL PLUS: Cain Marko didn’t know what else to do. His nephew Serg had promised to text him when the meeting with the boy’s...

THE PRIZE W/ Clayton Foster, Legrand Wolf

BOY FOR SALE: One gloriously sunny afternoon at his mansion, Master Legrand Wolf was feeling hot. It wasn’t related to the simmering summer day,...
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